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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Apology

It's been a while since the Pacquiao-Mosley boxing match that I haven't updated my blog. PEBA and the Sayangtist (trying hard chemist) in me, as well as being a full time father and husband is taking so much of my time. I am not complaining anyway. I love it. I love my family more than anything.

Anyway, this will only be short. An apology post. I had this experience before in WAYN or the Where Are You Now, where it send to my hundreds of contacts and keep sending annoying invitation and emails.

Now it happened again to LinkedIn, and even posted an invitation to my blogs. I have to delete my LinkedIn account for reasons that firstly, I didn't see any benefit to it, and secondly, it's purely annoying that they send a thousand of my contacts in my email with annoying invitations that I am inviting them to join my network. 

I may have clicked somewhere using my mobile phone that I am authorizing them to do it, so it's my fault, and so I am asking apology to all who received the email invitation and reinvitation. For LINKEDIN sake, can you just send one email? It's enough! Pero nanaykupo dalawang email na, and who knows hanggang ilang libo iyan. Mark it as a Spam, please. 


And dahil bihira ako makapost, susulitin ko na. Sali po tayo sa PEBA Awards 2011. Blogging and Photography po na pakontest, and we hope all nominees will enjoy this season. Let me share a few of our ads here.