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Friday, June 12, 2009

Bring Honor to Us All (111th Independence Day Post)

In the afternoon of 12 June 1898 in the town of Cavite-Viejo, Filipinos gathered at the residence of General Emilio Aguinaldo to witness the first Philippine national flag unfurl as the San Francisco de Malabon Band played the Lupang Hinirang.

Reciting the Declaration of Philippine Independence, our people promised to support freedom “with our lives, our fortunes, and with our sacred possession - our honor.”


Pero teka, are we really independent?

Do we have the ability and the capacity to stand alone, defend and protect our sovereign - our people?

Do our people have that capacity, or in times of challenges or war, we still run to Uncle Sam?

Do some of our major international decisions are influenced by the superpowers?

I think we are still captive by the habits we inherit from our "mananakop",

I think we are still captive by the corrupt system that hinders our growth and progress as a society and as a country.

Philippines is a very beautiful and rich country.

Give me an honest law enforcers, give me an honest leaders in the government who serve the people and not just a few, and give me an honest Filipinos working in different entities who have no fear or regard of power, fame and money, and who honestly deals with everybody in the workplace. Give me Filipinos with just that one character, and I will give you a nation that thrives, and stands out to the world. I am not saying Filipino's are dishonest, I am saying collectively, it should start with us, then law enforcers and the bureacracy. There is just too much distrust in our leaders, and we have no one to blame but them.

I think one of the pride we have left for ourselves are the great Filipinos around the world who excels in every small and simple things they do. They truly as the Mulan song says,

"bring honor to us all."

(Bukas na po ang mga photos sa EB na nangyari kagabi, may mga napag-usapan po kami para sa pinakagrand EB na mangyayari sa SAUDI. Napakasaya po ng pagtitipon kagabi and we are so excited to post our pictures.)



  1. I-comment ko lang ung comment ko kay Tonio :D

    Sabi nga ni Bonifacio, "Mas gugustuhin ko pang maging bato kaysa makitang wala na ang kalayaang minsa'y ipinaglaban"

    Paulit ulit na lang kasi, taon taon nating sine-celebrate ang Araw ng Kalayaan ngunit di mo maramdaman na malaya na nga ang Pinas...

  2. Oist...ung GRAND EB for a CAUSE ah!!!Wag kalimutan Hehehe :D

  3. haha, opo cm, will not forget the grand Eb for a cause. musta pala pakikipagEb mo sa kay SELF dyans a Palau? Every day yata kau nagEEB eh, wahahah!

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Malaya na nga ba tayo? Sa isang banda, oo. Dahil hindi tulad ng iba, tayong Pilipino ay may laya sa pagsusulat, pagpili ng sariling relihiyon, sexual orientation, etc.

    Pero sa isang banda, hindi pa rin. Hindi pa rin tayo malaya sa kahirapan, corruption, masasamang gawi, etc.

    The bottom line is: let's maximize the freedom we have and let's move to achieve the freedom that we are yet to have.

    Happy independence day!

    (At bukas ko titingnan ang mala-Vogue kong poses. Hehehe).

  5. Very beautiful and very rich nga ang Philippines. Mayaman sa natural resources! o",)

    Maligayang pagdiriwang ng ika-111 na Araw ng Kalayaan!

  6. truly na mayaman ang bansa natin. sana ay magkaraoon na taoy ng matapat na leaders. not form of government that will change us but the people in it.

  7. ***Nebz

    natawa ako sa malaVogue na post ah! hehe. Pero right, we have some freedom that we truly appreciate unlike dito sa Saudi.


    Happy Independence din sau Doc RJ! What are the activities ng mga Phil Communities sa Aussie?

    Happy Independence day sau Jess. Totoo, maganda at mayaman talaga ang Philippines kahit walang oil, pag may magandang sahod sa Pinas pa rin ako magstay.

  8. aabangan ko ang pix ng EB nyo... pakilagay na rin po sa Ka-Blogs tambayan.. hehehehe!

    malinaw man at hindi ang kalayaan... 100 posyento man o hindeng nararamdaman...

    babatiin pa rin kita ng Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan.. kase Pinoy ka!!! ahihihihi!