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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Philippines, No. 8 all over the world as Terrorist HotSpot!?

Padami daw ng padami ang bilang ng mga namamatay dahil sa mga pag-aatake ng mga terorista, ayun sa ranking report na isinagawa ng Maplecroft.

Ang mga bansa na extreme risk ayun sa kanila ay ang mga sumusunod:Iraq

Maplecroft's Terrorism and Security Dashboard found:
  • Twelve countries are classed as "extreme risk"; Iraq topped the list, followed by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Libya.
  • It also includes the growth economies of Nigeria, the Philippines, Colombia and Kenya.
  • Iraq, rated as the highest risk country, recorded more than three times as many acts of terrorism as Pakistan with 3,158 attacks resulting in 5,929 deaths - an increase of 2,188 on the previous year.
  • In Nigeria, the campaign of violence by Islamic militant group Boko Haram saw the country record the highest number of fatalities per attack, resulting in 3,477 killed - an average of 24 people killed per attack, compared to two deaths per attack in Iraq.
“Investor confidence in key sectors, including tourism and oil and gas, has been hurt,” Jordan Perry, a political risk analyst at Maplecroft, said in a statement, referring to turmoil in Libya, Kenya and Egypt. “When faced with rising security costs and decreasing safety for their personnel, companies can, and do, reconsider their country-level commitments.”

The report says investors may also want to monitor activity in Nigeria, the Philippines, Colombia and Kenya, all high-growth economies that fall into the “extreme risk” category.


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