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Monday, October 10, 2016


Tristan, an OFW based in DUBAI detailed about the new developments while renewing his passport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has this to say:

"Today I went to the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai to renew my expiring passport. Knowing how dreadful and long this day could be, I decided to bring some of my favorite magazines to accompany me along with a big bottle of water and some sweets.
The last time I renewed my passport here in Dubai was almost a nightmare. It's not only because it took me the whole day to complete the processing but also because of the mean and rude government satff. Nakakaawa yung ibang OFW na para bang utang na loob sa gobyerno ang kumuha ng bagong pasaporte.
But what happened today was a totally different scenario. Believe me or not, it only took me 30 minutes to complete the processing. And the staff and crew were very helpful, kind and efficient. Hindi ko na nga nabasa o nabuklat man lang ang mga dala-dala kong babasahin.

Many of Filipino people today will not see and feel this gradual change, well at least not for now. Lalo na yung mga Pilipino na hindi umaalis ng kanilang mala-palasyong bahay o yung mga hindi bumababa sa kanilang magagarang sasakyan. Pero kaming mga sinasabi na nasa laylayan, lalo na ang mga OFW na gaya ko ay ramdam ang mistulang pagbabago sa ihip ng hangin - unti unti na kaming minamahal at binibigyan ng respeto at ng halaga ng ating gobyerno.

Mga ma'am and sir, may mga magaganda pong nangyayari sa'ting bansa. Naway 'wag po tayo palaging maging alipin ng mga mali at malisyosong pinapahayag ng media. Meron din pong mga magagandang balita na gaya neto."


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Filipinos in UAE, believed change is coming in the Philippines


"Change is Coming" this is what we hear among Filipinos who are hoping that the Philippines will rise because of their newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte. 

But do you know, Filipinos in the UAE are very confident also that change really coming in their home country? 

They can see that improvements in the Philippine are on its way. 

They believe that there are quality life and a good investment environment in the country. 

New Perspective Media (NPM),organizers of annual Philippine Property and Investment Exhibition (PPIE) conducted a survey .

The said survey randomly ask 1,000 respondents about their perspective in the Philippines about the economy , investment and the quality life they will experience. 

According to the figures, Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in the second quarter of this year with a 7%. While India got the top spot with 7.1 %. 

And base also in the survey, 98% of the Filipinos in the UAE believe positive change in the Philippines . 

⦁ In the aspect of investments and business environment in the country, 93% of the Filipinos in the UAE believed its improving. 

⦁ 2% said it is deteriorating

⦁ 5% they don't see any change

⦁ Filipino believed also that their investments will profit in the next few years because of the positive change of the new administration implemented in the country. 

⦁ A total of 80% of the respondents choose to invest in real estate while 20% of them opting for a mutual fund, business, the stock market and other investments.

Indeed, change is really coming when people believed and hoping in for the good result of Duterte's administration.