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Monday, January 11, 2016


This report was posted in South China Morning Post.  
A domestic helper employed by the boss of major cosmetics chain Sasa was sentenced to two months in jail yesterday for stealing 61 luxury items worth more than HK$50,000. (around P300,000)
Irene Canonneo Gomera, a 34-year-old Filipino, pleaded guilty to theft charge at Kowloon City magistracy.
The charge said Gomera stole a range of items owned by Eleanor Kwok Law Kwai-chun at her residence on Island Road, near Repulse Bay, earlier this month.
The 61 items included a black Prada backpack, an orange Paul Smith handbag, a brown Gucci handbag, two pairs of shorts, six shirts, 12 pairs of socks, three bras and a box of hair wax.
It was Kwok herself who caught the helper stealing when she checked Gomera’s room with her secretary. The helper then admitted to police that she had stolen the items.
Kwok sacked Gomera immediately and all the items were returned.
Pleading for a lenient sentence, Gomera’s lawyer told the court that the helper, who had no previous convictions, was her family’s main breadwinner and she had a son and daughter.
The defendant was unmarried and her boyfriend had “suddenly disappeared”, the court was told. Kwok was the defendant’s first employer in Hong Kong, the lawyer added, and Gomera committed the crime out of greed.
It was the first time she had come into contact with such luxurious items and she did not intend to resell or pawn them.
The couple who owns Sasa Cosmetics
The lawyer added that it was unlikely the defendant would commit such a crime again since she could hardly get a job again in Hong Kong.