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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Letter to all PEBA Nominees

Dear Nominees.

We couldn't be any prouder.  Out of the 83 nominated blogs, we have
narrowed the list to 47 finalists, all equally deserving of the PEBA
2010 Blog Awards.

This is even more amazing:  The countries that the finalists work in
(or live in) is as diverse as their professions:  A surveyor from Saudi Arabia, a researcher from Bangkok Thailand, a caregiver from Taiwan, a missionary from the Philippines, a computer programmer from Jeddah KSA, an accountant from Dubai, UAE, a researcher from the US, and a physician from Malaysia. I just mentioned a few, there are just too many of you.

Truth be told, nowhere will you find such diverse talent of OFW and
Pinoy expat bloggers than here.  So congratulations everybody!

Even our photo contests are receiving a warm reception.  To date, we
have received 40 photos from eight countries!  Well done!  By end of
November, we are eyeing up to 100 photo entries.  These photographs
will be on exhibit at the venue during the award's night. Another
exhibition of winning photographs is being eyed next year.

In the coming days up to the award's night, all finalists will be
featured in posts and videos for the whole blogging world to see.  We
wish for everyone to know about your extraordinary courage in
responding to our call and in sharing with us your own stories, your
thoughts, your dreams.  You all are truly inspirations to us.

We come free, but we don't come cheap

PEBA is ran by volunteers, OFWs and bloggers worldwide.  Note that not a single cent is being paid to us, and most of the time, we even use
our own money (our time and talent for PEBA is always free!). And yet
PEBA is getting better and bigger. That's because of people like you.
From the pool of nominees, we get some of our best and brightest
volunteers who, like us, are motivated too by the desire to reach out,
to share, to help.

This made PEBA unique.

We are composed of Pinoy expat and OFW bloggers from various parts of the world -- sharing with one another whatever we can give to PEBA and its cause.

We also have a dream:  that all of us will have a great EB soon!  That
all the people who took part in PEBA -- the nominees, winners,
directorate, and volunteers -- will one day meet up for a grand EB.
Is it a date this December 16?

We don't know how long PEBA will last.  Five years?  10?  We don't
know. Honestly, we don't know.  But one thing we're sure is that it's
getting bigger and better every year.  And to whom do we owe this?
You, our current nominees.  And also our previous nominees and winners and supporters around the world.  So before we get welled up in tears, please accept my profound gratitude to all of you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Let's get back to serious issues.  Here are some points that you may
want to know en route to our award's night.

When will the voting close?  December 9, 2010.  5:00am, Philippine time.

How do we guard the votes?  Oh, we know those who used Host Shield or IP changer software so they can multiple vote for their entries.
Sorry, but your 'dagdag' votes are uncounted.

When will the deadline be for photo entries?  December 1, 2010.
5:00am, Philippine time.

When will the awarding ceremony be?  December 16, 2010.  At Teatrino

Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.
Who will be our contacts?  Yanah and Arvin, our Philippine-based
volunteers will assist you.  Please contact them at

I heard there are freebies for us?  You're right.  On December 16, all
nominees will receive gift packages from PEBA.

I heard you're accepting donations for PEBA BELIEVE Scholarship for
Filipino kids?  Madam Auring, ikaw ba yan?  Yes, we are.  And if your
heart prompts you to give (it's almost Christmas time, folks, and
Christmas is the time for...lechon kawali!...oooppss...what I mean is
giving), we would appreciate if you can send it to the account below:

*Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, Inc.*

*Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands*
*Peso Savings Account No.: 9063-0580-06*
*Branch Code: BOPIPHMM*

*Email: for details *

Where can I send the donation?  You can use any of the remittance
centers in your locality who have affiliates with Western Union,
Cebuana, Lhuiller, etc.  I believe a bank-to-bank deposit is also

Oh, yes.  I think the minimum that you can remit is in the equivalent
currency of PHP500.  All proceeds will go to education of Pinoy
children via BELIEVE Foundation.  We are eyeing at inviting one or two
(or maybe all) of the scholars to grace us during the award's night.

Thank you, friends!  If you have other questions in mind, please don't
hesitate to contact me.