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Monday, April 10, 2023

5 House Plan with Simple Yet Delightful Designs!

Simple house plans are charming. If you are looking for simple design, take a look with these five we compile. 

House Plan No. 1

A small residential house suitable for those who want to live alone. Aside from that, it is also practical ideas for couple without kids since it offers a one but spacious bedroom. 

This house is 8.5 meters wide and 7.5 meters deep in a 24 square meters total living area. The balcony is pretty spacious with 14 square meters while the porch is 5 square meters.  As you can see about the plan, the bedroom can be a living room with one bathroom. The kitchen in this plan is located outside. 


House Design No. 2

Another simple residential house that you can build in a minimum lot size of 8 meters wide and 13 meters deep.

This house plan has a total floor area of 68 square meters including the 8 square meters parking and 28 square meters parking area. Including in this plan is one bedroom, one bathroom, a hall and a kitchen. 


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House Design No. 3

A residential house plan with a rooftop. The minimum lot requirement for this one is 9.5 meters wide and 9 meters deep with a total living area of 67 SQM. The front porch is 13 SQM while the roof deck is 48 SQM as added spacious space. 

Included in this house plan is one bedroom, one bathroom, one hall, and one kitchen. 

House Plan No. 4 

A practical design for small family. This small house plan can ba fitted in a 11 meters wide and 9 meters deep lot. Included in this plan is 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, one hall, and a kicthen and dining area. The total floor area of this one is 49square meters. 

House Plan No. 5

A simple residential plan with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room, parking and laundry area.


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