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Thursday, May 20, 2021

5 Small but Most Beautiful House Designs of 3D KH Designs

There are many ways to make a small house look beautiful! If your house is well-designed, it will stand out from the rest, despite the size. 

In this post, we compile five small but most beautiful house designs created by 3d KH Designs. 

House Design No. 1 

A small house plan designed with two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The smaller two-bedroom home is prevalent nowadays due to smaller families and smaller average household size. 

A two-bedroom home that you can build in a home lot with 6.80 by 8.20 meters as minimum lot requirement needed. This one has a total floor area of 71 SQM while the estimated construction budget is $37,000.

Whether you are looking for designs for your first home or downsizing from a large family home, this one is a perfect consideration. A small house that's easy and compact with an extended terrace that may be perfect for you and your family.


House Design No. 2

A 3-bedroom home with neutral and earthy colors. Also with a decent amount of patterns and textures that focuses on empty open spaces as opposed to cluttering! Yes, our house number 2 is a modern design, and even though these are in 3D  rendering of what the house’s design could end up looking like, we still get a perfect picture of what to expect from this fresh modern dwelling. 

The total living area of this simple house design is 100 SQM floor area and with a minimum lot requirement of 8 by 12.50 meters. This house plan is composed of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen and dining area. The master's bedroom has its terrace for homeowners to spend time outside as an escape from the world!

The estimated construction budget of this house plan is $53,000.

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House Design No. 3 

With its clean design and soft colors, this modern and lovely house plan becomes a perfect choice for many as their dream home. 

This one is a three-bedroom home that is also considered as most popular among modern families as they provide a bedroom for each of parents and children, and extra room for guests!  In this house plan, the open design is followed in the social spaces – the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The master bedroom is set farthest from the social spaces to offer maximum privacy. 

One thing to consider as off-beat of this house plan is the shared bathroom while our favorite piece is the long and extended terrace that becomes a service area at the back.

You need at least 8.00 by 12.50 meters as a minimum lot requirement for building a house like this with 100 SQM.

 House Design No. 4

This beautiful facade designed by 3D KH Designs features a small but stylish house including the roof deck, the terrace area with the front door, and of course its overall appeal. This is a two-bedroom home with one bathroom in a 52 square meter floor area. 

This home model pictured above features windows of various sizes and adds appeal to the home's facade. It also brings in the warm sun rays of natural light, which ultimately freshens up the interiors. This house is perfect for your small rural home lot because you can build this in a 6.50 by 8.00 meters home lot as a minimum land requirement.

Since this one is a small house which means, small construction budget of $27,000.

House Design No. 5

If one-story houses are not your type, then you may consider this small two-story house plan with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a roof deck! For this house plan, a second floor will give your family more space to roam, which also means you will have more privacy. If you don't have a spacious home lot, you can save a lot of outdoor space by building up or with a two-story home.

Consider this small but beautiful one-story home that you can build in a 7.50 by 8.00 meters home lot as a minimum land requirement. This one has a total floor area of 106 square meters and the estimated construction budget is $55, 000.



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