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Friday, January 15, 2016


Is it possible to carry an LCD or LED TV in my hand carry or checked-in baggage?
Depending on the country where you will be coming from and depending on your airline requirements, each piece of hand-carry is restricted to only up to 7.0 kg or checked-in baggage is restricted to a maximum dimension (length + width + height) of 158 cm for transatlantic flights, and 300 cm for all other flights.

Depending on the size of your LCD/LED TV, if the item fit the specified maximum size, it should also not exceed the standard free baggage allowance mentioned on your ticket, normal excess baggage charges will be applied and oftentimes very expensive.
Usually, international flights allowed checked-in baggage ranges from 23kg to 32kg.

Before travelling, passengers are advised to secure any fragile item like a TV with adequate packaging in order to withstand the effects of normal baggage handling procedures. You will also be asked to sign a waiver that in any case that the TV will be damaged or with defects upon arrival, the airlines will be free of liabilities unless you pay for the insurance, if there is available and it also proves to be more expensive.

The usual, and many other OFWs confirmed this, that they brought with them maximum of 32 inches, though some commented that they were able to bring up to 40 inches but this needs to be confirmed and verified to the airline company.

Rather than buying abroad and bringing it with you, why not buy it in the Philippines, as you can see below, prices of these items are affordable and free from the hassle, risk of breaking and taxes from the Bureau of Customs. 



Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pag-Ibig Offers As Much As Php 6 Million Housing Loan

This will help you with home loans as home mortgage loans with Pag-IBIG is now up to P6Million pesos. Compared to get a home loan with banks, or other home mortgage lenders, getting a home loan with Pag-IBIG is easier and cheaper. 

This is ideal if you want to buy or mortgage or make loans for your house and lot or build your own house but you don't have enough money to pay in cash. You can try the Pag-IBIG annuity payment where you can buy a structured settlement or pre-owned houses.

Pag-Ibig offers housing loan for as much as Php 6 million and up to 30 years term. The following details and requirements below with help with home loans application. 

You only need to be at least 2 years active member of Pag-ibig, or have at least 24 contributions for the past 2 years.  If you are not an active member, you needed to register and pay the contribution for 24 months on a lump sum payment. 

The amount you can get through home mortgage lenders like Pag-IBIG will depend on your capacity to borrow, like your salary. 

I. Visit Pag-Ibig office and attend loan counseling. 

Fill up:

1. Preliminary Loan Counseling Questionnaire (PLCQ) and 

2. Housing Loan Application (HLA).
3. Medical questionnaire ( If you are over 60 years old or are applying for a loan over P2,000,000)

You need to ask for a copy of Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS). They will also give you required documents which you have to submit. 

This is the list of documents you might be asked to submit

The Pag-IBIG application forms
  • Housing Loan Application (HLA) Form
  • Certificate of Attendance of Seminar
  • Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS)
  • Preliminary Loan Counseling Questionnaire (PLCQ)
  • Membership Data Form (MDF)

    Your borrower’s documents
    • Latest Community Tax Certification (cedula)
    • 1×1 picture of borrower and spouse (if married)
    • Marriage Contract, if you are married
    • Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), if you are single
    • Legal Separation, if separated
    • Photocopy of valid IDs (e.g. TIN, SSS, Postal ID, Driver’s License, Passport, PRC, etc.)
    If someone will be acting as your Attorney-in-Fact while you are abroad, you need to bring:
    • Latest Community Tax Certification (cedula)
    • Proof of Relationship from the Borrower (e.g. Marriage Contract, Birth Certificate)
    • Photocopy of valid IDs (e.g. TIN, SSS, Postal ID, Driver’s License, Passport, PRC, etc.)
    • Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
    Proof of Income
    • Employment contracts
    • Bank statements

    Property documents

    • Certified true copy of Transfer Certificate Title (TCT) of the property by the Registry of Deeds (latest title)
    • Updated Tax Declaration
    • Updated Real Estate Tax Receipt or Tax Clearance
    • Location Plan and Vicinity Map of the property
     Additional requirements for OFWs
    • Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) prior to date of departure or duly certified and authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country where you work, if abroad. If SPA does not have the red ribbon of Consulate Office, the SPA must have a duly stamped notarial seal.  If you acquired the SPA in the Philippines, it needs to be notarized.
    • Photocopy of passport showing stamp of arrival and departure dates from the Philippines
    Documents you will need to present after the loan has been approved
    • Loan Agreement/Loan and Mortgage Agreement
    • Duly notarized Promissory Note
    • Pag-IBIG Fund Receipt (PFR) representing payment of one-year insurance premium
    Once you have gathered the documents required by Pag-Ibig, you needed to submit it and pay PHP 1,000 non-refundable processing fee. Pag-IBIG will then do the necessary credit investigation and property valuation. You will  be notified once your loan is approved. 

    You will receive a Notice of Loan Approval (NOA) or Letter of Guaranty (LOG), which can only be released to you or to your attorney-in-fact if you have already left the country.

    Within 3 months or  90 calendar days you or the person named on your SPA have to give this NOA/LOG  to the property seller.

    1.  Pay the Capital Gains Tax at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). You will then be given a Certificate Authorizing Registration. Present the Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS), Tax Declaration and Tax Receipt.

    2. Pay for  transfer tax at the Municipal Treasurer's Office (LGU). Then go to the Registry of Deeds for the transfer of title and present the tax clearance, most recent tax declaration, mortgage contract and the BIR documentary stamps. The Assessor’s Office will give you a tax declaration and the Engineering Office will give you an occupancy permit.

    3. Finally, return to PAG-IBIG to submit the following documents and officially have the loan funds released. (Bring a valid ID to get the check.)
    • Original Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) in the name of the borrower with mortgage annotation on it;
    • Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS) with original stamp from the Registry of Deeds;
    • New Tax Declaration in the name of the borrower;
    • Updated Real Estate Tax Receipt for Lot;
    • Updated Real Estate Tax Receipt for House (if applicable);
    • Occupancy Permit from the Engineering office;
    • Assignment of Loan Proceeds (this document will be from Pag-IBIG);
    For the interest rate: Pag-Ibig lowered the interest rates for housing loans earlier this year. The new rates are as follows: 6.5 percent for a three-year fixed-pricing period, 7.27 percent for five years, 8.035 percent for 10 years, 8.585 percent for 15 years, 8.8 percent for 20 years, 9.05 percent for 25 years, and 10 percent under a 30-year fixed-pricing period.
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    Tuesday, December 08, 2015

    NBI Report Confirmed Modus of Tanim-Bala/Laglag-Bala at NAIA But it is Not a Syndicate

    NBI confirmed in their report that there is a modus of tanim-bala inside the NAIA airport but it is not syndicate. They also believe there are police and some officers involve in the modus. They will submit their report to the DOJ. Watch the video below. 

    Via Inquirer News
    "The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Thursday will file robbery-extortion complaint against members of the Philippine National Police-Aviation Security Group (PNP-Avsegroup) for their alleged involvement in the “tanim-bala” or bullet planting racket inside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia)."

    Monday, December 07, 2015

    Ten (10) Food Cart Franchise for as Low as P40,000 For Two Cart

    One of the best gift to give as a gift this Christmas is not gadgets or expensive jewelries. Take a look at these Food Cart Franchise which you can purchase for as cheap as P20,000. If you are an OFW, your family can help you. Earnings can be from P500 to as high as P1,500 everyday DEPENDING ON LOCATION.
     The company offers individuals an opportunity to break free & own their own business while at the same time minimizing the risk that is inherent in opening an entirely new business from scratch.
    They claim to be the Cheapest Food Cart Franchise Business in the Philippines. Their product includes:
    Pizza, Buko Shakes and Juices, Noodles Soup, Fruit Shakes, Tocilog and Hotsilog, Kwek-Kwek, Tokneneng, Squidballs, Fishballs and Chicken Balls, Dynamite Food with Cheese foods, burgers, fruit juices, nachos, Waffles and shawarma.
    The company is giving a Christmas offer, where you can get 2 of this single FOOD CART FRANCHISE 
    FOR ONLY P40,000. 

    before, this single Food Cart Franchise costs P30,000 - P35,000 but now with the buy-one-take-one promo, it will only cost P20,000 per cart. Check the different cart offers you can choose from:

    Christmas Promo!Buy 1 Take 1 Complete Set!for more details please visit our website:
    Posted by Food Cart Franchise Business + Free e-loading Business on Monday, December 7, 2015
    FB PAGE:
    SMART 0920-662-5335 or 
    GLOBE 0975-8113111


    What do you look for in a potential Franchisee?
    A potential dealer should be willing to invest money, willing to find a good location for the unit, and willing to follow set standards. Potential dealer should possess an entrepreneurial spirit and the commitment to push sales of products.
    How can a potential dealer apply for a Franchise?
    A potential dealer can inquire about the Franchise opportunity via telephone, fax, email, and personal visit.

    The potential dealer should provide the following requirements in order to facilitate the application process: completed application form, photograph and location map of proposed site.

    Application forms can be obtained from and submitted to Grace Santos

    How much does Franchise cost? 
    What is included in the Franchisee fee?

    For a cart Php 30,000.00 to Php 350,000.00

    The Franchise fee is inclusive of the following: 
    cart with signages and equipment. 
    There are no annual franchise fees, 
    no royalty fees and no store-opening fees.

    Also, the franchise fee includes the license which allows the dealer to operate and use the trademark of Franchise. The Franchise Cart terms is three (3) years.

    When does the dealer have to pay the fee?
    Once dealer’s application is approved, franchisee needs to sign a franchise contract and pay the required franchise fee.

    How long does it take to open a Franchise shop?
    The Franchise business development process takes 3 to 4 weeks. The activities include processing of applications, construction of the cart, equipment and materials preparation and training.

    How many units can a single franchisee own?
    A single franchisee can own multiple units for as long as they can pay the necessary fees for the said units and observe the standard operation procedures set by Franchisor.

    Where can dealers locate their Franchise Outlet?
    Franchisee can locate in high foot traffic areas. They can sell in schools, malls, bazaars and during special events. The company will ensure that no two Franchise outlet are located within 500 meter radius to dealers can fully realize the returns of his investment and not compete with another Franchisee.

    In cases wherein the unit is located within a building which has a potential for expansion within or around the said location, the dealer is given the right of first refusal to proposals which shall arise in the future.

    What is the dimension of the cart and area requirement?
    The cart has the following dimensions:
    Height 7 ft.
    Width 2 ft.
    Length 3 ft.
    Area requirement: none/ any

    How much can a franchisee earn?
    Franchisee profitability depends highly on where he locates his cart. Gross margin is estimated at 40%.

    In order for franchisee to recoup his expenses (cost of goods, rental, depreciation, utilities and labor), he needs to sell about P2,500 per day (assuming rental is at P10,000 per month).

    Note: figures are estimates only

    What kind of training will the Franchisee receive?
    The franchisee and his manpower pool will be trained in basic cart operation and product handling by Franchisor personnel.

    Who will be responsible in the recruitment and training of the personnel?
    Franchisee shall source, screen and select the required personnel. For Cart operation minimum of one (1) person per shift.

    Franchisor will conduct certain training programs which the dealer and his personnel must personally attend and successfully complete before they are allowed to operate and/or manage the unit.

    What products will be sold in the Franchise outlet? At what price would the products be sold?
    For the cart operation, all Franchise products.

    Franchisee is not allowed to sell any other food item other than those specified by Franchisor.

    Franchisor will provide the standard price list of the products indicating the dealer’s selling price to the consumers. Franchisor shall peg the prices of such products according to the targetted profitability rates that will provide reasonable returns to the dealer.

    How will Franchisor ensure product quality and standard of operations are being upheld?
    Franchisor will designate employees and agents who shall audit shop operations on the basis of Franchisor’s approved standards on service, product quality, cleanliness, equipment maintenance, atmosphere, etc.
    – CASH



    – RELEASE OF FRANCHISE PACKAGE (Normal Releasing of you food cart is 4-6weeks but if you Contact Us now, we will process it 3-4 WEEKS UPON PAYMENT) OPERATE.
    Great Z Food Avenue Company Cheapest Food Cart Franchise Business in the Philippines!! Best seller best offers. Foodcart franchise business in the Philippines best selling FoodCart fusiness franchise P30,000.00 only! Contact now and get an exciting PROMO!!

    Ideal for MALL's FOOD CART for P150,000

    All images and infos are taken from here We don't endorse and we are not affiliated or connected to the company and we advised individual investors to inquire directly to them.