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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Pag-Ibig Offers Solar Power Loan

One of the ways where our homes can use green energy, or energy that is clean, safe and cost efficient is having solar panel installed in your own homes. 

That light can then be converted into electricity through the use of solar panels 

Solar panels can be mounted on roof, ground, or on fixed racks or poles above the ground. 

Solar power is becoming more popular now but for those who doesn't have background or knowledge to set-up their own solar power system the installation can be pricey. 

The price range to install usually range from Php 20,000 to Php 500,000. But can be cheaper for those who can do the installation by themselves. 

Right now, Pag-Ibig is offering loan for those who would like to set-up their solar power. They are offering help to finance the installation of  solar panels in your home through Home Improvement Loan. To save on installation cost  you also  have the option to loan for the purchase of materials like solar panels which you can install yourself. 

Right now, the Pag-Ibig Fund is offering financing option or home improvement loan  so that more households can afford to install solar panels.