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DICT accelerates deployment of Free-Wi-Fi hotspots for educational sector
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The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is set to fast-track its Free Wi-Fi for All Program to address the connectivity needs of public educational institutions under the “new normal”.

The DICT, through a memorandum from Secretary Gregorio B. Honasan II, directed its Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Team, Regional Operations Coordination Service Directors, and Regional Cluster Offices, to coordinate and collaborate with the Department of Education (DepEd), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), their respective regional offices, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), and other educational institutions, for the prompt installation and deployment of Free Wi-Fi Internet Access that are relevant to the education sector, including the provision of technical assistance when necessary.
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AlburquerqueAlburquerque Municipal Gym
AlburquerqueAlburquerque Municipal Health Office
AlburquerqueAlburquerque Town Plaza
AlburquerqueMunicipal Plaza of Alburquerque
AlburquerqueSan Roque National High School
Alicia BoholMunicipal Plaza of Alicia
Anda BoholAnda Town Plaza
Anda BoholMunicipal Plaza of Anda
BaclayonBaclayon National High School
BaclayonMontaña PS
BaclayonMunicipal Plaza of Baclayon
BalilihanMunicipal Plaza of Balilihan
Batuan BoholMunicipal Plaza of Batuan
Bien UnidoBien Unido Town Plaza
Bien UnidoMunicipal Plaza of Bien Unido
BilarMunicipal Plaza of Bilar
Buenavista BoholMunicipal Plaza of Buenavista
CalapeCalape Rural Health Unit
CalapeMunicipal Plaza of Calape
CandijayMunicipal Plaza of Candijay
Carmen BoholCarmen Municipal Hall
Carmen BoholCarmen Municipal Plaza
Carmen BoholMunicipal Library of Carmen
CatigbianMunicipal Plaza of Catigbian
Clarin BoholMunicipal Plaza of Clarin
CorellaMunicipal Plaza of Corella
DagohoyDagohoy National High School
DagohoyMunicipal Plaza of Dagohoy
DanaoDanao Rural Health Unit
DanaoMunicipal Plaza of Danao
DauisDauis Town Plaza
DauisMunicipal Plaza of Dauis
Garcia HernandezGarcia-Hernandez Central ES
Garcia HernandezMunicipal Plaza of Garcia Hernandez
GuindulmanGuindulman Town Plaza
GuindulmanMunicipal Plaza of Guindulman
InabangaMunicipal Plaza of Inabanga
InabangaMunicipal Plaza of Inabanga - Right Wing
JagnaMunicipal Plaza of Jagna
JetafeJetafe Town Plaza
JetafeMunicipal Plaza of Jetafe
LilaMunicipal Plaza of Lila
LoayMunicipal Plaza of Loay
LoonLoon Municipal Hall
LoonLoon Municipal Plaza
LoonLoon Tech4Ed
LoonRIS Training Loon Bohol
Mabini BoholMunicipal Plaza of Mabini
MaribojocDipatlong PS
MaribojocMaribojoc Rural Health Unit
MaribojocMaribojoc Town Hall
MaribojocMunicipal Plaza of Maribojoc
PanglaoMunicipal Plaza of Panglao
PanglaoPanglao Town Plaza
Pilar BoholMunicipal Plaza of Pilar
Pilar BoholPilar Rural Health Center
Pres. Carlos P. Garcia (Pitogo)Municipal Plaza of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia
Sagbayan (Borja)Municipal Plaza of Sagbayan
San Miguel BoholMunicipal Plaza of San Miguel
Sierra BullonesMunicipal Plaza of Sierra Bullones
Sierra BullonesSierra-Bullones Rural Health Unit
SikatunaMunicipal Plaza of Sikatuna
SikatunaSikatuna National High School
SikatunaSikatuna Rural Health Center
SikatunaSikatuna Town Hall
SikatunaSikatuna Town Plaza
Tagbilaran CityDICT Bohol Field Office Visayas Cluster 2
Tagbilaran CityProvincial Capitol of Bohol
Tagbilaran CityProvincial Capitol of Bohol
Tagbilaran CityTagbilaran City Hall
Tagbilaran CityTagbilaran City Library
Tagbilaran CityTagbilaran City Plaza
TalibonTalibon Municipal Hall
TalibonTalibon Municipal Plaza
TalibonTalibon Town Plaza
TrinidadMunicipal Plaza of Trinidad
TrinidadTrinidad Town Plaza
TubigonTubigon Municipal Hall
TubigonTubigon Municipal Library
TubigonTubigon Municipal Plaza
TubigonTubigon Telex (Tech4Ed Center Hub)
UbayUbay Municipal Hall
UbayUbay Municipal Plaza
UbayUbay Rural Heath Unit
Valencia BoholMunicipal Plaza of Valencia
Alcantara CebuMunicipal Plaza of Alcantara
AlcoyMunicipal Plaza of Alcoy
Alegria CebuAlegria Town Plaza
Alegria CebuMunicipal Plaza of Alegria
AloguinsanMunicipal Plaza of Aloguinsan
ArgaoArgao Municipal Hall
ArgaoArgao Municipal Plaza
ArgaoArgao Town Plaza
ArgaoMunicipal Library of Argao
AsturiasAsturias Town Hall
AsturiasAsturias Town Plaza
AsturiasMunicipal Plaza of Asturias
AsturiasMunicipal Plaza of Asturias - Right Wing
BadianMunicipal Plaza of Badian
BadianMunicipal Plaza of Badian - Right Wing
BalambanBalamban Municipal Hall
BalambanBalamban RHU I
BantayanBantayan Municipal Hall
BariliBarili Municipal Hall
BariliBarili Municipal Library
BariliBarili Municipal Plaza
BariliBarili RHU I
BariliBarili Tech4Ed Center
BariliBarili Town Plaza
BoljoonBoljoon Cebu Rural Health Unit
BoljoonBoljoon Town Plaza
BoljoonMunicipal Plaza of Boljoon
BorbonBorbon Town Hall
Carmen CebuCarmen Health Center
Carmen CebuCarmen Town Hall
Carmen CebuMunicipal Plaza of Carmen
Carmen CebuMunicipal Plaza of Carmen - Right Wing
CatmonMunicipal Plaza of Catmon
Cebu CityCebu Pier Terminal
Cebu CityCebu Port Area Pier 5 Berth 11 - OFW Receiving Center
Cebu CityDICT Cebu City PoP
Cebu CityDICT Cebu Field Office Visayas Cluster 2
Cebu CityDOLE - R07
Cebu CityDPWH - R7
Cebu CityDTI Region 7
Cebu City
Emergency Operations Center - Region 7 DOH Regional Office
Cebu CityFort San Pedro
Cebu CityLTO Region 7
Cebu CityNEDA (Cebu Regional Center Compound)
Cebu CityNTC Region 7
Cebu CityPlaza Independencia
Cebu CityPlaza Sugbo
Cebu CityProvincial Capitol of Cebu
Cebu CityProvincial Capitol of Cebu - Hall
Cebu CityRamos Public Market
Cebu City
Sacred Heart School for Boys (Old campus): 1st & 2nd Chamber (Gym)
Cebu City
Sacred Heart School for Boys (Old campus): 1st Floor Doctors Lounge
Cebu City
Sacred Heart School for Boys (Old campus): 3rd Floor Nurse Quarters Left Wing
Cebu City
Sacred Heart School for Boys (Old campus): 3rd Floor Nurse Quarters Right Wing
Cebu City
Sacred Heart School for Boys (Old campus): Gym Outside Chamber
Cebu City
Sacred Heart School for Boys (Old campus): Isolation Center (Gym)
Cebu City
Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center: Information Area/Lobby
Cebu CityVicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center: OPD
City of BogoBogo-City Bogo Library
City of BogoJovencio N. Masong National High School
City of NagaAlpaco National High School
City of NagaDon Emilio Canonigo Memorial National High School
City of NagaInayagan National High School
City of NagaNaalad National High School
City of NagaNaga City Hall
City of NagaNaga City Plaza
City of NagaNaga Library
City of NagaNaga National High School
City of NagaNaga Rural Health Unit I
City of NagaNaga SPED Center- High School
City of Naga
Placido L. Señor Memorial National High School (Langtad National High School)
City of NagaTinaan National High School
City of NagaTuyan National High School
City of NagaVicente M Health Center
Compostela CebuMunicipal Plaza of Compostela
Compostela CebuMunicipal Plaza of Compostela - Right Wing
ConsolacionConsolacion Central ES
ConsolacionConsolacion Municipal Hall
ConsolacionConsolacion Municipal Plaza
ConsolacionConsolacion NHS - Day Class
ConsolacionConsolacion RHU
CordobaCordoba Town Hall
CordobaCordova Main Health Center
CordobaCordova National High School
CordobaMunicipal Plaza of Cordoba
DaanbantayanDaanbantayan Municipal Hall
DaanbantayanDaanbantayan Municipal Plaza
DaanbantayanDaanbantayan Town Plaza
DalagueteDalaguete Municipal Hall
DumanjugDumanjug National High School
DumanjugDumanjug Rural Health Unit
DumanjugMunicipal Plaza of Dumanjug
GinatilanGinatilan Town Hall
GinatilanGinatilan Town Plaza
Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)Brigadier General Benito Ebuen Air Base Hospital
Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)Camp Lapu-Lapu Army Station Hospital
Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)Lapu Lapu Park
Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)Lapu Lapu Park - Back
Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)Lapu Lapu Public Library
Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)Lapu-Lapu City Health Center
Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)Lapu-Lapu City Hospital
Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)
Philippine State College of Aeronautics - Mactan Air Base
Liloan CebuMunicipal Plaza of Liloan
MadridejosMunicipal Plaza of Madridejos
MalabuyocMunicipal Plaza of Malabuyoc
Mandaue CityCabancalan National High School
Mandaue CityCanduman National High School
Mandaue City
Canduman National High School - Tabok National High School
Mandaue CityCasili Night High School
Mandaue CityDon Gerardo Ll. Ouano Memorial National High School
Mandaue CityEversely Child's Sanitarium
Mandaue CityJagobiao National High School
Mandaue CityMaguikay High School
Mandaue CityMandaue City Comprehensive National High School
Mandaue CityMandaue City Hall
Mandaue CityMandaue City Health Center
Mandaue CityMandaue City Hospital
Mandaue City
Mandaue City National High School - Labogon National High School Ext.
Mandaue City
Mandaue City National High School - Mandaue City Science High School Ext.
Mandaue CityMandaue City School for the Arts
Mandaue CityMandaue Comprehensive NHS - Annex Bldg
Mandaue CityMandaue Library
Mandaue CityMandaue SPED Center High School
Mandaue CityPagsabungan National High School
Mandaue CityPaknaan National High School
Mandaue City
Subangdaku Tech-Voc High School (Mandaue City Cnational High School - Subangdaku National High School Ext.)
Mandaue CityTingub High School
Mandaue CityTipolo National High School
MedellinMedellin Municipal Hall
MedellinMedellin Municipal Plaza
MinglanillaLoay Relay Station
MinglanillaMinglanilla Central ES
MinglanillaMinglanilla Municipal Hall
MinglanillaMinglanilla Municipal Plaza
MinglanillaMinglanilla RHU
MinglanillaMinglanilla Science HS
MinglanillaMinglanilla Town Plaza
MoalboalMunicipal Plaza of Moalboal
OslobMunicipal Plaza of Oslob
Pilar CebuMunicipal Plaza of Pilar
PinamungahanMunicipal Library of Pinamungahan
PinamungahanPinamungahan Municipal Hall
PinamungahanPinamungahan Municipal Plaza
PinamungahanPinamungahan RHU
PinamungahanPinamungahan Town Plaza
PoroMunicipal Plaza of Poro
RondaMunicipal Plaza of Ronda
SamboanMunicipal Plaza of Samboan
SamboanMunicipal Plaza of Samboan - Right Wing
San Fernando CebuMunicipal Library of San Fernando
San Fernando CebuSan Fernando Municipal Hall
San Fernando CebuSan Fernando Municipal Plaza
San Fernando CebuSan Fernando RHU
San Fernando CebuSan Fernando Town Plaza
San Fernando CebuSouth Poblacion Elementary School
San Francisco CebuCamotes National High School
San Francisco CebuCebu Technological University (San Francisco Campus)
San Francisco CebuMunicipal Plaza of San Francisco
San Francisco CebuMunicipal Plaza of San Francisco - Center
Santa Fe CebuMunicipal Plaza of Santa Fe
SibongaMunicipal Plaza of Sibonga
SibongaMunicipal Plaza of Sibonga - Right Wing
Sogod CebuMunicipal Plaza of Sogod
TabogonMunicipal Plaza of Tabogon
TabuelanMunicipal Plaza of Tabuelan
Talisay CityTalisay City Hall - EOC Command Center Talisay LGU
Talisay CityTalisay Liberation Park
Talisay CityTalisay Rural Health Unit I
Talisay CityTalisay Rural Health Unit II
Talisay CityTalisay Rural Health Unit III
Tuburan CebuMunicipal Library of Tuburan
Tuburan CebuTuburan Municipal Hall
Tuburan CebuTuburan Municipal Plaza
Tudela CebuMunicipal Plaza of Tudela
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Negros Oriental
Amlan (Ayuquitan)Amlan Town Plaza
Amlan (Ayuquitan)Jantianon National High School
Amlan (Ayuquitan)Municipal Plaza of Amlan
Amlan (Ayuquitan)Silab Provincial Community High School
AyungonAyungon Municipal Hall
AyungonAyungon Municipal Plaza
AyungonAyungon RHU
AyungonAyungon Town Plaza
BacongBacong Rural Health Unit
BacongMunicipal Plaza of Bacong
Bais CityGov Julian Teves Memorial High School
Bais CityLucila Yared Memorial High School
BasayBasay Town Plaza
BasayMunicipal Plaza of Basay
Bindoy (Payabon)Bindoy Rural Health Unit
Bindoy (Payabon)Municipal Plaza of Bindoy
Bindoy (Payabon)RIS Training Bindoy Negros Oriental
City of TanjayAzagra High School
City of TanjayPal-Ew High School
City of TanjaySan Miguel High School
Antonio B. Alejado Memorial National High School (Mag-Aso High School)
DauinApo Island High School
Apolinar B. Macias Memorial High School (Casile National High School)
DauinDauin National High School
DauinDauin Rural Health Unit
DauinFroilan Alabat Alanano Memorial High School
DauinMalongcay Dacu High School
DauinMunicipal Plaza of Dauin
Dumaguete CityDICT Negros Oriental Field Office Visayas Cluster 1
Dumaguete CityDumaguete City Library
Dumaguete CityDumaguete City Town Plaza
JimalaludJimalalud CS
JimalaludJimalalud Rural Health Unit
JimalaludJimalalud Town Hall
JimalaludJimalalud Town Plaza
JimalaludMunicipal Plaza of Jimalalud
JimalaludTamao High School, Jimalalud NHS Extension
La Libertad Negros OrientalLa Libertad Rural Health Unit
La Libertad Negros OrientalLa Libertad Technical-Vocational School
La Libertad Negros OrientalLa Libertad Town Hall
La Libertad Negros OrientalLa Libertad Town Plaza
La Libertad Negros OrientalMunicipal Plaza of La Libertad
MabinayBagtic National High School
MabinayBarras National High School
MabinayCampanun-an High School
MabinayCanggohob High School
MabinayCansal-ing High School
MabinayInapoy High School
MabinayMabinay Municipal Hall
MabinayPantao High School
ManjuyodManjuyod Municipal Plaza
ManjuyodManjuyod Town Plaza
Pamplona Negros OrientalIsidoro Salma Memorial High School (Balayong)
Pamplona Negros OrientalMunicipal Plaza of Pamplona
Pamplona Negros OrientalPamplona Town Hall
Pamplona Negros OrientalSimborio ES
San Jose Negros OrientalCambaloctot High School
San Jose Negros OrientalMunicipal Plaza of San Jose
San Jose Negros OrientalSan Jose Rural Health Unit
San Jose Negros OrientalSan Jose Town Hall
San Jose Negros OrientalTampi National High School
Santa Catalina Negros OrientalSanta Catalina Municipal Hall
Santa Catalina Negros OrientalSanta Catalina Municipal Plaza
Santa Catalina Negros OrientalSanta Catalina Town Plaza
SiatonSiaton Municipal Hall
SiatonSiaton Municipal Plaza
SiatonSiaton RHU
SiatonSiaton Town Plaza
Balugo High School, Sibulan National High School Extension
SibulanSibulan Municipal Hall
SibulanSibulan Municipal Plaza
SibulanSibulan RHU
SibulanSibulan Town Plaza
SibulanTubigon High School
TayasanMatuog ES
TayasanMunicipal Plaza of Tayasan
Valencia Negros OrientalBalugo National High School
Valencia Negros OrientalValencia Municipal Hall
Valencia Negros OrientalValencia Municipal Plaza
Valencia Negros OrientalValencia Town Plaza
VallehermosoMunicipal Plaza of Vallehermoso
VallehermosoVallehermoso National High School
VallehermosoVallehermoso Town Plaza
ZamboanguitaFELIX M. TIO MEMORIAL E/S (Bangcolotan ES)
Jose Marie Locsin Memorial High School (Mayabon High School)
ZamboanguitaMunicipal Plaza of Zamboanguita
ZamboanguitaSantiago Delmo Memorial High School
ZamboanguitaZamboangita Rural Health Unit
LarenaLarena Town Hall
LarenaLarena Town Plaza
LarenaMunicipal Plaza of Larena
LaziLazi Town Hall
LaziLazi Town Plaza
LaziMunicipal Plaza of Lazi
San Juan SiquijorMunicipal Plaza of San Juan
San Juan SiquijorSan Juan Town Plaza
SiquijorIATF Emergency Operations Center
SiquijorMunicipal Plaza of Siquijor

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