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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Hostage Drama of Hong Kong Nationals in Manila that Turned Tragic

Actually, what I am really worried now are the OFW's especially in Hongkong and the Mainland.

A Horrific news thats swept the whole world.
Manila hostage crisis

Hongkong issued a SEVERE THREAT or almost equivalent to blacklist of the Philippines for its nationals to travel. With just 3 million tourist coming to the Philippines every year, what else should we do? We'll as usual, the 'heroes', the OFW's will be there to save the country from a terrible backlash that resulted from the incident today.

Former police officer takes hostages in Manila

Hong Kong's leader Donald Tsang criticised the handling of a hostage crisis in the Philippine capital on Monday.

"It is most regretable," said Tsang who appeared close to tears during a press conference. "The way it was handled, particularly the outcome, I find is disappointing," said Tsang.




I removed the content because it contains some gruesome images. Please go to the Youtube site to see it.



Hong Kong's leader Donald Tsang criticised the handling of a hostage crisis in the Philippine capital on Monday in which seven Hong Kong tourists were killed after police commandos stormed the bus they were held in for more than 10 hours. A gunman, identified as 55-year-old ex-police captain

Rolando Mendoza who was armed with an M-16 assault rifle, held 15 tourists hostage on a wide road in Manila's biggest park in the morning.
Two more hostages were seriously wounded.

"It is most regretable," said Tsang who appeared close to tears during a press conference. "The way it was handled, particularly the outcome, I find is disappointing," said Tsang.

Others in Hong Kong reacted with shock and some anger after what appeared to an ineffective rescue operation, with thousands glued to their television sets as live footage of the hostage drama played on local television for much of the day.

Such hostage incidents are extremely rare for residents of the financial hub and former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

Police commandos could be seen breaking the windows of the bus minutes after a series of gunshots were heard and the driver of the bus was seen running to safety.

The commandos then struggled repeatedly to smash their way into the bus for over half an hour. As they did so, further gunshots could be heard, causing the officers to duck down and take cover. After around an hour the gunman was eventually killed and the hostages freed.

"It's a tragedy and a farce," said Kevin Chan, a Hong Kong resident. "Why did it take them so long to get into the bus? They're not well disciplined and trained. Are they crazy?"

Another Hong Kong resident Sunny Ho said things could have been handled through calmer negotiations rather than brute force.

"It's really tragic, the Philippine police and government are totally incompetent. The government should have agreed to the request of the gunman and rescued the people first!" Ho said.

A batch of hostages including three children were earlier freed. "I hope the Philippines government can give me a full account of what happened," Tsang said.


President of the Philippines
On the hostage-taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand
[August 23, 2010]
With the rest of the Filipino people, I wish to offer our deepest condolences to the families of the victims whose lives were lost in the hostage situation at the Quirino Grandstand. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs has conveyed our deep feelings of sorrow to the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China and the people of Hong Kong through Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang. I have tasked Secretaries Soliman and Lim to provide everything necessary for the recovery and return home of the survivors. I have directed the fullest cooperation with the Hong Kong authorities on the part of our officials.
From the onset of this incident, the hostage-taker seemed to not be belligerent, as shown by the release of hostages. These were encouraging signs.
We were going to wait him out. The idea was to let the ground commanders who are the experts in this field handle the operation with minimal interference from people who are less expert.
But the situation deteriorated rapidly when, during the course of the negotiations, he was given the letter of the Ombudsman in which she promised to personally review his case. As he was reading the contents of the letter, while talking to an unknown individual on the phone, he became increasingly agitated.
The presence of his brother also added to the tension.
At this point, he threatened to kill a hostage. The police decided to remove the brother from the scene. As the negotiators were departing, the negotiators were shot at.
Media coverage of his brother being taken into custody further agitated the hostage-taker.
Shots were fired. They seemed to be warning shots, as there was no audible indication of tumult or chaos to show that the hostages were in immediate danger.
Nonetheless, the negotiators tried to reestablish contact the hostage-taker but they were unsuccessful as the cellphone of the hostage-taker was continuously busy. He also refused to answer the throw-phone provided for him by the authorities.
The escape of the driver, combined with his reports that the hostages were being harmed, forced the assault to happen. When the vehicle began to move, and with reports that he had hand grenades, a decision was made to immobilize the vehicle as it would have made the situation even more dangerous.
As we know, the incident tragically ended in the deaths of eight innocent civilians.
We expect more of the facts to come to light and I have ordered Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to thoroughly lead this review.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 (Updated)

I have been a big fan of Miss Janette Toral. Well, in fact, she is one of my mentor in founding PEBA AWARDS. She is also one of our most avid supporter when it comes to supporting OFW causes. She volunteered as a judge for two consecutive years, without asking anything in return. She has such a good heart, that she brought with her last 27th of December 2009, at the Philam Life Theater a box of her famous Blogging from Home book as freebies for the event. Thank you po, Miss Janette.

This is Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 writing project 4th year. I remember the first year when I first voted Avel Manansala, Kevin Ray Chua, and Jehzeel Laurente's blogs?

My Top 10 Emerging Influential blogs for this 2010 are:

Topping my list is the blog of Vince Golangco, a good friend of PEBA who volunteered as one of the host from last year's award, and who made that famous video, Top 10 things to spot a Filipino abroad. The success of his site is so phenomenal that he has currently 5,400 plus fans in Facebook.

Are you surprised NoBenta? This blog owner is the same PEBA OFW Division Nominee No. 1 for this year's contest. Love your own, so I love OFW's. hehe. But seriously, his blog, about the nineties, is so cool, for me, because this (90's) years are my 'survival' years. It brings back the memories.

Blogwatch is one of my best source of article about politics in the country. It features entries from bloggers around the country and around the globe. Actually, Kablogs entry calling for a responsible vote and peaceful election was featured there too.

Was initially launched to cover the first 100 days before the 2010 election. After election, it tackles the first 100 days of the newly elected President Aquino. After the 100 days, may I suggest that the site will tackle about 100 things that the administration has done for OFW's. Let's see how fast they can reach 100.

The techie guy in me wanted to support the techie blog out there! Anything about about TVs, laptops, cellphones, cars, and other electronic items and software. Okay, anything that my money will be spent, if I have money. Hehe.

A big supporter of PEBA for me, and a good movie schedule and a bit of a review blog, I feel embarrassed for not including Jay's blog here in my list, but anyway, better late than never. I am fascinated by his post and take about every new movies. It's a great resource, really.

Upon learning about my fellow general (hailed from Gen Santos City), Orman's blog Ganda Ever So Much is more about humor, fun, events, food, "everything under the sun and moon". It is a blog that was started nearly a year ago but is making a lot of ground, and influence in the blogosphere. So being my kababayan, and a wonderful blog, he is worth joining my list of Top 10.

8.  ATBP! [Around The Buzz Primetime!]

I have added the last in my list a blog by a good blogger friend Fjordan about entertainment news and showbiz blog. Fjordan is also a supporter of KABLOGS and PEBA for these long years. I actually subscribed to his RSS so I will be notified about the latest in Philippine showbiz. I've been too much politics for so long. Makichika naman.

9. Get Prettified

Why I like this blog? Well, currently I am working as a Senior Chemist in a cosmetic laboratory. And my wife insist I should add this site here in my Top 10 list. It is a blog about beauty, and fashion. And the items posted and presented are so familiar to me. I can even donate some photos of lotions, skin creams, perfumes, and hair creams, etc. hehe


Completing my list to Top 10 is a blog from a 17 year old IT student. The Dome is simply all about what Paolo love. Interesting topics from art to music to television to the internet to events to craziness. It has no certain niche, it can't be categorized like anybody else would think. It is not just a blogsite, it is everything under one roof, no, make it one dome. I like his style, and his blog. Sometimes, wondering how a 17 year old can do that...well. Wonder.

I would like all supporters of PEBA and KABLOGS to vote for this list of blogs by posting your own  Top 10 Emerging and Influential blog of 2010. Please include the any of the blogs above, and complete your list from the nominees here


Now do you know guys that PEBA is also conducting a contest for bloggers from the Philippines? Read more here!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Configure Internet Mobile Phone In the Philippines

We at the Thoughtskoto enjoyed chatting. In fact, me and my wife doesn't use the SMS that often. We used VOIP when we make a call. We use messenger or internet chatting when we send SMS. So even my wife is doing grocery at Trinoma in Manila, and I am testing the solids of the soap in my lab here abroad, we are chatting, it is not a text message or SMS, we can chat for hours, depends on the urgency.

There are good applications in the Philippines that your love ones can subscribed to. Smart have UZZAP and Globe have UnliCHat. My wife is subscribed to UZZAP, 10 pesos per day and she is online everyday in her mobile phone, for 24 hours! Well. except if she is not chatting in the laptop.

So here is the configuration settings depending on your mobile phones. All networks are covered here so it's a bit comprehensive. Walang kawala!


How to set your mobile in the Philippines with Smart, Globe and Sun Sim Cards


Halos lahat ng SMART BUDDY na SIM, may preloaded na Settings

To activate and download 3G/GPRS/MMS settings on your cellphone, text

SET [phonemodel] to 211.
Upon receiving the configuration settings, choose to “Save All” to save the settings on your phone.

To get a list of supported handsets, key in SET LIST to 211

But here is the step by step Guide

What are the standard Smart GPRS and MMS settings?

You may configure your phone's GPRS/MMS Settings using these information:

I. GPRS/WAP Internet Settings

Connection name: SMARTGPRS

Data bearer: Packet data

Access point name: smart1

User name: leave this blank

Prompt password: No

Password: leave this blank

Authentication: Normal

Homepage: http://wap.smart.com.ph

Network type IPv4

Phone IP address:

Name servers: Automatic

Proxy server address:

Proxy port number: 8080 or 9201

(differs from one handset model to another)

Default access point: SMARTGPRS

Data bearer: Choose GPRS

Access point: internet

User name: (leave it blank)

Prompt p’word: No

Password: (leave it blank)

Authentication: Normal

Homepage: http://wap.smart.com.ph

II. MMS Settings

Connection name : SMARTMMS

Data bearer:Packet data

Access point: mms

User name: leave it blank

Prompt password: No

Password: leave it blank

Authentication: Normal

Homepage :

Network type IPv4

Phone IP address:

Name servers: Automatic

Proxy server address:

Proxy port number: 8080 or 9201

(differs from one handset model to another)

Default access point: SMARTGPRS

Data bearer: Choose GPRS

Access point: mms

User name: (leave it blank)

Prompt p’word: No

Password: (leave it blank)

Authentication: Normal



Select which brand/model or unit do you use. Click the links below and you will get the Step-by-step guide to set your mobile phone to activate to internet.





A780E360 **V3
C300E380 **V690
C330E398V300 **
C380T720 **V80
E608 **V3XXA1200
V8Moto Q

other phones here


Sun Cellular have all the configuration you need here

Simply fill in the two blanks, your phone unit and model type and you will get an Excel file of Step-by step configuration of your mobile phone.