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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Overseas Workers, Welfare Administration (OWWA) is urging every Overseas Filipino Workers to register and become active members of the agency to get benefits, not only for themselves but also for their dependents of families.
Overseas Workers, Welfare Administration (OWWA) is urging every Overseas Filipino Workers to register and become active members of the agency to get benefits, not only for themselves but also for their dependents or families.

According to OWWA Region-10 Director Roselle Bartolome, an active member of OWWA can enjoy benefits such as livelihood projects, scholarship for their children and many others.

Registered and an active member also becomes the priority of the government.

While those who are inactive, they do not get anything from the government.

(WATCH:OWWA Member Ka na ba?)


With a membership fee of US$25.00, an OFW is entitled to the following benefits and services:

1. Social Benefits

An OWWA member is provided with the following benefits within the duration of their contract (per contract basis, with maximum of 2 years contract)

A. Disability and Dismemberment Benefits - A member is entitled to disability/dismemberment benefit of up to P100, 000.00 for injuries sustained due to an accident while working abroad. Qualified are active OWWA members


  • Foreign medical certificate
  • Medical certificate issued by the local attending physician with medical examination procedure. (e.g X-ray, MRI, CT Scan)
  • Accident Report/Master’s Report for sea-based OFW

B. Death Benefit. The family of an active OFW at the time of his death is entitled to receive P100, 000.00 if the cause of death is natural, and P200, 000.00 if the cause of death is an accident. On top of the death benefit, a rider of P20, 000.00 will be received by the beneficiaries for the funeral expenses. Qualified are beneficiaries of active OWWA member.

  • Original Death Certificate issued by the local civil registrar or authenticated by National Census and Statistics Office (NCSO)
  • Foreign Death Certificate for OFWs who died abroad including Airway Bill and Consular Mortuary Certificate or No Objection Certificate
  • Accident Report for death due to accident
  • Burial permit
  • Official receipt of funeral expenses
  • 2 valid IDs and 1 pc. ID picture of claimant
  • Certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) of OFW from NCSO (if OFW is single)
  • Any of the applicable documents certified by local civil registrar (LCR) or NCSO
  • Marriage certificate- if claimant is the spouse
  • Birth certificate of OFW- if claimant is father or mother
  • Birth certificate of child and death certificate of deceased spouse – if claimant is the child
  • Affidavit of undertaking executed by claimant (Police report if death is due to accident)
In the absence of Birth/Marriage Certificate, the following must be submitted:

  • Certificate from Local Civil Registrar that fact of birth/marriage is not recorded in the civil registry
  • Baptismal/marriage certificate certified by the Parish Priest/Office
  • Affidavit of 2 disinterested persons regarding fact of birth/marriage and claimant’s relationship to the deceased, with photocopy of their 2 valid IDs
(WATCH:Mga serbisyo ng OWWA para sa OFWs)

2. Education and Training Assistance


a. Country Specific Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) – The one-day PDOS is a compulsory orientation to OFWs in adapting or adjusting to the work environment as well as to the culture of their country of destinations. Its primary objective is to provide OFWs with the means to cope with their new work environment especially during their first few months of working abroad. The 1-day PDOS is attended by all workers (all skills) prior to their deployment abroad.

b. Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) - The CPDED is either a four or six-day orientation seminar attended by Household Service Workers (HSWs). The CPDEP is jointly conducted by accredited NGO PDOS providers and OWWA. The NGO-accredited PDOS providers administer the PDOS on the first day, while OWWA handles the language, culture and stress management sessions on the succeeding days.

(WATCH:OWWA Programs & Services)

1. Seafarer’s Upgrading Program (SUP)

The program intends to provide job-related training in upgrading the knowledge, skills and develop expertise among Filipino seafarers in accordance with technological advancements and global maritime standards. It is in the form of financial assistance with OWWA assuming the training cost as prescribed in the existing implementing guidelines. The applicant may choose his/her preferred training course accredited by Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) or Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) from the list of OWWA recognized Training Providers where he/she intends to enroll. Training assistance is P7,500.00.

Seafarers with valid OWWA membership contribution at the time of application shall be entitled to avail of SUP under any of the following condition:

  • Subsequent entitlements every three (3) recorded payments of OWWA membership contribution
  • Single contribution for first time availment
For subsequent availments, applications may be filed within 90 days from the date of the last arrival to the Philippines/on vacation or following the expiration of his employment contract.

Documentary Requirements:

  • Proof of OWWA membership
  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Seafarer’s Identification & Record Book and/or Passport (valid original copy)
  • 2”x2” Photo (2 copies)


a. Education for Development Scholarship Program (EDSP)*

The EDSP is a scholarship grant offered to qualified beneficiaries/dependents of active OWWA members who intend to enroll a 4-5 year baccalaureate course in any preferred colleges/universities. It shall be in the form of financial assistance amounting to a maximum of P60,000.00 per school year.


  • The scholarship grant is only provided once per family of an active OWWA member –OFW
  • The dependent applicant must not be a recipient of any other scholarship grants
  • The dependent-applicant has not previously taken the EDSP qualifying examination and any post-secondary/vocational or undergraduate/college units
  • The member-OFW must have an active membership with OWWA at the time of the application.
  • The dependent-applicant must not be more than 21 years of age
  • The dependent-applicant must have an average grade of at least 80% and belongs to the upper 20% of the 3rd year/high school graduating class
  • The dependent-applicant must pass the qualifying examination conducted by DOST and belongs to the top 200 examination passer
  • The dependent-applicant must pass the College Admission Test of the university he/she intends to enroll
Filing of EDSP Application

1. Filing of application starts every June of each school year. Deadline for submission of application is every first week of August of each year or as prescribed by ROCS based on the scheduled qualifying exam conducted by DOST

2. An applicant must be 4th-year high school student and belongs to the graduating class at the time of the application

3. Application with incomplete documentary requirements will not be accepted

4. Applications are subject to review and further verification as to the documentary requirements submitted

5. Application approval only identifies applicants who are qualified to take the national competitive exam conducted by DOST. Examinees who belong to the top 200 passers will qualify for the scholarship

*Suspended due to the K To 12 Program. Will resume in School Year 2018-2019

(WATCH:How to avail the OWWA Scholarship)

b. OFW Dependent Scholarship Program (OFWDSP)*

The OFWDSP is an educational assistance to qualified dependents of active OWWA-member-OFWs who intend to pursue any 4 or 5-year baccalaureate degree or associate degree in-state college or university. The scholarship shall be in the form of financial assistance of P20,000.00 per year. Scholarship program to a dependent of OFW whose income is not more than US$400.00.

Every year, a total of 1,250 scholarship slots are allocated.

Qualified Beneficiaries:
  • Legal dependents of an active OWWA member-OFW whose monthly salary is US$400 or below
  • Legal dependent refers to only 1 child of married or single or only 1 sibling of member-OFW
  • Qualified legal dependent must be single and not more than 21 years old
  • He/she must be a high school graduate, physically, mentally and morally fit
  • He/she must pass the entrance examination conducted by state college/university in OWWA Regional Offices where she intends to enroll
  • The dependent-applicant must not be a recipient of any other scholarship grants
Each OWWA active member is entitled to only 1 scholarship beneficiary

OFW couples who are both eligible for the program shall be entitled to only 1 scholarship slot

Eligible OFW dependent who are previous availees of the EDSP and CMWSP are no longer qualified under the ODSP

*Suspended due to the K To 12 Program. Will resume in School Year 2018-2019

c. Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program (CMWSP)*

The CMWSP is a scholarship program extended to deserving migrant workers and/or their immediate descendants who intend to pursue 4 or 5-year courses in the priority fields of Science and Technology. It was created by virtue of Republic Act 8042, otherwise known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995. under section 37, Article lX. Educational assistance is P60,000.00/year funds from the PCSO. The examination is administered by DOST. 100 passers qualify to the program. EDSP and CMWSP have the same date of examinations.

Documentary Requirements for both EDSP and CMWSP are the same

*Suspended due to the K To 12 Program. Will resume in School Year 2018-2019

d. Educational Livelihood Assistance Program (ELAP) - Scholarship for the dependents of OFWs who were active OWWA members at the time of death. Only one child, usually the eldest child of member-OFW is given scholarship grant.
  • P5,000- allowance for elementary
  • P8,000.00- allowance for high school
  • 10,000.00- allowance for college
The surviving spouse, if the OFW member was married or the mother/father if the OFW was single, will also receive a livelihood assistance of P15,000.00

Important educational requirements are proof of OWWA membership by the OFW; proof of relationship to OWWA member by the beneficiary


a. Skills-for-Employment –Scholarship Program (SESP)

It is in the form of training assistance with OWWA assuming the training cost in vocational/technical courses accredited by TESDA and other government institutions as prescribed in the existing implementing guidelines. Financial assistance is P14,500.00. The applicant may choose his/her preferred training course from the list of OWWA recognized Training Providers where he/she intends to enroll. Eligible to avail are member-OFWs and beneficiaries. 

The applicant must be:

An active OWWA member or a dependent/beneficiary of an active OWWA member. Member-OFW dependent/beneficiary shall be limited to :

  • Spouse
  • Child 20 years old and below (not currently enrolled)
  • Sister or brother of single OFW 20 years old and below (not currently enrolled)
  • A Filipino citizen
  • At least elementary graduate

  • Important documentary requirements include proof of OWWA membership for member and proof of relationship to OFW-member, if dependent/beneficiary
  • One (1) OWWA Membership contribution is applicable to one (1) SESP benefit; succeeding availment needs three (3) additional membership contributions
b. Information Technology (IT) Training Program

This computer literacy program provides OFWs and their families training and access to technology intended to bridge the communication gap between the OFW and his/her family and allow them to communicate with each other through the internet. The program also aims to upgrade their IT skills

(WATCH:OWWA offers livelihood programs to repatriated Filipinos)

Workers Welfare Assistance Program 

On-site Assistance and services - Assistance extended to OFWs at the job sites by the Philippine Overseas Labor Officials:
  • Assistance on OFW’s whereabouts
  • Psycho-social counseling
  • Mediation/conciliation with employer
  • Airport assistance
  • Hospital/prison/work camp visitations
  • Legal assistance to OFWs who wish to pursue labor/welfare case against their employer in the host country
In –Country

Assistance extended to OFWs/families here at the homefront

Requests from families and next-of-kins (NOKs) for assistance from OWWA overseas posts

Post-repatriation assistance
  • Temporary shelter at OWWA Halfway House
  • Transportation allowance to their provinces
  • Stress Debriefing/ Counseling
  • Referral
Social Services and Family Welfare Services

a. Repatriation Assistance Program

The program provides services including negotiations with employers, agents, and host country authorities to facilitate the immediate repatriation of OFWs who are distressed or physically/mentally ill, and of human remains. They are accorded airport assistance, temporary shelter at the OWWA Halfway Home, psycho-social counseling, stress debriefing, and provision of transport services or fares for their onward travel to their respective provinces. Emergency repatriation is carried out in the event of political unrest or natural calamities.

OFWs, regardless of their OWWA membership can avail of the Repatriation Program

b. Reintegration Program.

Reintegration is a way of mainstreaming returning OFWs into Philippine society.

Reintegration (in-country). Offers livelihood opportunities to OFWs who have finished contracts and have no wish to go back to work abroad. On the other hand, reintegration program is also offered to distressed OFWs by way of self-employment or livelihood project as a means of income-generation for the family even after their overseas employment. 

Balik-Pinas! Balik-Hanapbuhay! Program

This is a non-cash livelihood support/assistance intended to provide immediate relief to returning member-OFWs, active or non-active who are displaced from their jobs due to war/political conflicts in host countries or policy reforms controls and changes by the host government or are victims of illegal recruitment and/or human trafficking or other distressful situations. The program is a package of livelihood assistance amounting to TEN THOUSAND PESOS (P10,000.00) maximum consisting of a. techno-skills and/or entrepreneurial training and b) starter kits/goods and/or c) such other services that will enable the target beneficiaries to quick start a livelihood undertaking through self/wage employment.

Eligible beneficiaries- OWWA members, active or non-active. OWWA members with finished employment contracts are not entitled to this Program. The program can be availed only once by eligible beneficiaries and within one year after return to the country.

(WATCH:Bandila: Hanggang P2-M na pautang, naghihintay sa mga umuwing OFW)

Overseas Filipino Workers – Enterprise Development and Loan Program (OFW-EDLP)

OFW-EDLP, formerly known as OFW-Reintegration Program (ORP), is an enterprise development intervention and a loan facility of OWWA, in partnership with Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) and the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) intended to support enterprise development among OFWs and their families.

Eligible borrowers:
  • OFW who is a certified OWWA member, active or non-active
  • Has completed Enhanced Entrepreneurial Development Training (EEDT)
  • OFWs working abroad, or about to leave may be presented by the following:
  • If OFW is married, by the legal spouse
  • If OFW is single, widow, widower, or separated-in-fact:
  • Parents not more than sixty (60) years old
  • Children who are at least eighteen (18) years old
Eligible Projects:

  • Franchising business
  • Contract tie-up with top 1000 corporations;

Agri and non-agri production/manufacturing
  • Construction/rental business
  • Service/trading business
  • Transport service
  • Any viable project whether existing or new

The enterprise should generate a cash flow sufficient to pay the projected amortization of the loan

Interest Rate: 7.5% per annum for the entire duration of the loan

Loan Purpose: Working Capital and Fixed Asset Acquisition

Loan Repayment:

Short-Term- max of one (1) year;

Term Loan: based on cash flow but not to exceed 7 years, inclusive of maximum of 2 years grace period.



Sunday, July 10, 2016

OWWA And PhilHealth Launches New MEDPLUS Program For OFWs

Another hooray for OFWs for their personal health insurance or public health insurance for their families!
The Vice President for Corporate Affairs Group of

PhilHealth, Dr. Israel Francis Pargas announced the recently launched program for Overseas Filipino Workers - the OWWA ad PHILHEALTH OFW MEDPLUS.

 Bandila also reported it here in this video news below.


OFW MedPlus is a program worked together by OWWA (Overseas

Workers Welfare Administration) and PhilHealth which provides health assistance and medical health benefit for  OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker)  in case they are confined in hospitals abroad.

Aside from the OFW, this assistance can also be availed by the OFW's qualified dependent/s in the Philippines. 
Dr. Pargas further explained, “…it’s a benefit for our active members and PhilHealth members na kung sila ay mao-ospital or maco-confine due to a dreaded disease,[mayroong] on top of [that] na ibibigay ang OWWA as a benefit doon sa ating mga members…This is a 50,000-peso benefit para sa mao-ospital na mga active OWWA and PhilHealth members. So on top of that na binibigay ng PhilHealth, sila ay bibigyan pa rin ng 50,000 [pesos]… although this is for one time financial incentive...”

Requirements For The OFW MedPlus

According to Dr. Pargas, for OFWs to be able to avail the said

benefit, they should qualify to the following:

1. The Overseas Filipino Worker should be an active OWWA and PhilHealth member.

2. The identified illness must be under the category of “dreaded” disease.

3.  The annual benefit limit from PhilHealth hasn’t consumed.

4.   The health care facility where confined is accredited.

Process for Filing Claim Forms

If confined abroad, the Overseas Filipino member should provide

their claim forms (which is also known as PhilHealth Claim Form 1) together with the medical record (or operation record if operation is performed) and Statement of Account. Within 180 days from the date of discharge, it should be sent either via overseas courier or e-mail to the PhilHealth Office or any Local Health Insurance Office nearest to the member.

On  the other hand, if the OFW or his qualified dependent is confined in the Philippines, claim form (PhilHealth Claim Form 1) must be neatly filled out and submitted to the Billing Section of the accredited hospital before the date of  discharged.



Dr. Pargas plainly discussed that the two departments

provided an amount of nearly 150 Million Pesos for this year only. This is favourable to all our OFWs and their families in case of emergency for medical health insurance benefits. Hopefully, this program could help and assist thousands of OFWs across the globe who may have health issues. 




Also, you may inquire at their respective offices for further clarifications or you may watch the video segment of "Ikonsulta Mo" in which OFW MedPlus is discussed. Here's the video:

Go to time
1:22:37 - Ikonsulta Mo: Philhealth OFW MEDplus


Sunday, May 15, 2016



Senator Sonny Angara has hailed the signing into law of a bill that institutionalizes and strengthens the government's support to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families by introducing reforms to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).


Senator Sonny Angara has hailed the signing into law of a bill that institutionalizes and strengthens the government's support to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families by introducing reforms to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

"Nagpapasalamat po ako sa ating Pangulong Aquino at sa ating mga kasamahan sa Senado at Kongreso sa pagpasa ng batas na ito na naglalayong palakasin ang mandato ng OWWA upang mas matugunan ang mga pangangailangan ng ating mga dakilang OFW at ang kanilang mga pamilya," said Angara, acting chairman of the Senate labor committee and sponsor and one of the authors of the new OWWA law.

Under Republic Act 10801, OWWA is declared as a national government agency and an attached agency of the Department of Labor and Employment, and would now receive government funding instead of relying solely from the contributions of its OFW members.
The recently enacted law also mandates greater representation of OFWs in the OWWA Board of Trustees by increasing the number of representatives from the OFW sector from the present three to five (two from land-based OFWs, two from sea-based OFWs and one from the women sector) while representatives from the government will be reduced from seven to six.
"As the principal agency of the government that serves and promotes the rights, interest and welfare of OFWs and their families, the composition of the OWWA Board of Trustees must be reformed to really represent the OFW sector. Sa ilalim ng batas na ito, higit nang mabibigyan ng boses ang ating 2.4 milyong OFWs sa kung saan mapupunta ang pondo ng OWWA at sa kung anong programa at serbisyo ang dapat bigyang prayoridad at lalo pang paigtingin," Angara said.
RA 10801 further boosts the government's capacity to assist migrant workers who lost their jobs by making the reintegration of OFWs one of the core programs of OWWA, which will be funded with not less than 10 percent of the total collection every year.

The reintegration program includes granting of loans and other financial support, trainings on financial literacy, entrepreneurial development, techno-skills, business counseling as well as job referrals for both local and overseas employment.

WHAT ARE YOUR OWWA Benefits And How To Avail Them?

The new law also seeks to ensure transparency in the utilization and management of the OWWA funds, and mandates the OWWA to maintain an interactive website to collect OFW feedback, comments, suggestions and complaints on existing programs and services.
"Gaano man kalayo ang mga OFW sa ating bansa, nais nating iparamdam sa kanila, sa pamamagitan ng batas na ito, na mayroon tayong gobyerno na nakikinig at agad tumutugon sa kanilang mga hinaing at problema. We should better equip and strengthen the OWWA so it can truly fulfill its special duty of developing and implementing welfare programs and services that respond to the needs of its member-OFWs and their families," Angara said.


SEC. 34. Guiding Principles. – Pursuant to its mandate, the OWWA shall provide gender-responsive reintegration programs, repatriation assistance, loan and credit assistance, on-site workers assistance, death and disability benefits, health care benefits, education and skills training, social services, family welfare assistance, programs and services for women migrant workers and other appropriate programs that provide timely social and economic services.
Nothing in this Act shall be construed as a limitation or denial of the right of an OFW to avail of any benefit plan which may be adopted in the employment contract, or offered voluntarily by employers, or by the laws of the receiving country, over and above those provided under this Act.
SEC. 35. Benefits and Services to OFWs. –
(a) Reintegration of OFWs.  The reintegration of OFWs, taking into consideration the needs of women migrant workers, shall be one of the core programs of the OWWA. In this regard, and for purposes of policy and program coordination, the National Reintegration Center for OFWs created under Republic Act No. 10022 shall be an attached office of the OWWA. It shall be headed by an Executive Director who shall be under the supervision of the OWWA Administrator.
To be able to sustain the viability of this program, not less than ten percent (10%) of OWWA’s collection of contribution for the immediately preceding year shall be allocated annually for the reintegration program,
(b) Repatriation Assistance. – Consistent with the provisions of Republic Act No. 8042, as amended, the OWWA shall assist the Department of Foreign Affairs in providing OFWs with services necessary to facilitate repatriation, as may be required.
(c) Loan and Other Credit Assistance. – The OWWA shall provide low-interest loans to member-OFWs. It shall have the authority to hire experts in finance or banking to assist in implementing the said loan programs.
(d) Workers Assistance and On-site Services. – The OWWA shall sustain and maintain assistance to member-OFWs in all its overseas and regional offices. Services shall be gender-responsive and shall include information regarding the names, occupation/job categories and addresses of the member-OFWs; legal assistance providing guidance and information on protection of migrant rights, including the prevention of gender-based violence; developing materials for the predeparture orientation seminars; conducting psycho-social counseling services; conciliation services; appropriate services and intervention for victims of gender-based violence, and outreach missions, among others. The OWWA shall likewise make competent representations with employers, agents, and host government authorities to assist member-OFWs in obtaining relief from grievances and work-related issues, including claims for unpaid wages, and illegal recruitment cases among others.
(e) Social Benefits. – A member-OFW shall be covered with the following social benefits:
(1) Death and Disability Benefits:
(i) Death Benefits. – A member shall be covered with life insurance for the duration of his or her employment contract. The coverage shall include one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) for natural death and two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000.00) for accidental death;
(ii) Disability and Dismemberment Benefits. – Disability and dismemberment benefits shall be included in a member’s life insurance policy, as provided for in the impediment schedule contained in the OWWA Manual of Systems and Procedures. The coverage is within the range of two thousand pesos (P2,000.00) to fifty thousand pesos (P50,000.00);
(iii) Total Disability Benefit. – In case of total permanent disability, a member shall be entitled to one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00); and
(iv) Burial Benefit. – A burial benefit of twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00) shall be provided in case of the member’s death.
Based on actuarial studies, the Board may increase the amount of the abovementioned benefits.
(2) Health Care Benefits. – Within two (2) years from the effectivity of this Act, the OWWA shall develop and implement health care programs for the benefit of member-OFWs and their families, taking into consideration the health care needs of women as provided for in Republic Act No. 9710, or the Magna Carta of Women, and other relevant laws.
(3) Education and Training Benefits. – A member, or the member’s designated beneficiary, may avail any of the following scholarship programs, subject to a selection process and accreditation of participating institutions:
(i) Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program. – For technical or vocational training scholarship;
(ii) Education for Development Scholarship Program. – For baccalaureate programs; and
(iii) Seafarers’ Upgrading Program. – To ensure the competitive advantage of Filipino seafarers in meeting competency standards, as required by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions, treaties and agreements, sea-based members shall be entitled to one upgrading program for every three (3) membership contributions.
The annual scholarship lists of all these programs shall be submitted to the Board.
SEC. 36. New Programs, Interactive Website and Extension of Services. – The OWWA shall continue to develop and implement new programs to meet new OFW needs and requirements as they arise, and to assess the effectiveness of existing services and benefits in serving the welfare of OFWs.
The OWWA shall also maintain an interactive website to collect OFW feedbacks, comments, suggestions, and complaints on existing programs and services.
The OWWA may also extend appropriate programs or services to non-members, as may be determined by the Board.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

List of OWWA Benefits For OFWs Killed In Iraq Fire

There were thirteen (13) OFWs killed due to the fire in Iraq, but only four (4) among them will receive OWWA benefits. According to OWWA the other nine OFWs will not receive any benefits since they are not active members.

 One of the victims was found to be undocumented and therefore does not have active membership. According to the mother of the deceased, she tried to contact the agency that deployed her daughter but it was already closed. Her OWWA payment has not been paid and they are not entitled to claim any insurance benefit

The OWWA benefits that the families of the four OFWs will receive are the following:

OWWA membership entitles an OFW to certain insurance benefits like, death insurance, burial assistance, and livelihood programs. However OWWA contribution can only be valid for two years, and OFWs needed to pay again to make sure that their OWWA contribution is up to date and they have insurance coverage while working overseas. OFWs overseas can pay for their OWWA through the nearest Philippine consulate, or embassy in their area.


Tuesday, December 08, 2015

How To Apply: OWWA Scholarship For OFWs and Dependents SESP

Last 2014, there were 220 scholars who took advantage of the SESP program in OWWA Regional Welfare Office of Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) , out of these, 155 already graduated for the year 2015. Of those who graduated in CAR, 69 are OFWs, 74 of which are spouses of OFWs, and 47 are siblings and dependent children of OFWs. 

What is Skills for Employment Scholarship Program (SESP)?
This is scholarship for  short-term training program with a maximum value of Php 14,500.00 per course leading to the completion of a vocational or technical course in any school accredited by TESDA.
Who can avail this scholarship?
Active members of OWWA like:
* vacationing OFWs or (landbased and seabased)
finished contract workers but are still active member of OWWA.

* Qualified dependents of an OFW can also take SESP
                1.      Spouse of an OFW
2.     Child not older than 21 years old 
3.      Brother/sister not older than 21 years old of an unmarried OFW

Why take the program?
By taking additional vocational and technical courses, the knowledge and skills of an OFW is enhanced giving them advantage and additional credential which may be necessary for their work overseas. This education credential could lead an OFW to qualify for a  promotion or much better job function. 

How to apply for  this scholarship?
To apply for the scholarship you may download and fill up the scholarship form here:
You need to submit
             1.      Accomplished application forms (2 sets)
2.      1"x1" ID pictures (2 copies)
3.      Form 137/HS Report Card or Transcript of Records/ official copy of grades
4.      Proof of OWWA Membership: official receipt of OWWA contribution/OFW E-Card
5.      For dependents: proof of relationship to OWWA member (e.g. copy of marriage contract and/or birth certificate of both OFW and applicant- dependent duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar)

What are the requirements
1.     Must be an active OWWA member (land-based or sea-based) or beneficiary/dependent of an active OWWA member

2. Must pass the TESDA qualifying examination or Multiple Aptitude Battery Test (MABT) on the program of choice- This is usually done in the school of your choice, for example in Tagaytay, one of the schools that has TESDA courses is Olivarez College. Upon inquiry, a TESDA admission/assessment test will be administered to the applicant. This is free of charge too.

3. Have at least one (1) recorded membership contribution
For those who would like to avail and inquire of the program please feel free to visit your respective Regional Welfare Office located at 17 Magsaysay Avenue, Private Road, Baguio City. Or call: (074) 445-2260 or (074) 300-3658.
Where can I study or take the program? 
You may take any vocational or technical course in any school accredited by TESDA.

What are the courses offered?
The following courses are offered for the program (may be subject to change and availability of course in your local TESDA training center, you may contact OWWA and TESDA for updated information)

SESP courses offered:

• Agriculture and fishery 
• Processed food and beverages 
• Tourism (hotel and restaurant) 
• Metals and engineering 
• Garments
• Communication/electronics/information technology
• Health, social services and other community
• Decorative crafts and ceramics 
• Gifts, toys and housewares
• Jewelry
• Furniture and fixtures 
• Construction 
• Maritime land transport 
• Social and personal services