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Friday, October 07, 2016



Saudi netizens defended the expatriates living and working in the Kingdom from an obnoxious and very offensive hashtag that  has been trending the whole day of Tuesday on Twitter.
The racist hashtag reads:“Deportation of Foreigners Is a National Request” earned a huge response from Saudi netizens including TV Producer Mohammed Al-Jubna.
“This campaign does not, and cannot, represent the Saudi people,” he said. “It simply creates bad feelings between Saudis and our brothers and friends from Arab, Muslim and non-Muslim countries,” he said.

“They are our brothers, especially the Arabs and Muslims. We cannot say that all expatriates are bad as many of them have contributed to the development of the Kingdom’s infrastructure and economy,”Businessman Faisal Al-Atawi said.Al Atawi pointed out that  through the expatriates diligence and hardwork,some of them reached top positions in different corporations and companies through hard work.“They do not just work as chief executives but also as street-cleaners; and they all contribute to the country’s progress,” he added.
He said some tasks simply could not be done without expats “because of the low wages some of the jobs pay.”

“These social media outlets provide anonymity to bigoted individuals,” “Those people use anonymous IDs to spew venom against different sections of society,”according to Saad Al-Malik.
General Intelligence Director Gen. Abdul Aziz Al-Howirmy supported Al-Malik's statement saying:“Their prime objective of these faceless troublemakers is to target the security and stability of the Kingdom.”He also warned Saudis and expats to take caution on false IDs on social media.
Raid Al-Otaibi praised the role of the expats for leaving their heart and their own home for a job in the Kingdom to give their family a decent living."Instead of asking for their deportation, we should welcome them to their second homeland,” he said.

Nasr Al-Omar reiterated that expats are brought by Saudis in the Kingdom to serve the country's best interest.
Some of them work for very low salaries, for wages that few Saudis would accept.

 "They are our brothers and our partners in progress. Many of them have educated us and our fellow citizens. The least we can do is to thank them,” Al-Omar said.

“Expats have been part of our society for many, many years and they have been loyal to our country. They should be treated with respect and dignity,” said Mohammed Al-Shehri.

He also questioned the origin of the racist and divisive hashtag and asked the authorities to investigate those who are guilty of it and take action against them.“It is the work of those who want to spread hate and sedition between Saudis and foreign workers,” he said.

One respondent to the hashtag asked:“Thousands of Saudis travel abroad every year. How would they feel if someone told them they were not welcome and slammed the door in their faces?”