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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

He Sheltered His Girlfriend Who Was Pregnant, Now He Will Be Jailed And Fined


A Filipino who is permanent resident in Hong Kong was sentenced to six weeks in prison after he pleaded guilty to the charge of aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring the breach of condition of stay. 

Ramir S. delos Reyes' girlfriend was a domestic worker in Hong Kong but in July 2013 she showed up in his doorstep three months pregnant with his son. Out of concern for the safety of his girlfriend and his son he sheltered her.
“His girlfriend turned up at his door and she was already three months pregnant with his child. She had nowhere else to go,” the lawyer said.
Their plan was to surrender once she delivers the baby, but because she is breastfeeding they decided to hide for 18 more months.

In July 2015, delos Reyes decided that its time for his girlfriend to surrender so they can also register the baby.
Because of his failure to register the baby right after he was born, he was fined $1,000. The judge also sentenced him to two months in jail but after his appeal, the judge made consideration and reduced his jail term to 6 weeks.
“I have considered carefully all the grounds of your application. I give you the benefit of the doubt that you were the one who initiated your girlfriend’s (eventual surrender),” the judge said during the review hearing of Delos Reyes’ sentence on February 17.

His girlfriend will also be serving 14 weeks in jail for overstaying in Hong Kong for five years.


Monday, January 18, 2016


This report via Hongkong News
A judge has denied the bail petition of an overstaying Filipino domestic worker accused of aborting her baby and dumping it in a trash bin in North Point.

Read this: 


Eastern Courts Principal Magistrate Bina Chainrai turned down the petition for bail of Maribel D. Hernandez after government lawyers opposed it.
“Defendant, your application is refused,” Chainrai told Hernandez in court this morning (January 18).
Government lawyers opposed the bail petition due to the “seriousness” of the case against Hernandez, who was charged with “administering drugs to procure abortion” along City Garden Road in North Point on January 6.
A woman in Hong Kong who takes a drug to 

induce abortion can be fined and imprisoned up to seven years.
Hernandez had offered to post a $2,000 bail and to regularly report to the Wan Chai police station. She also said she would be staying with a friend in Causeway Bay.
However, prosecutors said the Filipino had admitted to the crime during police investigation and she had also overstayed since 2014.
“She had admitted and there is her overstaying status,” a government lawyer told the court.
And while her aborted baby has yet to be found, the drugs that she allegedly used for the abortion were found in her bag.
The police allegedly found Pfizer’s Cytotec Misoprostol tablets in her handbag. Cytotec is a drug known to induce abortion.
Chainrai earlier adjourned the case to March 7 for further investigation as the police were set to conduct “a DNA exam” and other tests.

Judge denies bail petition of FDH accused of aborting, dumping baby in trash bin



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Filipino Tourist in Hongkong Sentenced For Pickpocketing

A 52-year old Filipino tourist in HongKong had been sentenced to 17 months in prison after he was found guilty of pickpocketing atTsim Sha Tsui MTR station

Zhi Yu, a policeman from mainland China was touring Hong Kong with his wife and daughter in August. While at the MRT station with his family,  pickpockets took his waist bag that contains his mobile phone, cash, credit card, and other personal belongings worth over $10,000. According to Zhi, Roxas was one of those pickpockets who took his bag.

The Filipino, A.B. Roxas claims he was coerced by Hong Kong policemen to confess to the crime, and he also confessed to not know the other suspect who remains at large. Barrister Duncan Percy, Roxas’ lawyer, said the investigator who handled Roxas’ case told him during his interrogation to admit to the crime and “write it down.”But prosecution witnesses are straightforward and unshaken during the cross-examination. The two interpreters present during the interrogation—one Filipino and a Chinese— also testified in court that the policeman did not badger Roxas to confess.

Magistrate So Wai-Tak of the Kowloon City Magistrates’ Courts on December 15 said the prosecution was able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that A.B. Roxas was one of the two pickpockets. The judge also said Roxas made contradictory statements claiming that he was suffering from hypertension during the police interrogation but later admitted that he was not suffering from any physical condition that time.

According to report Roxas is from Cebu and he has a wife and 8 children in the Philippines.


Monday, January 11, 2016


This report was posted in South China Morning Post.  
A domestic helper employed by the boss of major cosmetics chain Sasa was sentenced to two months in jail yesterday for stealing 61 luxury items worth more than HK$50,000. (around P300,000)
Irene Canonneo Gomera, a 34-year-old Filipino, pleaded guilty to theft charge at Kowloon City magistracy.
The charge said Gomera stole a range of items owned by Eleanor Kwok Law Kwai-chun at her residence on Island Road, near Repulse Bay, earlier this month.
The 61 items included a black Prada backpack, an orange Paul Smith handbag, a brown Gucci handbag, two pairs of shorts, six shirts, 12 pairs of socks, three bras and a box of hair wax.
It was Kwok herself who caught the helper stealing when she checked Gomera’s room with her secretary. The helper then admitted to police that she had stolen the items.
Kwok sacked Gomera immediately and all the items were returned.
Pleading for a lenient sentence, Gomera’s lawyer told the court that the helper, who had no previous convictions, was her family’s main breadwinner and she had a son and daughter.
The defendant was unmarried and her boyfriend had “suddenly disappeared”, the court was told. Kwok was the defendant’s first employer in Hong Kong, the lawyer added, and Gomera committed the crime out of greed.
It was the first time she had come into contact with such luxurious items and she did not intend to resell or pawn them.
The couple who owns Sasa Cosmetics
The lawyer added that it was unlikely the defendant would commit such a crime again since she could hardly get a job again in Hong Kong.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

HongKong OFW: Employer Burned Her Back With Flat Iron Twice!

In a GMA News report: 
"An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who has been working in Hong Kong for less than a month has accused her employer of inflicting physical harm on her by burning her with a flat iron.

According to a report by GMA News stringer Corazon Amaya CaƱete, the 25-year-old OFW from Cagayan Valley, who is working as a domestic helper, has sought assistance from the police regarding her 85-year-old male employer.

She said on December 12, her employer asked her to give him a massage. However, the employer was not satisfied with her massage and pushed her.

Later, while the OFW was ironing her employer's clothes, the employer allegedly came to her, grabbed the flat iron, and burned the right side of her back with it. Seemingly not contented, the employer also placed the iron on the left side of her back.
The OFW said all she could do was cry. She said the pain prevented her from sleeping at night.
With the aid of her siblings, who are also working as domestic helpers in Hong Kong, the police got wind of her situation and are now investigating it."
Unfortunately, some countries may not be able to see this video below because the uploader has not made this video available to Saudi Arabia and other countries. 
source: GMA NEWS

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ordeal of Nanay Gloria Ortinez Because of Tanim Bala.

Narito ang detalyadong pangyayari sa buhay ng isang kapwa OFW na si Gloria Ortinez, kasambahay at 26 years ng...
Posted by PEBA, Inc. on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

4 Filipina Caught In Hongkong, Victim of Drug Syndicate?

Four Filipina, one of which is a dentist, were caught with 2.5 kilo of cocaine in Hongkong. The suspects are claiming they are only victim of syndicate that offered free tour and Php 35,000 cash.

The bags they were using are also given to them by the group (syndicate).
According to the records of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency  this was not the first time that the group traveled to Hongkong. 


Monday, August 23, 2010

A Hostage Drama of Hong Kong Nationals in Manila that Turned Tragic

Actually, what I am really worried now are the OFW's especially in Hongkong and the Mainland.

A Horrific news thats swept the whole world.
Manila hostage crisis

Hongkong issued a SEVERE THREAT or almost equivalent to blacklist of the Philippines for its nationals to travel. With just 3 million tourist coming to the Philippines every year, what else should we do? We'll as usual, the 'heroes', the OFW's will be there to save the country from a terrible backlash that resulted from the incident today.

Former police officer takes hostages in Manila

Hong Kong's leader Donald Tsang criticised the handling of a hostage crisis in the Philippine capital on Monday.

"It is most regretable," said Tsang who appeared close to tears during a press conference. "The way it was handled, particularly the outcome, I find is disappointing," said Tsang.




I removed the content because it contains some gruesome images. Please go to the Youtube site to see it.



Hong Kong's leader Donald Tsang criticised the handling of a hostage crisis in the Philippine capital on Monday in which seven Hong Kong tourists were killed after police commandos stormed the bus they were held in for more than 10 hours. A gunman, identified as 55-year-old ex-police captain

Rolando Mendoza who was armed with an M-16 assault rifle, held 15 tourists hostage on a wide road in Manila's biggest park in the morning.
Two more hostages were seriously wounded.

"It is most regretable," said Tsang who appeared close to tears during a press conference. "The way it was handled, particularly the outcome, I find is disappointing," said Tsang.

Others in Hong Kong reacted with shock and some anger after what appeared to an ineffective rescue operation, with thousands glued to their television sets as live footage of the hostage drama played on local television for much of the day.

Such hostage incidents are extremely rare for residents of the financial hub and former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

Police commandos could be seen breaking the windows of the bus minutes after a series of gunshots were heard and the driver of the bus was seen running to safety.

The commandos then struggled repeatedly to smash their way into the bus for over half an hour. As they did so, further gunshots could be heard, causing the officers to duck down and take cover. After around an hour the gunman was eventually killed and the hostages freed.

"It's a tragedy and a farce," said Kevin Chan, a Hong Kong resident. "Why did it take them so long to get into the bus? They're not well disciplined and trained. Are they crazy?"

Another Hong Kong resident Sunny Ho said things could have been handled through calmer negotiations rather than brute force.

"It's really tragic, the Philippine police and government are totally incompetent. The government should have agreed to the request of the gunman and rescued the people first!" Ho said.

A batch of hostages including three children were earlier freed. "I hope the Philippines government can give me a full account of what happened," Tsang said.


President of the Philippines
On the hostage-taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand
[August 23, 2010]
With the rest of the Filipino people, I wish to offer our deepest condolences to the families of the victims whose lives were lost in the hostage situation at the Quirino Grandstand. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs has conveyed our deep feelings of sorrow to the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China and the people of Hong Kong through Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang. I have tasked Secretaries Soliman and Lim to provide everything necessary for the recovery and return home of the survivors. I have directed the fullest cooperation with the Hong Kong authorities on the part of our officials.
From the onset of this incident, the hostage-taker seemed to not be belligerent, as shown by the release of hostages. These were encouraging signs.
We were going to wait him out. The idea was to let the ground commanders who are the experts in this field handle the operation with minimal interference from people who are less expert.
But the situation deteriorated rapidly when, during the course of the negotiations, he was given the letter of the Ombudsman in which she promised to personally review his case. As he was reading the contents of the letter, while talking to an unknown individual on the phone, he became increasingly agitated.
The presence of his brother also added to the tension.
At this point, he threatened to kill a hostage. The police decided to remove the brother from the scene. As the negotiators were departing, the negotiators were shot at.
Media coverage of his brother being taken into custody further agitated the hostage-taker.
Shots were fired. They seemed to be warning shots, as there was no audible indication of tumult or chaos to show that the hostages were in immediate danger.
Nonetheless, the negotiators tried to reestablish contact the hostage-taker but they were unsuccessful as the cellphone of the hostage-taker was continuously busy. He also refused to answer the throw-phone provided for him by the authorities.
The escape of the driver, combined with his reports that the hostages were being harmed, forced the assault to happen. When the vehicle began to move, and with reports that he had hand grenades, a decision was made to immobilize the vehicle as it would have made the situation even more dangerous.
As we know, the incident tragically ended in the deaths of eight innocent civilians.
We expect more of the facts to come to light and I have ordered Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to thoroughly lead this review.