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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Magandang gabi po mga kabayan, 
Good Morning in California, 
Asalam Alaikum!
from our humble home in Khobar the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 
we greet all our friends that stretches from 4 corners of the world, 
as far as France, Germany, UK, and the rest of Europe.

To all of friends in Asia, our beloved homeland the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, and the Pacific Island of Australia.

To our fellow Expats and OFW in Dubai and the other Emirates countries, Qatar, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudia, and the rest of the Middle East, 

To our Expats friends in the freezing United States of America and snowing Canada, welcome and thank you for visiting.

We've come to the time where some beginnings have to end for a new thing to begin. 
Magulo ba? Hehe. Nope, the year 2008 is over, parating na ang 2009.

6 months ago, when we first started it, we thought it will just be for fun. A simple recognition to the many wonderful men and women, the modern heroes of our time, the Filipino expats and OFW's blogger. I never thought people will be so interested, and wanted to make it an annual awards. 

I am no Superman, there are many men and women, people so prominent and admirable, people so famous and yet humble and simple who helped me along the way. Without them, this will be useless, this event will not be so laudable and commendable. I will repeat what I have said a while ago, I am taking off my hat, in humble reverence and gratitude to the sponsors, the noble judges, the volunteers, the nominees and those who voted to the Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. 

Today, me and any Filipino's should stand with their head held high. Today, we recognize the talented expats and ofw bloggers from all walks of life who shares and makes a difference in their small and simple ways. Today, we present to you the 


NO. 10
Rhapsody, Dubai,UAE 
Picked 5 times to the Top 10 by the judges, Emelyn's blog is one the most visible blog in the sophisticated and state of the art haven-country of Dubai. It is also a blog fun to read, at the same time informative. Said one judges;  "It’s a nice blog. I think the blogger should not be shy for being nominated in this award. You deserve it."

NO. 9
Mumsified, Malaysia 
Josiet, a UP graduate stay-at-home-mom who loves to blog about her adorable son EJ is the Mumsified. Voted 4 times to the Top 10, one judges commented, "The blog layout is good and loads fast. Insightful posts also are a big plus…” another judge added “it embodies the way how Josiet shares her experience in KL."

NO. 8
Voted 4 times to the Top 10, judges says the Sari Saring Kulay is “a well read, just takes long to scroll the entire page…as another judge added” still has navigational problems but the contents are worth reading.”

NO. 7
Voted five times to the top 10, “You won’t simply get to bed and sleep without reading this blog,” one judges noted, another judge added, “The contents are worth reading.”

NO. 6
Picked once by a judge as the No. 1 Blog, and four times to the Top 10, Manilenya of Nalen Aguilar is a photo and fun blog. One judge chose Manilenya as No. 1 by citing "Nakakatuwa ang blog na to kasi masaya basahin ang mga experiences na sinusulat nya. Purely written in tagalog din, kaya kahit nasa abroad sya, di nya parin kinakalimutan ang sarili nating wika. Masaya ang mga karanasan, haka-haka at opinyon ng isang "bobang" pinay sa abroad."

NO. 5
Everlito's blog is Voted five times to the Top 10, and picked twice as No. 1 by two judges citing"Pamatay Homesick delights not only expats but pinoys all over the world with its light take on everything that comes out of the talented blog author’s mind.  He writes, he paints, he draws, he composes poems, he designs buildings, he is a stand-up comedian, etc.  He is one super OFW blogger.  I am so pleased to have encountered his blog." Another judge commented: "The blog is very conversational. It has a great appeal to readers for its approach"

NO. 4
Voted 5 times to the Top 10, twice as the No. 1 pick.  Cites by the judges “Though he is away from the country…Blog that must be read by OFW to be aware of what’s happening in our country’s socio-political situation.” “Highly research blog posts. (Well maybe it’s just his interest)” “Up to date on issues that concern Overseas Filipinos. Passionate and competent writing. Layout can stand improvement.”

NO. 3
The SandboxSaudi Arabia 
Voted 4 times to the top 10, Ed or Bloguvox of the Sandbox is No. 2 in the Blog Content, and picked twice as the No. 2 best blog. It is one of the most insightful and truly OFW blog especially the cartoons he himself make. Judges cites the Sandbox as "Expresses OFW emotions.  Effort to keep alive Filipino identity admirable."

NO. 2
Gigi Refugia, the woman behind the Pansitan.net is one of the most admired and respected blogger in the Pinoy blogging world. As a Filipina expats in the US, she is hosting expats bloggers worldwide through her Pansitan blogging portal. Voted 6 times to the Top 10, her blog is insightful, witty and real life stories. "I love the lay-out, and the content is good" says one judge. 

and the No. 1
(tantantaran..... drum roll please!)

Voted 7 times to the Top 10, twice as No. 1, three times as No. 2, and twice again as No. 3. 
As per the judges verdict,
His blog is No. 1 in the BLOG CONTENT
No. 1 in the Blog Element
No. 2 in the Visibility and Metrics
No. 4 in the Voting/Popularity category
No 1 in the Over All Judges Pick

Writing on AirAustralia
Meaningful and inspiring posts” “Brings out pride in being Filipino” “Writing on Air has depth and substance. Jim’s blog is brilliant and inspiring. His take on issues around the world and as well as personal experiences are culturally enriching as a Filipino. The lay-out and design is clean” Some of the judges notes about Jim Paredes blog.

SPECIAL AWARDS is given to the 

Rolly Marcial's blog is No. 1 in the Voting Popularity category. 

We will announced tomorrow the Best Blog by Region.
We will send the certificate and badges by email, and the full ranking will be posted later.

Thank you once again to all of you. Goodnite and God bless us all!



  1. congratulations to all winners!! happy new year too!! God bless us all!!

  2. Thank you Mimi, and Euroangel! I am honored for you and your friendship as well as being nominated in the PEBA!See you in 2009 PEBA!