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AlmeriaAlmeria National High School
AlmeriaMunicipal Plaza of Almeria
BiliranBiliran Boundary Checkpoint
BiliranBiliran Town Plaza
BiliranMunicipal Plaza of Biliran
CabucgayanMunicipal Plaza of Cabucgayan
CaibiranMunicipal Plaza of Caibiran
CulabaMunicipal Plaza of Culaba
KawayanKawayan CS
KawayanKawayan National High School
KawayanMunicipal Plaza of Kawayan
NavalBureau of Fire - Provincial Office (Office of the Fire Marshall)
NavalNaval MHO
NavalNaval Municipal Plaza
NavalNaval Town Plaza
Eastern Samar
Can-AvidCan-Avid Central Elementary School
Can-AvidCan-Avid RHU
Can-AvidCan-Avid Town Hall
Can-AvidCan-Avid Town Plaza
Can-AvidMunicipal Plaza of Can-Avid
City of BoronganCDRRMO
City of BoronganCity of Borongan Hall
City of BoronganEastern Samar Provincial Hospital
City of BoronganProvincial Capitol of Eastern Samar
City of BoronganProvincial Health Office: Eastern Samar
Dolores Eastern SamarDolores Town Plaza
Dolores Eastern SamarMunicipal Plaza of Dolores
MaydolongMaydolong Municipal Health Office
MaydolongMaydolong Town Plaza
MaydolongMunicipal Plaza of Maydolong
OrasMunicipal Plaza of Oras
OrasOras Town Plaza
QuinapondanMunicipal Plaza of Quinapondan
QuinapondanQuinapondan Town Plaza
San JulianMunicipal Plaza of San Julian
San JulianSan Julian RHU
San JulianSan Julian Town Hall
San JulianSan Julian Town Plaza
San PolicarpoMunicipal Plaza of San Policarpo
San PolicarpoSan Policarpo Town Hall
San PolicarpoSan Policarpo Town Plaza
AbuyogAbuyog Municipal Hall
AbuyogAbuyog Municipal Library
AbuyogAbuyog Municipal Plaza
AbuyogAbuyog Town Plaza
AlangalangAlangalang Municipal Hall
AlangalangAlangalang Municipal Library
AlangalangAlangalang Municipal Plaza
AlbueraCambalading ES
BarugoBarugo Town Hall
BarugoBarugo Town Plaza
BarugoMunicipal Plaza of Barugo
Bato LeyteBato Rural Health Unit
BurauenBurauen Municipal Hall
BurauenBurauen Municipal Plaza
BurauenBurauen Town Plaza
CalubianCalubian Rural Health Unit
CalubianGutosan ES
CapoocanCapoocan Town Hall
CapoocanCapoocan Town Plaza
CapoocanMunicipal Plaza of Capoocan
CarigaraCarigara Municipal Hall
CarigaraCarigara Municipal Plaza
DagamiMunicipal Plaza of Dagami
DulagDulag Central School
DulagDulag National High School
DulagDulag Town Hall
DulagMunicipal Plaza of Dulag
HilongosHilongos Municipal Hall
HilongosHilongos Municipal Plaza
HilongosHilongos RHU I
HilongosHilongos Town Plaza
HindangHindang Town Hall
HindangHindang Town Plaza
HindangMunicipal Plaza of Hindang
IsabelIsabel Municipal Hall
IsabelIsabel Municipal Plaza
IsabelIsabel Town Plaza
JaroMunicipal Plaza of Jaro
Javier (Bugho)Javier Town Hall
Javier (Bugho)Municipal Plaza of Javier
JulitaJulita Town Hall
JulitaJulita Town Plaza
JulitaMunicipal Plaza of Julita
KanangaKananga Municipal Hall
KanangaKananga Municipal Plaza
KanangaKananga Town Plaza
La Paz LeyteLa Paz Rural Health Unit
La Paz LeyteLa Paz Town Hall
La Paz LeyteMunicipal Plaza of La Paz Leyte
LeyteLeyte Agro-Industrial School
LeyteLeyte National High School
LeyteMunicipal Plaza of Leyte
LeyteMunicipal Plaza of Leyte - West Wing
MacarthurMunicipal Plaza of Macarthur
MahaplagMahaplag Town Plaza
MahaplagMunicipal Plaza of Mahaplag
Matag-ObMatag-Ob Rural Health Unit
Matag-ObMunicipal Plaza of Matag-Ob
Matalom LeyteMunicipal Plaza of Matalom
MayorgaMunicipal Plaza of Mayorga
MeridaMunicipal Plaza of Merida
PaloBureau of Internal Revenue
PaloCommission on Audit
PaloCommission on Population
PaloDENR Community Environment and Natural Resources Office
PaloDENR Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office
PaloDepartment of Education Leyte Division Office
PaloDepartment of Education Regional Office VIII
PaloDepartment of Public Works and Highways
PaloDepartment of Science and Technology
PaloDepartment of Trade and Industry
PaloLeyte Academic Center
PaloLeyte Province Emergency Operations Center
PaloLeyte Provincial Hospital
PaloMacArthur Landing Lounge and Restaurant
PaloMacArthur Park
PaloMunicipal Plaza of Palo
PaloNational Economic and Development Authority
PaloNational Food Authority
PaloPalo Town Hall
PaloPalo Town Plaza
PaloPhilippine Coconut Authority
PaloPhilippine Science High School EV Campus
PaloProvincial Health Office
PalomponMunicipal Plaza of Palompon
PalomponMunicipal Plaza of Palompon - Right Wing
PastranaMunicipal Plaza of Pastrana
PastranaPastrana Auditorium
PastranaPastrana Rural Health Unit
PastranaPastrana Town Hall
PastranaPastrana Town Plaza
San Isidro LeyteMunicipal Plaza of San Isidro
San Isidro LeyteSan Isidro National High School
San Miguel LeyteSan Miguel Rural Health Unit
Santa Fe LeyteMunicipal Plaza of Santa Fe
Santa Fe LeyteSta. Fe Rural Health Unit
Marcelino R. Veloso National High School (Marcelino R. Veloso National High School)
TabangoMunicipal Plaza of Tabango
TabangoTabango National High School
TabangoTabango Rural Health Unit
TabontabonTabon-Tabon Rural Health Unit
Tacloban CityAnibong Night High School
Tacloban CityBureau of Fire: Provincial Office
Tacloban CityCirilo Roy Montejo National High School - Night High School
Tacloban City
Cirilo Roy Montejo National High School (Panalaron National High School)
Tacloban CityDICT Leyte Field Office Visayas Cluster 2
Tacloban CityDICT Tacloban City PoP
Tacloban CityDOLE - R08
Tacloban CityEastern Visayas Regional Medical Center
Tacloban CityUniversity of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban College
TanauanTanauan Municipal Hall
TanauanTanauan Municipal Plaza
TanauanTanauan Town Plaza
TolosaMunicipal Plaza of Tolosa
TolosaTolosa National High School
Gregorio C. Catenza National High School (Tunga National High School)
VillabaMunicipal Plaza of Villaba
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Northern Samar
AllenMunicipal Plaza of Allen
GamayMunicipal Plaza of Gamay
LaoangLaoang Municipal Hall
LaoangLaoang Municipal Library
LaoangLaoang Municipal Plaza
LaoangLaoang Town Plaza
MapanasMunicipal Plaza of Mapanas
PalapagMunicipal Plaza of Palapag
PalapagPalapag Town Hall
PalapagPalapag Town Plaza
Victoria Northern SamarMunicipal Plaza of Victoria
Samar (Western Samar)
BaseyBasey Municipal Hall
BaseyBasey Municipal Plaza
BaseyBasey Town Plaza
Calbayog CityCalbayog City Plaza
Calbayog CityCalbayog Command Post
Calbayog CityCalbayog Library
Calbayog CityDICT Calbayog City PoP
GandaraGandara Municipal Hall
GandaraGandara Municipal Library
GandaraGandara Municipal Plaza
GandaraGandara Town Plaza
MarabutMunicipal Plaza of Marabut
ParanasParanas Municipal Hall
ParanasParanas Municipal Plaza
ParanasParanas Town Plaza
San SebastianMunicipal Plaza of San Sebastian
Santa MargaritaMunicipal Plaza of Santa Margarita
Santa Rita Western SamarMunicipal Plaza of Santa Rita
TarangnanMunicipal Plaza of Tarangnan
ZumarragaMunicipal Plaza of Zumarraga
Southern Leyte
AnahawanAnahawan District Hospital
AnahawanAnahawan Rural Health Unit
AnahawanMunicipal Plaza of Anahawan
Bontoc LeyteMunicipal Plaza of Bontoc
City of MaasinBureau of Fire - Provincial Office (Office of the Fire Marshall)
HinunanganHinunangan Tech4Ed
HinunanganHinunangan Town Hall
HinunanganHinunangan Town Plaza
HinunanganMunicipal Plaza of Hinunangan
HinundayanHinundayan Town Hall
HinundayanMunicipal Plaza of Hinundayan
LibagonLibagon Town Plaza
LibagonMunicipal Plaza of Libagon
Maasin CityBureau of Fire - Maasin City Fire Department
Maasin CityMaasin City Health Office
MacrohonMunicipal Plaza of Macrohon
Malitbog Southern LeyteMunicipal Plaza of Malitbog
Saint BernardMunicipal Plaza of Saint Bernard
Saint BernardSaint Bernard Central School
Saint BernardSaint Bernard Rural Health Unit
Saint BernardSaint Bernard Town Plaza
San Francisco Southern LeyteMunicipal Plaza of San Francisco
San Juan (Cabalian)Municipal Plaza of San Juan
San Juan (Cabalian)San Juan Tech4Ed
San Juan (Cabalian)San Juan Town Hall
San Juan (Cabalian)San Juan Town Plaza
Sogod Southern LeyteSogod Municipal Hall
Sogod Southern LeyteSogod Municipal Plaza
Sogod Southern LeyteSogod Town Plaza
Tomas OppusMunicipal Plaza of Tomas Oppus

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