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Monday, September 18, 2023

5 Single Story Houses that are both Stylish and Modern

They say that single-story houses are the preferred architectural style for older generations. But we may say that this is a thing of the past, since nowadays, one-story houses have been growing in popularity.  Suddenly, many homeowners shift to minimalist living where less is more, and decorating a home interior is about finding a design that serves a function.

If you are looking for stunning modern one-story house designs for inspiration, then prepare to be amazed by today’s compilation of five one-story house designs by VS Home in Thailand.

These houses prove how stunning and super spacious a one-story house can be. Aside from that, these are modern houses in a stylish design with clean lines, warm woods, and undeniably beautiful color combinations!

House Design No. 1


House Design No. 2

House Design No. 3


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House Design No. 4

House Design No. 5


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