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Monday, April 11, 2016


As of posting, the photos showing overseas Filipino's digging trash bins to survive in Tabarjal, North of Saudi Arabia near Al Gurayat generated 11,000 shares. It will take 17 to 28 hours from Jeddah, depending on your mode of transportation. They were deployed from Cebu branch by an agency from Manila.

Ganito napo ang gnwa namin d2 nmasura npo kame kah8 papanu may laman ung tyan nmen sna mkrating ito s kinaukolan pra matolongan kame???
Posted by Julito Alpie on Thursday, April 7, 2016

According to the comments, as we follow through the conversation. Each of them have unpaid salary amounting to at least P100,000 or equivalent to SR8,000. Photo's shown that they are able to take some disposed vegetables like carrots, egg plants, cucumbers and some watermelons in order to have food.

Latest photos from one of the distressed OFW said that there are donors who gave food such as rice, milk and canned goods. 

Image courtesy of Julito Alpie

Monday, December 14, 2015

OFW in Singapore Escaped: Reported She Had Been Starved For 15 Months By Her Employers

A couple in Singapore who were employing a Filipina domestic worker are on trial after being charged for failing to provide their employee with adequate food. 
Lim Choon Hong (right) and Chong Sui Foon, who failed to provide their former domestic worker with adequate food.ST PHOTO Credit: WONG KWAI CHOW

The OFW named Ms Thelma Oyasan Gawidan, 40 years old ran away on April 14, 2014. According to the report she was given two meals a day, with each ration consisting of instant noodles and a slice of bread. 

She used to weight 49 kilos in January of 2013, when she escaped in April last year she was only weighing 29 kilos, after working for 15 months she suffered a significant weight loss due to insufficient intake of food. She was then immediately taken and was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH).

She also claimed that she was made to sleep in a storeroom, and was allowed to bathe only once or twice a week, at a public toilet in her employer's condominium. Her employer would also watch her shower, as the latter "did not want her to bathe too long,". 
Filipino maid Thelma Oyasan Gawidan (above) dropped from 49kg to 29kg over 15 months as a result of her employers not giving her adequate food. ST PHOTO Credit: WONG KWAI CHOW

Ms Thelma also claimed that she was not allowed to brush her teeth.

If proven, her employers Lim Choon Hong (right) and Chong Sui Foon will both face a fine of up to $10,000, imprisonment of up to 12 months, or both.

Friday, October 09, 2015


From Arab Times: 

 Two Filipino household service workers (HSWs) working in the same household escaped from their employer and sought refuge at the Philippine Embassy shelter in Hateen area after enduring allegedly eight months of severe physical abuse from their female Kuwaiti employer leaving them with bruises and scars all over their body.
She allegedly abused them verbally, bit them, poked their eyes till blood oozed out, hit them with a broom, hose or other hard objects. Worst of all, she almost cut the tongue of one of the two HSWs and even inserted a small bottle filled with chili hot sauce and other spices into her private part...
When asked by the Arab Times, embassy case officer Mar Hassan denied the allegations of the two HSWs regarding the case settlement. “That’s not true. They might have taken everything out of context. I took them to the police station because the CID has been calling me so they can identify their employers. This is one of the legal procedures. I left the room because I was asked by the investigator to leave. Then it turned out that they have an absconding case so the police detained them I tried to talk to the police on duty but they won’t let them out. I even told them not to sign any Arabic paper and not to settle. We will fight for justice,” explained Hassan.
Read the whole news account here via Arab Times:

Video from ABSCBN News


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kwento ng Isang OFW Galing Bahrain Matapos Bugbugin At Sunugin Ang Mukha Ng Malupit Na Asawa

Anong latest? Nakadeactivate na ang account niya sa FB at wala ng balita kung anong nangyari kay kabayan? Maalalang nakausap namin at humingi ng tulong si kabayan sa atin.Sana maayos na ang kanyang sitwasyon.

Isang kahabag-habag na kwento tungkol sa sinapit ng isang OFW na nagtatrabaho sa Bahrain ang ating nakalap. 

Ang kwento ni kabayan at naipalabas na rin sa local news.  Ang ating kabayan, tunay na pangalan at Racedha Autor at ang kanyang asawa na si Jilvinson Bandivas Pagaling, ay sampung taon ng mag-asawa. Dalawang taon ang nakalipas ng nagpasya na mangibang bansa si kabayang Racedha, kung saan nagtrabaho sya sa Bahrain. Sa kasamaang palad, ang pera na ipinapadala nya para sa pamilya partikular para sa dalawa nilang anak ay winaldas lamang mister sa bisyo at kabit nito. Ang masaklap pa dito, nalaman ni kabayan na walang natira sa savings nya matapos syang magpakahirap na mawalay sa mga anak upang makapagtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Ang kanyang padala para sa mga anak, ay napunta at ginamit ng asawa na puhunan para sa pagbenta ng illegal na baril at sa kabit nito. Malungkot ang sinapit ng kanyang pamilya ngunit sinikap nya na maayos na makipaghiwalay sa kanyang mister alang-alang sa kanilang anak. Sa kanilang paghihiwalay, napagkasunduan nila na ibenta ang kotse na naipundar para magamit ang pera at makapag simula.

Ngunit ang akala ni kabayan na umpisa ng bagong buhay nya, umpisa ng mas masakit na pagpapahirap sa kanya ng kanyang asawa. Sa kanilang pagkikita para makaharap umano ang buyer ng kanilang sasakyan, ay bugbog at paso sa mukha at katawan ng mainit na kawali ang kanyang inabot sa malupit na asawa at sa kanyang brother-in-law na si Joel Francis Kane Pagaling . Habang binubugbog at pinaplantsa sya ng mainit na kawali ang kapati umano ay nagpadlock ng gate upang hindi sya makalabas at makahingi ng tulong. Makalipas ang 15 minutes ay tsaka laman nabuksan ang gate upang makalabas sya at makapunta sa hospital. Nagtamo sya ng 3rd degree burn.  

Sa kasalukuyan at nagpapagamot pa rin si kabayan, ang konting pera na dala nya ay naubos na sa gamot at hospital bills at nakapang hiram na rin sya. Humihingi sya ng tulong sa mga may mabuting loob. Narirrito po ang details ng kanyang bank account para sa mga gustong tumulong:

Nagsampa na ng kaso si kabayan ngunit hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin naaresto ang kanyang mister, hindi pa din daw kasi makapag issue ng warrant of arrest ang pulisya. Natatakot si kabayan sa pwedeng mangyari, dahil hanggang ngayon nakakatanggap pa rin sya ng pagbabanta mula sa asawa. At ayon sa kanya ang kanyang father-in-law ay retired Major ng Marine, at maraming koneksyon.  Sa kasalukuyan naghahanda si kabayan sa hearing nya sa Feb 16 sa Pasig City Hall. Dahil ang court pa daw ang magdedesisyon kung bibigyan ng arrest warrant ang asawa na nambugbog at sumira sa kanyang kinabukasan.

Dahil na rin sa social media, nakita natin na nagpost ang nanay ni kabayan ng picture ng kanyang larawan. Makikita ang mga bakas ng paso at sugat ngunit mukhang masaya na si kabayan.

Sana'y tuluyan ng ngang makarecover sa dagok ng buhay na ito ang isa nating kapwa OFW. 


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Filipina In Dubai Pleaded Guilty Of Forging UAE Visas Of Fellow Filipinos

We often hear of OFWs being abused. When living abroad as OFW, it would always be nice to know another Filipino whom we can trust. But what would you do if you sought for the help of a fellow Filipino only to find out later that the person you have trusted has swindled you. 

A 25 year old Filipina working in Dubai as travel consultant was reported to have embezzled DH64,000 or approximately Php774,000.

She pleaded guilty and told judge Ezzat Abdul Lat at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday, “Yes, I forged the visas and took the money for myself,” 

The Filipina travel consultant managed the forging by printing out the authentic visa forms obtained from Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs online system. She made several photocopies and tampered the tourists details before sending it to potential tourists- who thought that they were getting valid/ authentic visas. 

Her employer learned of the forging she has done when two Filipino victims called their office to complain about the forged visas they received. 

When her employer confronted her she admitted that she forged the visas as well as the receipts on file to cover up what she was doing. 

The ruling on her case will be heard on May 28. 



Saturday, May 05, 2012

Project Salmos and Operation: Let's Bring Mang Fred Home!

Let’s Bring Mang Fred Home!

Alfredo Salmos, 52, an overseas Filipino worker in Jeddah Saudi Arabia is appealing for help after he was accidentally electrocuted about two years ago in his work. According to Salmos, he was sucked into a 14,000 volts breaker that he was trying to shut down.
PEBA Worldwide launched a Project Salmos to appeal for global support and monetary donations with the consolidated efforts of the different organizations in bringing home our brother, our kabayan, ALFREDO ‘Mang Fred’ SALMOS. 

 PEBA's Kenji along with ABS-CBN Correspondent Frank Resma, and Marlene of Lakambini Group, Roy and Aaron of Elite Guardians, and Patnubay Riyadh and the owner of La Parilla Restaurant in a roundtable meeting to help Mang Alfredo Salmos. 

PEBA has been engage in several project before, Project Twitch, Project Nealshai, and now we are starting Project Salmos. There are many, oh so many good people working behind the scene for Mang Alfred. We are activating our contacts from 56 countries and territories and asking to solicit donation and engage causes to help this Kabayan. If you wish to be a part of PEBA's Global effort to help, please message us using the FB message above. We will consolidate all donations into one account, preferably in a foundation. We hope you will share and reach out to others and hope to touch their heart as well. 

Support the
For donations and details, please contact or email