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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Small Practical House Designs

It is summer already in Philippines, vacation time it is.
While I love being home for vacation, that means enjoy the foods and beautiful places like beach, farms, etch. Owning a house is not in our plans right now, but if things change and we decide to repatriate we have considered some plans of owning or building our own home. 

Here are some of the cute house designs I have seen:

I like the way this house has been elevated, because flood is something that should be part of our contingency. The log style is also beautiful, but I would opt better if this could be made into concrete instead of wood. We know how termites could infest too.

Another elevated modular type house

This one is a small house, which I believe is made from recycled container van and cladded with wood. My stand with wood remains the same, this will not last for long term specially the steel footings which could easily rust due to high humidity and rain. But if you are looking for affordable home you might consider this, they said that container van has average life span of 20 years depending on other external factors. It is also earthquake proof. And  it  looks really nice.

This is another container van in Negros Oriental photo courtesy here.

Photo froum

I think this one looks perfect if you have the perfect budget. We have a small lot located in the metro and I believe this is the best type of house we could build to maximize the area and still have a small garden. The house is 2 storey with an attic, it also has lots of windows which I love.

Some really small houses you might want to consider might be one of these:

Finally I found this article about how to plan and design homes for humid zone, because one of the things I really want to proof my home is termites, rust, and mold and mildew.

Exterior,Dazzling Orlando Mini House On Wheel Design Ideas With Gorgeous Wooden Wall In Light Brown Color And Beautiful Brown Wooden Door Also Wonderful Iron Roofing In Gray Color ,Cool Awesome Mini Houses On Wheels Inspiration
Exterior,Enchanting Tumbleweed Mini House On Wheel Design Inspiration With Charming Beige White Wooden Wall And Cool Glass Small Window Also Beautiful Roofting Material In White Color,Cool Awesome Mini Houses On Wheels Inspiration

Isn't these cute, houses on a wheel. Aside from movable I think it is also affordable and eco-friendly since it is made from recycled materials.