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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Mom and I, 20 Years Passed.

My Mom and I

July, 1999, Written While Serving as a Lay Volunteer at Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental (this poem was an official entry to the International NEW ERA Magazine Poem and Writing Contest, 1999) This poem reflected my feelings for 3 months I lived in the hospital with my Mom who battled Breast Cancer and stayed there October 24, 1992, the day she left us to a much better place, exactly 20 years ago.  

You feed my soul,
And let me grow.
Tender hands,
Voice that soothes my ears,
Lay me down,
Help me stand,
Hold me up.
Then let me go…

The years pass by…

I am feeding you now,
Still growing,
Rough hands,
Words that command love and respect,
Lay you down in your bed,
Help you stand with your cane,
Hold you up that you'll not fall,

You are gone now… but
The years will never end…
for us...

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