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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is Like a Bubblegum!

A high school classmate of mine named Suzette said one time,

"Love is like a Bubble gum, kung dumikit, makabuang!"

Happy Hearts day everyone!

Always remember that love is a verb. Love is an action word.

It's not only being said and "kalas" (done).

It should be shown most importantly in the deed.

I also believe that a person who has love in his/her heart is much happier than the one who has not.

It doesn't matter kung kanino tayo in love, sa parents natin, sa friends natin, sa special someone natin, sa

families natin,

but love is not just for two people.

It should be for all.

Love for all, even the animals and the not-so-good ones is called


and it never fails!



  1. Nakaka-buang nga yan JB. Happy Valentine's Day to you... ingat sa celebration alam mo naman dito sa ating kaharian.

  2. Haha, Keith. Thanks. Kelan pala kau mag-Aussie?

    Hope you have a wonderful celebration with Pinky and the kids.

  3. Kenjie, not sure yet. Still praying about when will the best time for us to move. We'll update our blogs as and when things are more or less final.

  4. 'Yan ang tunay at nararapat- pagmamahal para sa lahat. Pangkalahatan!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Thoughtskoto. o",)

  5. @ Keith, we wish nothing but the best to you and your family! God bless and Good luck!

    @ Doc RJ, we wish you will find that special someone whom you love and you who will love you too. You are one of the best and most eligible bachelor in this world.

  6. "Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love" (Albert Einstein)

    A blessed Valentine's Day to you and Shei.