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Monday, December 23, 2013

Mitt Romney the Movie Trailer Viewed by Millions in Less Than a Week

With close to 1.2M views in less than a week released of the Trailer by Netflix, MITT the Movie is hitting popular views in IMDB and other sites.

A year after his 2nd loss in his US presidential bid, we supported Governor Romney because we believed he was and he still is the best leader for America.

From the Washington Post:

"If Romney had released a video like this, perhaps things would've turned out differently.
For six years, Romney was trailed by a single documentary filmmaker named Greg Whiteley. Whiteley's now turned his footage into a film, and it's being released as "Mitt" on Netflix Jan. 24.
In the opening moments of the just-released trailer, Romney is hardly recognizable — he's exhausted, crushed from his loss on election night. You almost think it's an actor. But it's not.
From there, the trailer paints a touching portrait of a man whose least presidential moments are the most memorable ones. Romney snuggled in a blanket under the seats on his campaign bus. Romney ironing his shirt cuffs — while wearing the shirt. Romney playing in the snow. Romney on his iPhone, the signature white Apple earbuds tucked in. His insecurities. His little victories. They're all on display.
In 138 seconds, Whiteley's trailer somehow manages to make Romney more of a real person than all the stumping he did."

In a Washington Post-ABC Poll, Mitt Romney would beat OBAMA  49 over 45 % in the latest survey

"A Netflix original documentary, Mitt is a rare and intimate account of one man's quest for the presidency. 

Given unprecedented access by Mitt Romney and his family for six years, Mitt follows the former governor's presidential aspirations, from Christmas 2006 to his initial run to become the Republican nominee in 2008 and through his Presidential concession speech in 2012. 

Director Greg Whiteley ("New York Doll," "Resolved") travels alongside the campaign through interactions with potential voters, preparations for the debates, personal moments with his family and concluding with final presidential election night results.

Whatever side you're on, see another side.

Mitt premieres January 24, 2014 in all Netflix territories."

Said Nancy French, an Evangelist supporter of Romney.

"He was there when the Romneys prayed, when they fought, when they cried. He was there when Gov. Romney decided to drop out of the race in 2008, and when he lost in 2012.  He captured all the “real” that the campaign seemed hell-bent on keeping from voters."

"Of course, it is a deeply bittersweet moment that — at long last — some portion of the country will get to see the faith, humility and virtue of the family we know and love."


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