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Monday, March 21, 2016

VIDEO: Chinese Coast Guards Rammed Filipino Fishermen But They Fought Back By Throwing Stones

There were two latest and separate incidents of Chinese harrasment involving Filipino fishermen. On one incident, Chinese Coast Guard rammed Filipino fishermen's boat and barely damaging them but they fought back by throwing stones and report said they were holding knives ready to die defending themselves and their boats and their right to fish in the Philippine territory. 

17 Filipino fishermen also complained of harrasment from Chinese coast guards but the PCG or the Philippine Coast Guard have not yet received a formal complained and will still verify the incident.

On a personal note, until when do we have to be the receiver of this bullying? Kawawa naman yung mga fishermen, they will have to earn a living and they are investing everytime they come out to do fishing and yet here are the Chinese telling them to go back to the Philippines. So sad. 


Moment when Chinese Fishing Ship is sunked by Argentina coast guard