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List of free wifi locations installed by the Department of Information and Communication Technology in areas of Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Masbate, and Sorsogon

Free WiFi for All, especially for our frontliners!
DICT Camarines Sur, through its Free WiFi for All Project, provided internet capable devices to the following locations:
1. LTE Router with unlimited data subscription to the Camarines Sur Provincial Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur, to supplement their communications capabilities,
2. LTE Router with unlimited data and internet capable tablet also with unlimited data subscription and unlimited Calls and SMS to Camarines Sur Provincial Medical Center in Banasi, Bula, Camarines Sur, for their real-time updates and communications to the Provincial IMT,
3. Two internet capable tablets with unlimited Data, Calls, and SMS subscription to EDMERO Head Office in Eco Village, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur for profiling of returning residents under Balik Probinsya Program.

DICT, as a member of the IATF - EID, continues to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, by providing ICT solutions to our frontliners and the community as well while we slowly transition to the #NewNormal.
BacacayBacacay Municipal Hall
BacacayCagraray District Hospital
BacacayTambilagao (Tambognon) Barangay Hall
CamaligCamalig Municipal Hall
CamaligProvincial Engineering Office
City of LigaoAlbay Livestock Station
City of LigaoAlbay Provincial Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Facility
City of TabacoDr. Lorenzo P. Ziga Memorial District Hospital
City of TabacoProvincial Organic Vegetable and Experimental Station
City of TabacoTabaco City Hall
Anislag Infirmary Hospital / Don Alfonso Bichara Memorial Hospital
DaragaDaraga Municipal Hall
DaragaDaraga Municipal Library
GuinobatanGuinobatan Municipal Hall
JovellarJovellar Municipal Hall
JovellarJovellar Town Plaza
Legazpi CityAlbay Provincial Agriculture Office
Legazpi City
Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital: Covid Area 2 Facility
Legazpi City
Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital: Covid Area Facility
Legazpi City
Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital: Emergency Area Lobby
Legazpi City
Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital: Maternity Ward Lobby
Legazpi City
Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital: Outpatient Dept Lobby
Legazpi CityBureau of Fire Protection
Legazpi CityCoastguard
Legazpi CityCommission on Election
Legazpi CityDepartment of Agrarian Reform Adjucation Board
Legazpi CityDepartment of Agriculture Plant Quarantine Service
Legazpi CityDepartment of Budget and Management
Legazpi CityDepartment of Education
Legazpi CityDepartment of Justice
Legazpi CityDepartment of Public Works and Highway
Legazpi CityDepartment of Tourism
Legazpi CityDICT Legazpi City PoP
Legazpi CityEnvironmental Management Bureau
Legazpi CityHeadless Monument Park
Legazpi CityHuman Rights Commission
Legazpi CityLegazpi City Hospital: 2nd floor Lobby
Legazpi CityLegazpi City Hospital: Emergency
Legazpi CityLegazpi City Hospital: Lobby
Legazpi CityLegazpi City Hospital: OPD
Legazpi CityLegazpi City Post Office
Legazpi CityLegazpi Convention Center
Legazpi CityMaritime
Legazpi CityNational Police Commission
Legazpi CityNational Telecommunications Commission
Legazpi CityProfessional Regulation Commission
Legazpi CityProvincial Capitol of Albay: Lobby
Legazpi CityProvincial Capitol of Albay: Outside facing Peñaranda Park
Legazpi CityProvincial Capitol of Albay: PDRRMC
Legazpi CityTechnical Education and Skills Development Authority
ManitoManito Municipal Hall
ManitoManito Municipal Hospital
OasOas Municipal Hall
Pio DuranMunicipal Plaza of Pio Duran
Pio DuranMunicipal Plaza of Pio Duran - Town Hall
Pio DuranPioduran Memorial District Hospital
Santo Domingo (Libog)Santo Domingo Municipal Hall
TiwiBiyong Barangay Hall
TiwiCale Barangay Hall
TiwiLourdes (Matalibong) Barangay Hall
TiwiNaga Barangay Hall
TiwiSto. Cristo Elementary School
Camarines Norte
BasudMunicipal Plaza of Basud
BasudMunicipal Plaza of Basud - MAO B
CapalongaMunicipal Plaza of Capalonga
CapalongaMunicipal Plaza of Capalonga - Covered Court B
DaetCamarines Norte Provincial Capitol
DaetDICT Camarines Norte Field Office Luzon Cluster 3
LaboLabo District Hospital
ParacaleMunicipal Plaza of Paracale
ParacaleParacale Town Plaza
Santa ElenaMunicipal Plaza of Santa Elena
Talisay Camarines NorteMunicipal Plaza of Talisay
Talisay Camarines NorteMunicipal Plaza of Talisay - Talisay Park
VinzonsMunicipal Plaza of Vinzons
VinzonsMunicipal Plaza of Vinzons - Kiosk

Camarines Sur
BaaoMunicipal Plaza of Baao
BalatanMunicipal Plaza of Balatan
Bato Camarines SurBato Incident Command Post
Bato Camarines SurMunicipal Plaza of Bato
Bato Camarines SurMunicipal Plaza of Bato - Town Hall
BuhiBuhi Municipal Hall
BuhiBuhi Municipal Library
BuhiBuhi Municipal Plaza
BuhiBuhi Town Plaza
BulaCamarines Sur Provincial Medical Center
CabusaoMunicipal Plaza of Cabusao
CamaliganDICT Camarines Sur Field Office Luzon Cluster 3
CamaliganMunicipal Plaza of Camaligan
CanamanMunicipal Plaza of Canaman
CaramoanCaramoan Municipal Hall
CaramoanCaramoan Municipal Plaza
CaramoanDTI Negosyo Center Caramoan
Del GallegoMunicipal Plaza of Del Gallego
GarchitorenaMunicipal Plaza of Garchitorena
GoaGoa Municipal Library
GoaGoa Municipal Plaza
GoaGoa Town Plaza
LagonoyLagonoy Municipal Hall
LagonoyLagonoy Municipal Library
LagonoyLagonoy Town Plaza
LibmananLibmanan Community College
LupiMunicipal Plaza of Lupi
MagaraoMunicipal Plaza of Magarao
MilaorMunicipal Plaza of Milaor
MinalabacMunicipal Plaza of Minalabac
MinalabacMunicipal Plaza of Minalabac - Town Hall
NabuaNabua Municipal Hall
NabuaNabua Municipal Library
NabuaNabua Town Plaza
Pamplona Camarines SurMunicipal Plaza of Pamplona
PasacaoMunicipal Plaza of Pasacao
PiliDTI Negosyo Center Pili
PiliMunicipal Plaza of Pili - Town Hall
PiliPili Municipal Hall
PiliPili Municipal Plaza
PiliPili Town Plaza (Pili Sports Complex - Entrance )
PiliPili Town Plaza (Pili Sports Complex)
PiliProvincial Capitol of Camarines Sur
Presentacion (Parubcan)Municipal Plaza of Presentacion
RagayMunicipal Library of Ragay
RagayRagay Municipal Hall
RagayRagay Municipal Plaza
SagñayMunicipal Plaza of Sagñay
San Fernando Camarines SurMunicipal Plaza of San Fernando
San Fernando Camarines SurSan Fernando Town Plaza
San Jose Cam SurMunicipal Plaza of San Jose
San Jose Cam SurMunicipal Plaza of San Jose - Town Hall
TigaonMunicipal Plaza of Tigaon
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Baras CatanduanesBaras Central Elementary School
Baras CatanduanesBaras RHU
Baras CatanduanesBaras Rural DHS
Baras CatanduanesBaras Town Hall
Baras CatanduanesBuenavista Barangay Hall
Baras CatanduanesMunicipal Plaza of Baras
Bato CatanduanesBato Catanduanes Town Hall
Bato CatanduanesBato CES
Bato CatanduanesBato RHU
Bato CatanduanesBato Rural DHS
Bato CatanduanesMunicipal Plaza of Bato
Bato CatanduanesMunicipal Plaza of Bato
Bato CatanduanesMunicipal Plaza of Bato - Town Hall
Bato CatanduanesSipi Barangay Hall
Bato CatanduanesSipi ES
CaramoranCaramoran CES
CaramoranCaramoran RHU
CaramoranCaramoran Rural Development High School
CaramoranCaramoran Town Plaza
CaramoranDariao Barangay Hall
CaramoranDariao ES
CaramoranDariao NHS
CaramoranMunicipal Plaza of Caramoran
CaramoranSupang-Datag NHS
PandanMunicipal Plaza of Pandan
PandanPandan CES
PandanPandan RHU
PandanPandan Town Hall
San Miguel CatanduanesMunicipal Plaza of San Miguel
San Miguel CatanduanesMunicipal Plaza of San Miguel
San Miguel CatanduanesSan Miguel Catanduanes Town Hall
San Miguel CatanduanesSan Miguel RHU
San Miguel CatanduanesSan Miguel Rural DHS
VigaMunicipal Plaza of Viga
VigaSan Roque ES
VigaSta. Rosa ES
VigaViga CES
VigaViga Municipal Compound
VigaViga RHU
VigaViga Rural DHS
VigaViga Town Hall
ViracCatanduanes State University-Main
ViracDICT Catanduanes Field Office - LC3

BalenoBaleno Town Plaza
BalenoMunicipal Plaza of Baleno
BaludMunicipal Plaza of Balud
BaludMunicipal Plaza of Balud - 2nd Floor
Batuan MasbateBatuan Town Plaza
Batuan MasbateMunicipal Plaza of Batuan
City of MasbateDICT Masbate Field Office Luzon Cluster 3
City of MasbateProvincial Capitol of Masbate
Claveria MasbateMunicipal Plaza of Claveria
DimasalangCanomay Elementary School
DimasalangRanile Elementary School
Esperanza MasbateMunicipal Plaza of Esperanza
MandaonMunicipal Plaza of Mandaon
MoboMobo Town Plaza
MoboMunicipal Plaza of Mobo
MonrealMonreal Town Plaza
MonrealMunicipal Plaza of Monreal
PalanasMunicipal Plaza of Palanas
PalanasPalanas Town Plaza
Pio V. Corpuz (Limbuhan)Municipal Plaza of Pio V. Corpuz
San Fernando MasbateMunicipal Plaza of San Fernando
San Fernando MasbateSan Fernando Town Plaza
San Jacinto MasbateMunicipal Plaza of San Jacinto
San Pascual MasbateMunicipal Plaza of San Pascual
San Pascual MasbateMunicipal Plaza of San Pascual - Court Stage
UsonMunicipal Plaza of Uson
BarcelonaBarcelona CS
BarcelonaBarcelona NCHS
BarcelonaBarcelona RHU
BarcelonaBarcelona Town Hall
BarcelonaBarcelona Town Library
BarcelonaMunicipal Plaza of Barcelona
BarcelonaPoblacion Norte BH
Sorsogon State College-Institute of Management and Information Technology
BulusanBulusan CS
BulusanBulusan NHS
BulusanBulusan RHU
BulusanBulusan Town Hall
BulusanMunicipal Plaza of Bulusan
BulusanMunicipal Plaza of Bulusan - Lobby
BulusanSabang (Pob.) Barangay Hall
BulusanSabang ES
CasiguranCasiguran CS
CasiguranCasiguran Port
CasiguranCasiguran RHU
CasiguranCasiguran Town Hall
CasiguranCentral (Pob.) Barangay Hall
CasiguranMunicipal Plaza of Casiguran
CastillaCastilla East CS
CastillaCastilla NHS
CastillaCastilla RHU
CastillaCastilla Town Hall
CastillaCumadcad CS
CastillaCumadcad NHS
CastillaMayon ES
CastillaMayon NHS
CastillaMunicipal Plaza of Castilla
CastillaMunicipal Plaza of Castilla - Entrance
CastillaMunicipal Plaza of Castilla - Lobby
CastillaSan Rafael ES
CastillaSan Rafael NHS
CastillaSan Vicente ES
CastillaSorsogon State College - Castilla Campus
City of SorsogonDICT Sorsogon Field Office - LC3
City of Sorsogon
Dr. Fernando B. Duran Sr. Memorial Hospital (Sorsogon Provincial Hospital) - Emergency Room Hallway
City of Sorsogon
Dr. Fernando B. Duran Sr. Memorial Hospital (Sorsogon Provincial Hospital) - Hospital Lobby
City of SorsogonProvincial Capitol of Sorsogon Plaza
City of SorsogonSorsogon State College-Main
DonsolDonsol East CS
DonsolDonsol NCHS
DonsolDonsol RHU
DonsolDonsol Town Hall
DonsolDonsol Town Library
DonsolDonsol Vocational HS
DonsolDonsol West CS
DonsolGura ES
DonsolMunicipal Plaza of Donsol
DonsolOgod ES
DonsolRawis ES
GubatAguinaldo ES
GubatBeriran ES
GubatBicol University - Gubat Campus
GubatBonifacio ES
GubatChrist The King Park
GubatCogon ES
GubatGubat NHS
GubatGubat North CS
GubatGubat RHU
GubatGubat Town Hall
GubatGubat Town Plaza
GubatMunicipal Plaza of Gubat
GubatMunicipal Plaza of Gubat - Town Hall
GubatMunicipal Plaza of Gubat - Town Hall
JubanCogon ES
JubanEmbarcadero ES
JubanJose Alindogan CS
JubanJuban NHS
JubanJuban RHU
JubanMunicipal Plaza of Juban
JubanTaboc ES
JubanTampi ES
MagallanesSorsogon State College - Magallanes Campus
MatnogBanuang Daan ES
MatnogMatnog CS
MatnogMatnog NHS
MatnogMatnog RHU
MatnogMatnog Town Hall
MatnogMunicipal Plaza of Matnog
MatnogPort of Matnog
MatnogTablac ES
PilarBanuyo ES
PilarBinanuahan ES
PilarCalongay Elementary School
PilarLipason ES
PilarLumbang ES
PilarMabanate ES
PilarMarifosque ES
PilarMunicipal Plaza of Pilar
PilarMunicipal Plaza of Pilar - Lobby
PilarMunicipal Plaza of Pilar - Town Hall
PilarPilar I CS
PilarPilar National Comprehensive HS
PilarPilar Pier
PilarPilar RHU
PilarPilar Sorsogon Town Hall
PilarPilar Town Library
PilarTinago ES
Prieto DiazGogon ES
Prieto DiazMunicipal Plaza of Prieto Diaz
Prieto DiazMunicipal Plaza of Prieto Diaz - Town Hall
Prieto DiazNenita E. Oandasan Mem. Sch.
Prieto DiazPrieto Diaz CS
Prieto DiazPrieto Diaz NHS
Prieto DiazPrieto Diaz RHU
Prieto DiazPrieto Diaz Town Hall
Santa MagdalenaBarangay 3 Poblacion Outpost
Santa MagdalenaMunicipal Plaza of Santa Magdalena
Santa MagdalenaSanta Magdalena Town Hall
Santa MagdalenaSta. Magdalena CS
Santa MagdalenaSta. Magdalena NHS
Santa MagdalenaSta. Magdalena RHU
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