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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

8 Beautiful and Relaxing Houses You Can Build in the Countryside

There are so many beautiful houses around the world that are so inspiring to build. Sometimes, these houses are more beautiful to build in a spacious home lot or in the countryside where you can enjoy your surroundings. Find the best ideas for your country style house that suits your style. The following relaxing houses are projects of DoBaanDee.

Both warm and inviting, these relaxing houses are ideal in the countryside. From sprawling modern residences to a half-story house — to a cozy small home, let some of the best home design of DoBaanDee inspire you in the creation of your dream abode. One of the most appealing features of these houses is the open area where a homeowner can enjoy an airy environment and bask in nature during sunny days.


House Design No. 1


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House Design No. 2

 House Design No. 3

 House Design No. 4

 House Design No. 5

 House Design No. 6

 House Design No. 7

 House Design No. 8

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