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Thursday, June 15, 2023

3-Bedroom Beautiful House Plan for Small Families with Floor Plan

People love what's beautiful. We cannot deny that we love beautiful people, places, and things. When it comes to houses, undeniably, we also adore beautiful ones.

In houses, the saying that goes "You cannot judge a book by its cover" is not applicable. It is the exterior that gives us a clue about what to expect inside. No matter how impressive the interior of the house is, not everyone gets to see it from afar. But, anyone who stops to admire a beautiful house from the outside would dream of owning one just like it.

Building your dream home always start with what you like. Do you prefer a single-story residential home or a two-story one? Or perhaps you already have a dream home in your mind. 

But before you start talking with your architects or home builders, here's a home plan we want to show you. It is created by TP5 Home in Thailand. 


This is a contemporary one-story residential house plan that you can build in your small home lot. The minimum lot requirement for building this one is 10.5 meters depth by 11.5 meters wide.

The design is so modern with wide glass doors and windows on the facade while the spacious terrace is relaxing. The total living area of this house plan is 87 SQM while the front porch is 21. 5 SQM. 


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As to the interior, this house plan is composed of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large or spacious living hall, and a kitchen and dining area. The size of this house is considered to be ideal for small families. 

The estimated construction budget for this house is P1.8 to  P2.2 million pesos.



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