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Wednesday, May 03, 2023

5 Houses with Different Designs, But All Beautiful!

Check this compilation of five one-story houses with different designs, but all are beautiful, inside out from Strongland Builders in Thailand!

House Design No. 1

An English cottage-style house in the middle of the green surroundings. English cottage style is one of the most elegant and cozy houses made out of natural materials. Nowadays, it offers timeless charm, cozy comfort, and a welcoming feel that speaks to many homeowners. 

In a constantly modernizing world, it can be refreshing to retreat into comfortable nostalgia and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day. Who wouldn’t want a cozy spot to unwind?  

This beautiful house design is composed of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, one hall, a kitchen, and a dining area while the total floor area of this home is 155 square meters. 


House Design No. 2

A modern L-shaped house with a spacious terrace! L-shaped design is emerging as an appropriate option for both city and suburban residential houses. This design is considered as adaptable and can be used on spacious or small properties, on flat ground, on a narrow lot, or on a sloped site.

Aside from its appeal and versatility, the L-shaped floor plan addresses privacy and noise concerns. With this design, you can easily separate the bedroom areas from the common areas of the kitchen and dining as well as from the living area.

This house plan has a total living area of 154 square meters with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious hall, a kitchen and dining area, and a dressing room.


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House Design No. 3

A modern one-story residential house with stunning curb appeal that caters a practical way of living. This design brings together the benefits of clean lines, space and natural light into modern beautiful home. 

This house has a total living area of 86.5 square meters with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

House Design 4

A modern U-shaped house with four bedrooms. It has a beautiful design for effortless and enjoyable living. The total usable space of this house is 132 square meters which hosts a spacious living room, kitchen and dining area, and two bathrooms. As can be seen, the space is used efficiently and every room can serve its functions.

You will fall in love with the regal concepts and touches of this house. The exterior blends natural stone elements, sweeping grand rooflines, and plenty of glass windows that come together for a truly stunning design.

House Design No. 5

An elevated modern house with a spacious terrace. This house has a beautiful and elegant design. With three bedrooms, this house is 135.45 square meters in total floor area. The color scheme for this house is a combination of cream walls and a grey color roof at the elevated level.

This gorgeous elevated house concept defines the designer's outlook with two bedrooms, a spacious hall, and a kitchen and dining area. 


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