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Thursday, November 10, 2016


BPI Pamana Padala is a specially designed account for Overseas Filipino Remitters like you. 
You can remit your hard-earned salary to your own BPI Pamana Padala account every month.You can easily transfer any amount , anytime, anywhere without any hassle to your family's BPI account.You can save on remittance fees because you will be doing a one-time remittance to your own account.It also includes Remittance Income Continuation plan to help you make sure that your dreams will finally come to reality.
With BPI Pamana Padala, you can easily transfer  your remittance  without the hassle of being unable to find a time to rush to the the remittance center  to send money.You can do it thru BPI Online Banking service.

The money transferred from your BPI Pamana Padala account will be credited immediately to the BPI account of your beneficiary and they can withdraw it from any BPI ATM, free of charge.

 Remittance Income Continuation Back-up Plan.
Being miles away from your beloved family is difficult but you can bear anything,endure anything just to fulfill you dreams to have your own house and to send your kids to school.

BPI Pamana Padala provides for you if anything untoward happens , your beneficiary will receive P300,000 worth of monthly remittance cascaded into 12 months  - free from BPI. 

Click the link to know more about the Remittance Income Continuation Plan.

You can open a BPI Pamana Padala for an initial deposit of only Php 500. This product is available in Peso and US Dollar in BPI and Peso in BPI Family Savings Bank.


You can open a BPI Pamana Padala for an initial deposit of only Php 500. This product is available in Peso and US Dollar in BPI and Peso in BPI Family Savings Bank.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wellwishers Lounge Now Open In NAIA For OFWs And Their Families

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 already opened its "Wellwishers Lounges" and they are encouraging OFWs and their families to avail and use the area. 

Heat, sweat, and broken hearts- that was how you could describe the farewell of overseas Filipino workers or OFWs at Ninoy Aquino International Airport before the opening of Wellwishers Lounge, many OFWs and their families choose to stay outside NAIA Terminal 1 and spend few more minutes together as they brace for many months or years of being apart.

Photo credit: Huffington Post

This is the usual scene outside NAIA, under the scorching sun, families and friends have to stay outside to bid farewell to their relative who is bound to work overseas.

But not anymore, because today a lounge specifically for OFWs and their families was opened.
The Wellwishers Lounge is now open for the use of OFWs and their friends and relatives who wants to bid them farewell before their flight. It is opened for the convenience and to at least ease the heavy hearts of those who will send-off loved ones to work overseas.

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal and an OFW Girlie Maalihan who is leaving for Riyadh, cut the ceremonial ribbon for the lounge. 


Monday, November 30, 2015


Tips on how to be successful as an OFW family.

1. There must be a Shared Goal between an OFW and his/her family.
2. It should be clear where the money will go. Make a monthly budget. Paying off any debt should be a priority.
3. Don't make the OFW member like a milking cow.
4. For Families Back Home, Avoid being extravagant in life.
5. For an OFW abroad, Don't buy unnecessary things.
6. For families back home, think how you can help an OFW       earn money for the family.

Story of an OFW who lost his job, and came back home, put up a bakery business and become a millionaire.