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Ana Health Center
Baesa Health Center
Bagong Barrio Health Center
Bagong Silang Phase 9 Health Center
Bagong Silang Phase Health Center
Barangay 18 Health Center
Brgy. 12 Health Center
Brgy. 120/118 Health Center
Calaanan Health Center
Caloocan Library
Camarin "D" Health Center
E. Rodriguez Jr. Health Center
Francisco Health Center
Grace Park Health Center
Maypajo Puericultura
Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center
Sampalukan Health Center
Talipapa Health Center
Torres Bugallon Health Center

Bureau of Investments
DENR – NCR Office
Department of Trade and Industry
EDSA: 5.52km Northbound
EDSA: corner JP Rizal Avenue (Northbound)
EDSA: corner JP Rizal Avenue (Southbound)
EDSA: corner P. Burgos Street
EDSA: Guadalupe - Cartimar Jeepney Terminal
EDSA: Guadalupe Bus Stop (Northbound)
EDSA: Guadalupe corner Urdaneta Road
EDSA: Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park 2
EDSA: Guadalupe Viejo Cloverleaf Park 1
EDSA: Guadalupe Viejo Cloverleaf Park 2
EDSA: Land Transportation Office - Guadalupe Branch
EDSA: Magallanes Bus Stop A (Northbound)
EDSA: Magallanes Bus Stop A (Southbound)
EDSA: Magallanes Bus Stop B (Northbound)
EDSA: Magallanes Bus Stop B (Southbound)
EDSA: Magallanes Bus Stop C (Northbound)
EDSA: Magallanes Bus Stop C (Southbound)
EDSA: Magallanes corner Amorsolo Street
EDSA: Magallanes corner Chino Roces Avenue (Northbound)
EDSA: Magallanes corner Chino Roces Avenue (Southbound)
EDSA: Overpass 5.68km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 5.77km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 9.52km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 9.63km Southbound
Globe Data Center Mk2
MRT Station 09 Guadalupe
MRT Station 10 Buendia
MRT Station 11 Ayala
MRT Station 12 Magallanes
National Development Company
National Police Commission
Office of the Solicitor General
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Longos Park
Malabon Public Library
San Agustin Health Center
Tañong Health Center
Tinajeros Health Center
Tonsuya Health Center

A.T. Reyes Health Center
Bagong Silang Health Center
Barangka Ilaya Health Center
Barangka Ilaya Health Center
Block 38 Health Center - Welfareville
Block 39 Health Center - Welfareville
Buayang Bato Health Center
Dona Basilisa Yangco Elementary School
EDSA: 6.32km Northbound
EDSA: 6.40km Northbound
EDSA: 6.57km Northbound
EDSA: 6.73km Northbound
EDSA: 6.81km Northbound
EDSA: 6.94km Northbound
EDSA: 7.41km Southbound
EDSA: 7.49km Southbound
EDSA: 7.56km Northbound
EDSA: 7.57km Southbound
EDSA: 7.74km Northbound
EDSA: 7.81km Southbound
EDSA: 7.89km Southbound
EDSA: 7.94km Northbound
EDSA: 8.02km Northbound
EDSA: 8.31km Southbound
EDSA: 8.32km Northbound
EDSA: 8.32km Southbound
EDSA: 8.39km Southbound
EDSA: 8.47km Southbound
EDSA: 8.58km Southbound
EDSA: 8.63km Southbound
EDSA: 8.64km Northbound
EDSA: 8.66km Southbound
EDSA: 8.71km Southbound
EDSA: 8.74km Southbound
EDSA: 9.03km Southbound
EDSA: 9.11km Southbound
EDSA: Boni Avenue Bus Stop (Southbound)
EDSA: Boni Bus Stop 1 (Northbound)
EDSA: Boni Pioneer Bus Stop (North Bound)
EDSA: corner Apo Street
EDSA: corner Berkeley Street
EDSA: corner Boni Avenue
EDSA: corner Cornell Street
EDSA: corner Cybergate Street
EDSA: corner Domingo M. Guevarra Street
EDSA: corner Garden Way Street
EDSA: corner Guadix Drive
EDSA: corner Madison Street
EDSA: corner Pioneer Street
EDSA: corner Reliance Street
EDSA: corner Shaw Boulevard
EDSA: corner Sultan Street
EDSA: corner United Street
EDSA: Ortigas Bus Stop A
EDSA: Ortigas Bus Stop B
EDSA: Overpass 6.24km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 6.29km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 6.34km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 6.39km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 6.44km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 6.49km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.21km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.37km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.41km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.44km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.47km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.51km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.64km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.68km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.6km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 7.72km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.14km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.16km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.17km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.17km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.18km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.19km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.20km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.21km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.24km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.25km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 8.27km Southbound
EDSA: Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
EDSA: Reliance Bus Station (Northbound)
EDSA: Robinsons Bus stop A
EDSA: Robinsons Bus Stop B
EDSA: Starmall EDSA - Shaw Bus Station Southbound
EDSA: Underpass 7.32km Northbound
EDSA: Underpass 7.35km Northbound
EDSA: Underpass 7.38km Northbound
EDSA: Underpass 7.42km Northbound
EDSA: Underpass 7.47km Northbound
EDSA: Underpass 7.51km Northbound
EDSA: Underpass 7.54km Northbound
EDSA: Underpass 7.57km Northbound
EDSA: Underpass 8.15km Southbound
EDSA: Underpass 8.24km Southbound
EDSA: Underpass 8.28km Southbound
EDSA: Underpass 8.2km Southbound
EDSA: Underpass 8.31km Southbound
EDSA: Underpass 8.34km Southbound
EDSA: Underpass 8.37km Southbound
EDSA: Underpass 8.41km Southbound
Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School
Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School
Filemon P. Javier Elementary School
Harapin Ang Bukas Health Center
Highway Hills Health Center
Hulo People's Health Center
Hulo People's Health Center
I.Lopez Health Center
Ilaya Barangka Integrated School
Ilaya Barangka Integrated School
Jose Fabella Memorial School
Mabini J. Rizal Health Center
Makabayan Health Center
Makabayan Health Center
Malamig Health Center
Malamig Health Center
Mandaluyong City Hall
Mandaluyong City Medical Center
Maria Clara Health Center
Mauway Health Center
Mauway Health Center
Maysilo Circle Park
MRT Station 06 Ortigas
MRT Station 07 Shaw Blvd.
MRT Station 08 Boni Ave.
Namayan Health Center
Namayan Park
National Center for Mental Health
Pag-Asa Health Center
Pedro P. Cruz Elementary School - Mauway
Plainview Elementary School
Plainview Health Center
Poblacion Health Center
Renato R. Lopez Elementary School
Rizal Technological University
San Jose Health Center
San Jose Health Center
Saniboy Health Center
Vergara Health Center
Vergara Health Center
Welfareville Health Center
Zaniga Health Center
Zaniga Health Center
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A. Mabini Health Center
Arsenio H. Lacson Health Center
Bacood Health Center
Bagong Brgy. Health Center
Bagong Lipunan Health Center
Baseco Health Center
Brgy. 310 Health Center
Buhay Mahalaga Health Center
Bureau of Immigration
Bureau of Treasury
Calabash Health Center
City Gov't Employees Health Center
Corazon Aquino Health Center
D. Belmonte Health Center
Dapitan Health Center
Department of Finance
Department of Health
Department of Labor and Employment
Dimasalang Health Center
Domingo Santiago Health Center
Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
Dr. Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center
Escolta Ferry Station
Esperanza Health Center
Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology
F. Lanuza Health Center
F. Lanuza Lying-in Clinic
Fajardo Health Center
Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center
Gat Andres Memorial Medical Center
Guadalupe Ferry Station
Insurance Commission
Intramuros Administration
Isidro Mendoza Health Center
J. Posadas Health Center
Jose Fabella Health Center
Jose Vivencio Health Center
Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital
Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital
Kahilum Health Center
Lake Development Authority
Lambingan Ferry Station
Lawton Ferry Station
Legarda Health Center
Liwasang Bonifacio
Luzviminda Health Center
M. Earnshaw Health Center
M. F Jhocson Health Center
M. Icasiano Health Center
Ma. Clara Health Center
Manila City Hall
Manila Library
Maritime Industry Authority
Meisic Health Center
National Commission for the Culture and the Arts
National Library
National Museum
Ninoy Aquino Stadium - Covid-19 Facility
Ninoy Aquino Stadium (RMSC) - Hotspot 1
Ninoy Aquino Stadium (RMSC) - Hotspot 2
Ninoy Aquino Stadium (RMSC) - Hotspot 3
OnM: Beside Entrance
OnM: Internal Medicine
OnM: Pediatrics
OnM: Wheelchair Area
Ospital Ng Maynila Medical Center
Ospital Ng Sampaloc
Ospital Ng Tondo
Paco Health Center
Paltoc Health Center
Pamana Health Center
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Parola Health Center
Patricia Health Center
Pedro Gil Health Center
Philippine Coast Guard
Philippine General Hospital
Philippine Normal University-Main
Philippine Postal Corporation
PNR Blumentritt Station
PNR Espana Station
PNR Laong-Laan Station
PNR Paco Station
PNR Pandacan Station
PNR Vito Cruz Station
Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Manila
Presidential Communications Operations Office
PUP Ferry station
R. Magsaysay Health Center
Rizal Park
Rizal Stadium - Covid-19 Facility
Rosario Reyes Health Center
San Andres Health Center
San Diego Health Center
San Lazaro Hospital
San Lazaro Hospital
San Miguel Health Center
San Nicolas Health Center
San Sebastian Health Center
Sta Ana Ferry Station
Tayabas Health Center
Technological University of the Philippines - Manila
Tondo Foreshore Health Center
Tondo Health Center
Tondo Medical Center
Traffic Engineering Center
University of the Philippines - Manila
Valentina Health Center
Velasquez Health Center

Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center
Balubad Health Center
Barangka Health Center
Calumpang Health Center
Cityhood Park
Concepcion Dos Health Center
Concepcion Uno Health Center
Evolution Park
Freedom Park
Industrial Valley Complex Park
J. Dela Pena Health Center
Malanday Health Center
Marikina Heights Health Center
Marikina Library
Nangka Health Center
Olandes Health Center
Parang Health Center
Pugad Lawin Health Center
San Roque Health Center
Sta. Elena Health Center
Sto. Nino Health Center
Tañong Health Center
Tumana Health Center
Barangka Elementary School
Barangka Health Center
Concepcion Integrated School
Concepcion Integrated School
Concepcion Uno Health Center
H. Bautista Elementary School
Jesus dela Peña Health Center
Kalumpang Health Center
Kapitan Moy Elementary School
Leodegario Victorino Elementary School
Malanday Elementary School
Malanday Health Center
Marikina Elementary School
Nangka Elementary School
Nangka Health Center
Parang Health Center
San Roque Health Center
Santa Elena Health Center
St. Mary Elementary School
Sto. Nino Elementary School
Sto. Niño Health Center

Ayala Health Center
Bayanan Health Center
Buli Health Center
Cupang Health Center
Muntinlupa Cho
Muntinlupa Library
Muntinlupa Sunken Garden
Putatan Health Center
Research Institute for Tropical Medicine
Sitio Sto. Nino Health Center
Southville Health Center
Sucat Health Center
Tunasan Health Center
Victoria Health Center

Ayala Health Center
Bayanan Health Center
Buli Health Center
Cupang Health Center
Muntinlupa Cho
Muntinlupa Library
Muntinlupa Sunken Garden
Putatan Health Center
Research Institute for Tropical Medicine
Sitio Sto. Nino Health Center
Southville Health Center
Sucat Health Center
Tunasan Health Center
Victoria Health Center

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Baclaran Health Center
Bf Homes Health Center
Don Bosco Health Center
Don Galo Health Center
Don Galo Park
La Huerta Health Center
Marcelo Green Health Center
Merville Health Center
Moonwalk Health Center
Parañaque City Hall
Parañaque Library
Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Parañaque Campus
San Dionisio Health Center
San Isidro Health Center
San Martin De Porres Health Center
Santo Niño Health Center
Silverio Health Center
Sitio Maligaya Health Center
Sun Valley Health Center
Tambo Health Center
Vitalez Health Center

Bagong Ilog Health Center 2
Bagong Katipunan Health Center
Bambang Health Center
Buting Health Center
Caniogan Health Center
Dela Paz Health Center
Development Academy of the Philippines
Dona Betang Health Center
E. Santos Health Center
Kalawaan Health Center
Kapasigan Health Center
Kapitolyo Health Center
Kapitolyo Park
Karangalan Health Center
Malinao Health Center
Manggahan Health Center
Maybunga Floodway Health Center
Maybunga Health Center
Nagpayong Health Center
Napico Health Center
National Economic and Development Authority
Oranbo Health Center
Palatiw Health Center
Pasig City General Hospital
Pasig City Health Center
Pasig City Institute of Science and Technology District 1
Pasig City Institute of Science and Technology District 2
Pasig City Library
Pinagbuhatan Health Center
Pinagbuhatan Pc
Pineda Health Center
Plaza Rizal
Rizal Medical Center
Rosario Health Center
Sagad Health Center
San Antonio Health Center
San Jose Health Center
San Miguel Health Center
San Nicholas Health Center
Santolan Super Health Center
Sumilang Super Health Center
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Addition Hills Barangay Hall
Batis Barangay Hall
Camp Crame Elementary School
Corazon De Jesus Barangay Hall
Ermitano Barangay Hall
Greenhills Barangay Hall
Isabelita Barangay Hall
Kabayanan Barangay Hall
Little Baguio Barangay Hall
Maytunas Barangay Hall
Onse Barangay Hall
Pasadena Barangay Hall
Pedro Cruz Barangay Hall
Pedro Cruz Elementary School
Progreso Barangay Hall
Rivera Barangay Hall
Salapan Barangay Hall
Salapan Elementary School
San Juan Library
San Juan Mini Park (Munting Liwasan)
San Juan Mini Park (Munting Liwasan)
San Juan National High School
San Perfecto Barangay Hall
San Perfecto Elementary School
St. Joseph Barangay Hall
Sta. Lucia Elementary School
Tibagan Barangay Hall
West Crame Barangay Hall

Bagbaguin Health Center
Balangkas Health Center
Bignay Health Center
Bisig Health Center
Canumay East Health Center
Canumay West Health Center
Coloong Health Center
Concepcion Health Center
Dalandanan Health Center
Elysian Health Center
General T. De Leon Health Center 1
General T. De Leon Health Center 2
Isla Health Center
Karuhatan Health Center
Lawang Bato Health Center
Lingunan Health Center
Mabolo Health Center
Malabo Maysan 3S
Malanday Health Center
Malinta Health Center
Manotok Health Center
Mapulang Lupa Health Center
Marulas Mega Health Center
Marulas Pc
Maysan Health Center
Northville II Health Center
Palasan Health Center
Parada Health Center
Paso De Blas Health Center
Pasolo Health Center
Pinalagad Health Center
Polo Health Center
Punturin Health Center
Purok 4 Health Center
Rincon Health Center
San Miguel Heights Health Center
Serrano Health Center
Tagalag Health Center
Tugatog Health Center
Ugong Health Center
Valenzuela City Emergency Hospital
Valenzuela Library
Valenzuela Medical Center
Veinte Reales Health Center
Wawang Pulo Health Center

Asean Garden
Barangay 87 Zone 9, Barangay Hall
Cuyegkeng Health Center
Dona Marta Health Center
Dona Nena Health Center
EDSA: Overpass 1.4km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 13.59km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 14.09km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 2.0km Northbound
EDSA: Taft corner P. Zamora Street
EDSA: Taft corner Sgt. Mariano Street
Kalayaan Health Center
Lagrosa Health Center
Leveriza Health Center
M Dela Cruz Health Center
Malibay Health Center
Mia Health Center
MRT Station 13 Taft
Office for Transportation Security
Overseas Workers Welfare Administration
Pasay City General Hospital
Pasay Library
Philippine International Convention Center
Philippine Navy
PNR Edsa Station
SEC National Business One Stop Shop (NBOSS)
Senate of the Philippines
World Trade Center - Covid-19 Facility
World Trade Center - Hotspot 1
World Trade Center - Hotspot 2
World Trade Center - Hotspot 3
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Bambang Elementary School
Buting Elementary School
Caniogan Elementary School
Dela Paz Elementary School
Dr. Sixto Antonio Elementary School
Francisco Legaspi Memorial School
Ilugin Elementary School
Kalawaan Elementary School
Liberato Damian Elementary School
Manggahan High School
Maybunga Elementary School
Maybunga Elementary School - Annex
Napico Elementary School
Oranbo Elementary School
Palatiw Elementary School
Pasig Elementary School
Pinagbuhatan Elementary School
Pinagbuhatan Ferry Station
Pineda Elementary School
Rosario Elementary School
Sagad Elementary School
San Joaquin Elementary School
San Joaquin Ferry Station
San Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School
San Miguel Elementary School
Santolan Elementary School
Sto. Niño Elementary School

Agripino Manalo National High School
Delfin Salonga Health Center
Juan R. Sanchez Health Center
Maria Concepcion Cruz High School
Masikap Health Center
Mayor Moises R. Flores Mem Clinic
Pateros National High School
Pateros Town Library
Pateros Town Plaza
Quintin De Borja Health Center

AFP Medical
Apolonio Samson Health Center
Area I Sitio Veterans Health Center
Arsenia J. Maximo Health Center
Bagobantay Health Center
Bagong Pag-Asa Health Center
Bagong Silangan Elementary School
Bagumbayan Barangay Hall
Balingasa Health Center
Banlat Health Center
Batasan Hills Ann Health Center
Batasan Hills Barangay Hall
Bernardo Health Center
Bernardo Park
Betty Go Belmonte Health Center
Bureau of Fire Protection
Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources
Bureau of Internal Revenue
Bureau of Jail Management & Penology
Capri Health Center
Carlos P. Garcia High School
Civil Service Commission
Command and General Staff College
Command and General Staff College - Library
Commission on Audit
Commission on Higher Education
Commission on Human Rights
Commonwealth Health Center
Cooperative Development Authority
Cubao Health Center
Dangerous Drugs Board
Department of Agrarian Reform QC
Department of Agriculture
Department of Environment & Natural Resources
Department of Information and Communications Technology
Department of Interior and Local Government
Department of National Defense
Department of Public Order and Safety - QC
Department of Public Works and Highways - Region IV-A QC
Doña Necassa Health Center
E. Rodriguez Health Center
East Avenue Medical Center
East Avenue Medical Center: OB Waiting Area
East Avenue Medical Center: OPD Nurse Station
East Avenue Medical Center: OPD Waiting Area
EDSA: 10.5km Northbound
EDSA: 4.43km Southbound
EDSA: 4.67km Southbound
EDSA: Araneta Center Cubao Bus Station 1 (Northbound)
EDSA: Araneta Center Cubao Bus Station 1 (Southbound)
EDSA: Araneta Center Cubao Bus Station 2 (Northbound)
EDSA: Araneta Center Cubao Bus Station 2 (Southbound)
EDSA: Arayat Cubao Bus Station
EDSA: Camp Crame - Gate 1
EDSA: Camp Crame - Gate 2
EDSA: Centris Jeep Terminal
EDSA: corner East Lawin Street
EDSA: corner General McArthur Avenue
EDSA: corner General Roxas Avenue
EDSA: corner Mayor Ignacio Santos Diaz Street
EDSA: corner Mindanao Avenue
EDSA: corner Mother Ignacia Avenue
EDSA: corner P. A. Bernardo Street
EDSA: corner Panay Avenue
EDSA: corner Pinatubo Street
EDSA: DPWH Quezon City 2nd District Engineering Office
EDSA: GMA-Kamuning Bus Stop
EDSA: MMDA - North Avenue Bus Terminal
EDSA: MMDA - Trinoma Provincial Bus Stop
EDSA: North Ave Station (Southbound and Northbound)
EDSA: Overpass - North Ave Station
EDSA: Overpass 10.537km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 10.55km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 10.58km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 4.27km Southbound
EDSA: Overpass 9.81km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 9.83km Northbound
EDSA: Overpass 9.85km Northbound
EDSA: PAG-IBIG - Kamuning
EDSA: Philippine National Police Dental Society
EDSA: Quezon Avenue Provincial Bus Stop
EDSA: Quezon City Police Community Precinct 1
EDSA: Quezon City Police District - Police Station 7
EDSA: Santolan Bus Station
EDSA: Santolan Northbound Bus Stop
EDSA: Social Security System - Cubao Branch
EDSA: TESDA Automotive Accredited School
Ermin Garcia Health Center
Escopa Health Center
Fairview Health Center
Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority
Frisco Health Center
Galas Health Center
Gen. Roxas Health Center
Greater Lagro Health Center
Gulod Health Center
House of Representatives
Kalayaan Health Center
Kaligayahan Health Center
Kamuning Super Health Center
Krus Na Ligas Health Center
La Loma Health Center
La Mesa Eco Park
Lagro Elementary School
Land Registration Authority
Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board
Land Transportation Office
Libis Health Center
Local Water Utilities Administration
Lung Center of the Phillipines
Lupang Pangako Elementary School
M.H. Pedro Health Center
Maligaya Health Center
Masambong Health Center
Melchora Aquino Health Center (formerly Npc Health Center QC)
Mercedes De Joya Health Center
Metropolitan Waterworks & Sewerage System
Mines & Geoscience Bureau
MRT Station 01 North Avenue
MRT Station 02 Quezon Avenue
MRT Station 03 GMA Kamuning
MRT Station 04 Cubao
MRT Station 05 Santolan
Murphy Lying-in Center
Murphy Super Health Center
N. S. Amoranto Park
Nagkaisang Nayon Health Center
National Anti-Poverty Commission
National Children's Hospital
National Computer Center
National Housing Authority
National Irrigation Administration
National Kidney & Transplant Institute
National Meat Inspection Service
National Power Corporation
National Printing Office
National Security Council
National Telecommunications Commission
National Water Resources Board
Ngc Health Center
Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center
North Fairview Health Center
Novaliches Health Center
Novaliches Lying-in Center
Occupational Safety and Health Center
Office of Civil Defense
Office of the Government Corporate Councel
Office of the Ombudsman
Old Balara Health Center
Paltok Health Center
Pansol Barangay Hall
Pansol Health Center
Parole and Probation Administration
Payatas A Health Center
Payatas B Health Center
PCMC: Beside Child Protection Unit
PCMC: Beside Pharmacy
PCMC: Blood Bank Counter
PCMC: Blood Collection Room
PCMC: Dengue Clinic
PCMC: Fast Lane Waiting Shed
PCMC: Main Lobby
PCMC: Neurodiagnostic Lab
PCMC: Out Patient
PCMC: Pediatric Centric
Philippine Children's Medical Center
Philippine Coconut Authority
Philippine Drug and Enforcement Agency
Philippine Heart Center
Philippine Information Agency
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute
Philippine Orthopedic Hospital
Philippine Science High School
Philippine Statistic Authority
Philippine Sugar Authority
Pinyahan Health Center
Project 4 Health Center
Project 6 Health Center
Project 7 Health Center
Public Attorneys Office
QC Public (Main) - Brgy. Central Library
QC Public Library - Greater Project 4 Branch
QC Public Library - Lagro Branch
QC Public Library - Novaliches Branch
QC Public Library - Pasong Tamo Branch
QC Public Library - Payatas Branch (Lupang Pangako)
QC Public Library - Talipapa Branch
Quezon City General Hospital
Quezon City General Hospital: Billing
Quezon City General Hospital: OPD
Quezon City Hall
Quezon City One Stop Shop
Quezon Memorial Circle 1
Quirino Memorial Medical Center
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: 1st Floor Hallway
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: 1st Floor Mesh
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: 2nd Floor Mesh
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: Beside Microserver
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: Near Employee Entrance
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: Outside Emergency
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: Replacement AP
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: Waiting Shed
Quirino Memorial Medical Center: Waiting Shed Emergency
Rosalia Park
San Antonio Elementary School
San Bartolome Health Center
San Jose Health Center
San Vicente Health Center
Sangandaan Health Center
Sauyo Health Center
Securities and Exchange Commission
Social Security System
Socorro Health Center
Sta. Catalina Health Center
Sta. Lucia Health Center
Tandang Sora Health Center
Tatalon Health Center
Telecommunications Office
Toro Hills Health Center
University of the Philippines - Diliman
V. Luna Medical Center
Veterans Health Center
Veterans Memorial Medical Center
Wenceslao Dela Paz Health Center
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AGH: 3rd Floor Officer's Room 3
AGH: 3rd Floor Post-Operation Room
AGH: 3rd Floor Surgery Room 1
AGH: 3rd Floor Ward Area
AGH: 4th Floor Adoration Area
AGH: 4th Floor Battle Casualty Room
AGH: 4th Floor Beside Exit Room
AGH: 4th Floor Playroom
Bagong Tanyag Elementary School - Annex B
Bagong Tanyag Elementary School - Main
Bagong Tanyag Health Center
Bagumbayan Health Center
Bambang Health Center
Bambang Health Center
Calzada Health Center
Calzada Health Center
Central Bicutan Health Center
Central Bicutan Health Center
Central Signal Health Center
Central Signal Health Center
Cipriano P. Sta. Teresa Elementary School
Ciriaco P. Tiñga Elementary School
Department of Science and Technology
Dpwh Health Center
Dr. Artemio. E. Natividad Elementary School
Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School
Fort Bonifacio Health Center
Gen. Ricardo G. Papa Sr. Memorial High School - Main
Hagonoy Health Center
Hagonoy Health Center
Ibayo Health Center
Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Memorial Elementary School
Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Memorial Elementary School - Palar Annex
Kapitan Jose Cardones Memorial Elementary School
Katuparan Health Center
Katuparan Health Center
Ligid Health Center
Lower Bicutan Health Center
Maharlika Elementary School
Maharlika Health Center
Napindan Elementary School
Napindan Health Center
National Mapping & Resource Information Authority
New Lower Bicutan Health Center
North Daang Hari Health Center
North Signal Health Center
North Signal Health Center
Palar (Pinagsama) Health Center
Palar Health Center
Palingon Health Center
Palingon Health Center
PNR Bicutan Station
Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Taguig City
San Miguel Health Center
San Miguel Health Center
Silangan Elementary School
Sitio Imelda Health Center
South Daang Hari Health Center
South Signal Health Center
Sta. Ana Health Center
Sta. Ana Health Center
Taguig City Hall
Taguig City Health Center
Taguig City Health Center
Taguig City Library
Taguig City University
Taguig Elementary School
Technical Education & Skills Development Authority
Tenement Elementary School
Tipas Elementary School - Annex
Tipas Elementary School - Main
Tuktukan Health Center
Upper Bicutan Health Center
Upper Bicutan Health Center
Ususan Elementary School
Ususan Health Center
Ususan Health Center
Wawa Health Center
Western Bicutan Health Center

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