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Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Brighter Future and Renewed Hope

This is my latest post at the Kablogs Journal.

Check out the whole issue about Hope.

The Kablogs Journal


Naging isang malaking story ang 2010 para sa akin at maging sa maraming Filipino sa kahit saan mang panig ng mundo. Ang daming nangyari -- some were good; others, too bad.

Downside: The broken promises of those who won in the 2010 s and the many blunders committed by some of the newly-elected officials disappointed us all. The hostage crisis in Manila that turned into a nightmare was a crucible to all Filipinos worldwide. The cutting of OFW and education budget, and the fatalities of OFW's in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and many others, were additional wounds to a bigger affliction.

Upside: PEBA soared to a higher ground, and along with the expansion, came sponsors to somehow cover up the expenses, but it is not yet enough. We have to spend a few thousands of our money, and devote most of our time just to make it happen. It happened. Not yet perfect, with so many things to improve, but somehow, good enough, all for the glory of OFW and Filipino bloggers.

And twenty ten finally ended. It will always be remembered.

In comes 2011 promising us a brighter future and a renewed hope that things will be better.

I hope it will be a year of moving forward. I hope it will be a year of quiet reflections on what really matters in life. We have been so busy chasing destiny when we should be slowing down and focussing our time and efforts in building a better family. BEcause for me, families are forever.

In 2011, let's all invest in three things: health, education and a piece of land -- some of the things in life that we importantly need.

A good and healthy life to keep us going. What good is acquisition of so much wealth if all the things we need is just a strong, energetic and healthy body?

May we also invest in education, of our goods or personal advancement? Competition is stiff. It eats people. May we further our knowledge, and gain more wisdom because these are the only things we will bring to our grave: the knowledge we learned and the wisdom we gained.

And lastly, may we materially possess a piece of land, or build a good house where we can live as a family. Sort of an investment. It will be for our posterity.

Happy New Year everyone, and God bless us all!