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Monday, July 06, 2015

Top 12 Business / Investment Ideas With Small Capital

They said that no one really became rich being an employee, and so we know that many OFWs would work abroad not only to provide for the current needs of their family but also to secure their future. Thus we see the hardships and sacrifices of many to work and earn as much money as they could even if they have to work part-time. We believe in the virtue of being thrifty and saving money for the rainy days. But we also know that financial security does not depend on how much is in our bank account or how much money we have saved at the end of the day as overseas worker. 

What we should be preparing for and aiming at as our exit strategy as OFW is having a steady source of income that we could rely on.  Right now there are so many investment scams that promises good income- that we have to be careful about. Perhaps the easiest way would be by starting a business, nothing is really safe unless we exercise prudence on our choices.  A business could go bankrupt or we might end up with excessive debt just to finance a business we are not capable of managing. As a start up we believe it is safer to choose a business in line with our interest and familiar to us. Knowledge is always essential when starting a business, and so is discipline. 

So, for a new entrepreneur with limited capital, we have gathered here a list of possible business ideas. 

1. Rice Business 
Initial Capital: Retailer P50K 
(30 SACKS of Rice) Rice business would never go out of business. It is a prime commodity, and rice is a staple food for Filipinos. The reason why you could go out of business is if you let your capital get stuck on  credits "utang"  of your customers. So manage it well and pay attention how you can get that capital/money rolling. 

2. Sari-Sari Store and E-loading Business 
Initial Capital: P50K

With as much as P50K, you can also start a sari-sari store with e-loading business. 

  3. Small and Simple Water Purifying Station 
Initial Capital: P100K – P250K 

Although this seems a little bit tricky, there are many OFWs who's work overseas are in line with water treatment. If you know how it works, and it is of your interest, you have greater advantage already when it comes to operating this kind of business. And keep in mind that everyone needs clean water to drink. 

  4. Travel and Tours 
Initial Capital: P50 - P100K 

You can set up an online business and or shop for selling air tickets, boat tickets and even bus tickets. All you need is a credit card and an internet line.

5. Online Business RTW/Sari-Sari  
Initial Capital: P50K – P100K 
You don't have a place to start your business? Perhaps online store is the answer. Sellers are almost every where in social media, perfumes, clothes, bags, jewelries... you name it. You don't even have to do it in social media, you can set up your own website or register your store in etsy, ebay or other websites like. Promote it to your friends and their friends. What else could be better than saving the cost of renting a store space. 

 6. Piggery and Live Stock 

Initial Capital: P50K – P100K 

Live stock business includes poultry like chicken, quails, ducks, pigs and cows. If you have small space and wants low maintenance on this, I would recommend starting on few chickens. Explore the other product possibility on this. If you have goats and cows I think selling fresh milk is something really healthy and unexplored in the Philippines. Eggs from chickens, ducks and quails could give you another stream of income from this business. 

  7. Food Cart Business 

Initial Capital: P25K to P100K 

Filipinos are foodies, and street foods business also exists in the malls. So if you want this kind of business, depending on your capital and the initial operating cost that you can afford,  you can start this in the street where you live or choose to have it in malls. 

  8. Laundry Business 

Initial Capital: P100k to P250K 

Invest in a heavy duty washing machine and dryer and some steam iron and you might consider it good to go. Students particularly in Universities rely a lot on this kind of business. 


9. Stock Market Investment 

Initial Capital: P10K to P100K 


Now for those who have money but doesn't want to be bothered by managing the day to day operation of business and also the cost associated with operating a business. Maybe you could invest your money on some blue chip corporations if you want it safe, and you can go a little riskier by investing to new stocks or penny stocks. You earn from the increase in value of your investment and through dividends. 

10. Bakery Business

Initial Capital: P50K – P75K 

Bakeries right now doesn't have to be bakeries you think of. You can start a pre-order business in the convenience of your home. Cakes, breads, pastries, cookies, pies, and cup cakes. And the best thing, you can do your business while enjoying your favorite hobby which is baking. 

11. Ukay-Ukay Business 

Initial Capital: P10K - P50K

You can buy bulk of used clothes, shoes, bags, and other second hand stuffs and resell it. You can also include some stuffs in your home that you don't need anymore. 

12. Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor 
Initial Capital: P50K to P100K 
Skills are our best capital, you just have to learn ways to benefit more from it instead of staying an employee forever. Know your market, and start your own beauty parlor, if you have the skills here, make yourself your best investment. Take trainings to keep you up with the trend. 

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