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AgoncilloAgoncillo Rural Health Unit
AgoncilloMunicipal Plaza of Agoncillo
AlitagtagAlitagtag Town Plaza
AlitagtagMunicipal Plaza of Alitagtag
BaleteMunicipal Plaza of Balete
Batangas CityAlangilan Rural Health Unit
Batangas CityBalete National High School
Batangas CityBanaba West National High School
Batangas CityBatangas City Health Center
Batangas CityBatangas City Library
Batangas CityBatangas National High School
Batangas City
Batangas Province High School for Culture and Arts
Batangas CityBatangas Regional Hospital
Batangas CityConde Labac National High School
Batangas CityCumba Barangay Hall
Batangas City
Dela Paz Pulot Aplaya Barangay Hall
Batangas CityDela Paz Pulot Itaas Barangay Hall
Batangas CityDICT Batangas City PoP
Batangas City
DICT Batangas Field Office Luzon Cluster 3
Batangas CityGulod Labac Rural Health Unit
Batangas CityLibjo National High School
Batangas CityLibjo Rural Health Unit II
Batangas City
Natalia V. Ramos Memorial National High School
Batangas CityPaharang National High School
Batangas CityPallocan West Rural Health Unit
Batangas CityPinamukan National High School
Batangas CitySan Isidro Health Center
Batangas CitySanta Rita Karsad Health Center
Batangas CitySta Clara Rural Health Unit
Batangas CitySta. Rita National High School
Batangas CityTabangao Ambulong Health Center
Batangas CityTabangao National High School
Batangas CityTalahib Pandayan Barangay Hall
Batangas CityTalahib Payapa Barangay Hall
Batangas CityTalumpok National High School
Batangas CityTibig Elementary School
Batangas City
Tinga Sorosoro National High School
BauanBauan Municipal Hall
BauanBauan Municipal Library
BauanBauan Municipal Plaza
Bauan Technical High School - Gym
Bauan Technical High School - Hermilando Building
Bauan Technical High School - Science Park
Dr. Mario D. Bejasa General Hospital
Calaca Central School - DPHW Building
CalacaCalaca Central School - Gym
Calaca Central School - Old Building
CalacaCalaca Municipal Plaza
CalacaMunicipal Library of Calaca
City of TanauanCity of Tanauan Hall
City of TanauanCity of Tanauan Plaza
CuencaCuenca Town Hall
CuencaMunicipal Plaza of Cuenca
IbaanIbaan Municipal Hall
IbaanIbaan Municipal Plaza
Lemery BatangasLemery Municipal Hall
Lemery BatangasLemery Municipal Plaza
Lemery BatangasLemery Town Plaza
LianMunicipal Plaza of Lian
Municipal Plaza of Lian - Covered Court Stage
Lipa CityBolbok National High School
Lipa CityInosluban National High School
Lipa CityKolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa
Lipa CityLipa City Hall
Lipa City
Lipa City Incident Command Center
Lipa City
Lipa City Isolation Facility (Ground Floor)
Lipa City
Lipa City Isolation Facility (Nurse Station)
Lipa City
Lipa City Isolation Facility (Second Floor)
Lipa CityLipa City Museum
Lipa CityLipa Science High School
Lipa City
Pinagtong Ulan NHS Open Grounds
Lipa City
Pinagtongulan National High School - Computer Laboratory
Lipa CityPlaza Independencia
Lipa City
San Celestino National High School
LoboLobo Elementary School
LoboLobo Rural Health Unit
LoboLobo Town Library
Mabilog Na Bundok Elementary School
LoboMunicipal Plaza of Lobo
MalvarMalvar Municipal Hall
MalvarMalvar Municipal Plaza
MalvarMunicipal Library of Malvar
Mataas Na KahoyBayorbor National High School
Mataas Na Kahoy
Mataas Na Kahoy National High School
Mataas Na KahoyMataas Na Kahoy Town Hall
Mataas Na KahoyMataas Na Kahoy Town Plaza
Mataas Na Kahoy
Municipal Plaza of Mataas Na Kahoy
NasugbuNasugbu Municipal Hall
NasugbuNasugbu Municipal Library
NasugbuNasugbu Town Plaza
Padre GarciaPadre Garcia Municipal Hall
Padre GarciaPadre Garcia Municipal Plaza
Padre GarciaPadre V. Garcia Municipal Library
Rosario BatangasRosario Municipal Hall
Rosario BatangasRosario Municipal Plaza
San Juan BatangasSan Juan Municipal Plaza
San Luis BatangasBanoyo National High School
San Luis BatangasMunicipal Plaza of San Luis
San Luis BatangasSan Luis Rural Health Unit I
San Luis BatangasSan Luis Town Hall
San Luis BatangasSanta Monica National High School
San Nicolas BatangasMunicipal Plaza of San Nicolas
San Nicolas BatangasSan Nicolas Town Hall
San Pascual BatangasSan Pascual Municipal Hall
San Pascual BatangasSan Pascual Municipal Plaza
Santa TeresitaMunicipal Plaza of Santa Teresita
Santa Teresita
Santa Teresita National High School
Santa TeresitaSanta Teresita Rh
Santa TeresitaSanta Teresita Town Hall
Santa TeresitaSanta Teresita Town Plaza
Santo Tomas BatangasSanto Tomas Municipal Hall
Santo Tomas BatangasSanto Tomas Municipal Plaza
TaalMunicipal Plaza of Taal
TaalTaal Land Transportation Office
TaalTaal National High School
TaalTaal Rural Health Unit I
TaalTaal Rural Health Unit II
TaalTaal Town Plaza
TanauanCabinet Secretary's Satellite Office
TaysanTaysan Municipal Hall
TaysanTaysan Municipal Plaza
TuyMunicipal Plaza of Tuy
TuyTuy Town Plaza
AmadeoAmadeo ES
AmadeoAmadeo National High School
AmadeoAmadeo Rural Health Unit
AmadeoAmadeo Town Library
General Emilio AguinaldoBailen ES
General Emilio Aguinaldo
Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo National High School (Bailen)
General Emilio AguinaldoGeneral Aguinaldo Health Center
General Emilio Aguinaldo
General Emilio Aguinaldo Town Plaza
General Mariano AlvarezG. M. A. Rural Health Unit I
General Mariano AlvarezG. M. A. Rural Health Unit II
General Mariano Alvarez
Gen. Mariano Alvarez Tech. High School
General Mariano AlvarezGen. Mariano Alvarez Town Hall
General Mariano AlvarezGen. Mariano Alvarez Town Plaza
General Mariano Alvarez
Municipal Plaza of Gen. Mariano Alvarez
General Mariano AlvarezSan Jose Community High School
Imus CityImus City - Bulwagan
Imus CityImus City - SP Multipurpose Hall
Imus CityImus City Hall
Imus CityImus City Hall New Bldg. Lobby
Imus CityImus City Plaza
Imus CityImus City Town Plaza
Magallanes CaviteMagallanes Municipal Health Office
Magallanes CaviteMagallanes Town Hall
MaragondonCavite Municipal Hospital
Cavite National Science High School
MaragondonMaragondon Health Center
MaragondonMaragondon Town Hall
MaragondonMaragondon Town Library
Mendez (Mendez-Nuñez)Mendez CS
NoveletaNoveleta Town Hall
Tagaytay CityTagaytay City Hall
Tagaytay CityTagaytay City Plaza
TernateTernate Municipal Health Office
TernateTernate National High School
TernateTernate West National High School
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AlaminosMunicipal Plaza of Alaminos
AlaminosPalma ES
CavintiCavinti Elementary
CavintiCavinti National High School
CavintiCavinti Rural Health Unit
CavintiMunicipal Plaza of Cavinti
CavintiSisilmin ES
City of Biñan
Alonte Sports Arena QF - North Wing
City of Biñan
Alonte Sports Arena QF - West Wing
City of BiñanCity of Biñan Hall
City of CabuyaoCity of Cabuyao Hall
City of Santa RosaCity of Santa Rosa Hall
City of Santa RosaCity of Santa Rosa Plaza
City of Santa RosaCity of Santa Rosa Town Plaza
FamyFamy Elementary School
FamyFamy National High School
FamyFamy Rural Health Unit
FamyFamy Town Library
FamyFamy Town Plaza
Kalayaan LagunaKalayaan Rural Health Unit
Kalayaan LagunaKalayaan Town Plaza
Kalayaan LagunaMunicipal Plaza of Kalayaan
LiliwMunicipal Plaza of Liliw
LuisianaLuisana Municipal Health Office
San Buenaventura National High School Annex
LumbanLumban Town Plaza
LumbanMunicipal Plaza of Lumban
MagdalenaMagdalena Town Library
MagdalenaMunicipal Plaza of Magdalena
MajayjayMunicipal Plaza of Majayjay
MajayjaySanta Catalina Elementary School
NagcarlanNagcarlan Evacuation Center
NagcarlanNagcarlan Fire Station
NagcarlanNagcarlan Municipal Hall
NagcarlanNagcarlan Municipal Plaza
NagcarlanNagcarlan RHU I
NagcarlanNagcarlan Senior Citizen Center
PaeteMunicipal Plaza of Paete
PaetePaete CS
PaetePaete Rural Health Unit
Poten & Eliseo M. Quesada Memo. National High School
PagsanjanMunicipal Plaza of Pagsanjan
PagsanjanPagsanjan Rural Health Unit
PagsanjanPagsanjan Town Plaza
PakilBanilan ES
PakilMunicipal Plaza of Pakil
PakilPakil Rural Health Unit
PangilMunicipal Plaza of Pangil
PilaMunicipal Plaza of Pila
PilaMunicipal Plaza of Pila - Plaza
PilaPila Town Plaza
Rizal LagunaRizal Town Hall
San Pablo City
Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng San Pablo - Lobby
Santa Cruz LagunaAthlete's Village - Lobby
Santa Maria LagunaMunicipal Plaza of Santa Maria
Victoria LagunaMunicipal Plaza of Victoria
Victoria Laguna
San Francisco National High School
Victoria LagunaVictoria Rural Health Unit
Victoria LagunaVictoria Town Plaza
AgdanganAgdangan Town Hall
AgdanganMunicipal Plaza of Agdangan
Candelaria QuezonCandelaria Town Hall
Candelaria QuezonMunicipal Plaza of Candelaria
City of TayabasAlsam Ilaya Barangay Hall
City of TayabasIbabang Alsam Barangay Hall
City of TayabasIlasan Ibaba Barangay Hall
City of TayabasKatigan Kanluran Barangay Hall
City of TayabasKatigan Silangan Barangay Hall
City of TayabasLawigue Barangay Hall
City of TayabasMasin Elementary School
City of TayabasPalale Kanluran Barangay Hall
Dolores QuezonDolores Rural Health Unit
Dolores QuezonDolores Town Plaza
Dolores QuezonMunicipal Plaza of Dolores
General Luna QuezonMunicipal Plaza of General Luna
GuinayanganMunicipal Plaza of Guinayangan
Municipal Plaza of Guinayangan - Covered Court
Lucena CityQuezon Medical Center
MacalelonMunicipal Plaza of Macalelon
MaubanMauban Municipal Hall
Padre Burgos QuezonMunicipal Plaza of Padre Burgos
Pitogo QuezonMunicipal Plaza of Pitogo
SampalocMunicipal Plaza of Sampaloc
San AndresCamflora Barangay Hall
San AndresMangero Barangay Hall
San AndresSan Andres Municipal Hall
San AndresTala Barangay Hall
San FranciscoCawayan I Barangay Hall
San FranciscoMadagoldol Elementary School
San FranciscoPugo Primary School
San NarcisoAbuyon National High School
San NarcisoBuenavista Barangay Hall
San NarcisoMaguiting Barangay Hall
San NarcisoManlampong Barangay Hall
UnisanMunicipal Plaza of Unisan
AngonoAngono Municipal Hall
AngonoAngono Municipal Library
AngonoAngono RHU I
AngonoAngono Town Plaza
Angono Town Plaza - Plaza West Wing
Baras RizalBaras National High School
Baras RizalBaras Rural Health Unit
Baras RizalMunicipal Plaza of Baras
BinangonanBinangonan Municipal Hall
BinangonanBinangonan Municipal Plaza
BinangonanBinangonan Town Plaza
Bernardo F. San Juan National High School
CardonaCardona Town Library
CardonaMunicipal Plaza of Cardona
Municipal Plaza of Cardona - Covered Court
Jala-JalaBagumbong National High School
Jala-JalaBayugo National High School
Jala-JalaJala-Jala Rural Health Unit
Jala-JalaJala-Jala Town Plaza
Jala-JalaMunicipal Plaza of Jala-Jala
Jala-JalaYnares Municipal Hospital
Morong RizalMorong Municipal Hall
Morong RizalMorong Municipal Plaza
Morong RizalMorong RHU
PilillaPililla Municipal Hall
PilillaPililla Municipal Plaza
PilillaPililla RHU
RodriguezRodriguez Municipal Hall
RodriguezRodriguez Municipal Plaza
RodriguezRodriguez Municipal Plaza - NBI
Rodriguez Municipal Plaza - Plaza Facade
San Mateo RizalSan Mateo Municipal Hall
San Mateo RizalSan Mateo Municipal Plaza
San Mateo Rizal
San Mateo Municipal Plaza - Plaza Facade
TeresaTeresa Municipal Hall
TeresaTeresa Municipal Plaza
TeresaTeresa RHU
TeresaTeresa Town Plaza
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