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Saturday, August 02, 2008

7 Habits of Really Effective Shopper

Mrs. Thoughtskoto over Pink, Purple and Anything has this interesting post about shopping tips.

1. If you really want to save money for your grocery, you have to be familiar and aware how prices of products ranges from different grocery stores or super markets.

2. Be smart and consider your health, you've got to know what's in the food you are taking/eating.

3. Shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories gives me a chance to tour the entire mall or malls in the area.

4. Don't be an impulse buyer. Not all things on sale are cheap, some stores put mark up on prices before going on sale, and it doesn't make the price low.

5. Take time to ask the sales person about the product. If its an electronic, know where it was made, is the spare parts available in case you need it?

6. Brands does matter. Sometimes it can make your item expensive, but some brands are consumer tested and the quality is superb compared to other brands.

7. Sometimes it really takes more than one- store- visit to decide which one to buy, specially if you are buying something that costs a lot of money.

You should read the whole thing here, I just copied the first sentences. She has very wonderful posting about facial, foot spa, and wide variety of subjects about motherhood and stay at home mom's. Some pink, some purple, and yes, anything and everything!

If you like her post, please leave her a comment. She will jump in happiness if you do! Promise!



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