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Thursday, September 11, 2008

911: The Day that Changed America

I can still vividly recall at 10:00PM in my Manila, Philippines apartment that day, 11 September, 2001, I just arrived from a long work travel and tune in directly to CNN International. I saw the North tower burning, and immediately awaken my cousin Bimbo and my sister Mai. We were horrified, as we gasped loud together seeing the other plane slammed the South  tower.

We were hundred thousands of miles away, but we feel so sad, so terribly shocked that something will happen like that in America. It was not in our wildest dreams. 

We remember those people, who perish from all walks of life, and from different countries of the world. This photos was taken from the 911 Memorial Museum.

The Victims Photos posted by their relatives in the Museum

The firefighters burned uniform, remembering the first responder who died when the North Tower Collapsed.

The faces of those who died in the 911 attacks

The day that changed America.
Visit the CBS News Interactive about 911. 

From it's majestic and famous face, the Twin towers stands as a testament to the strength of America financially.

The 911 Terrorist attack brought the two towers down and turn into a stockpile of ashes, sands, debris and utter ruins.

But the hope didn't die there. They can put a building down, but they can't put down the hearts of men and women who loves freedom.
The New World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower in an artist rendition

We reach out to all those bereaved by the tragedy that changed America, the 911 victims and their relatives, as well those who served in the war against terrorism.

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