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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Top 10 Businesses You Can Start Under Php 10,000 Capital

Many Filipinos are struggling to earn money either locally or overseas.  Probably, everyone would agree that no one really gets rich being an employee. And as the day to day cost of living in the Philippines becomes more and more expensive. Many are looking for ways to earn additional income, in spite of fear of  taking up risks as they enter into business. Starting on small capital business is the best way to test the waters and develop  entrepreneurial skills. 

If you want to start a small scale business, this list may help you develop an idea on the best business that you should enter into. 

10 Businesses You Can Start Under Php 10,000 Capital

1. Online Business

(Photo by www.velquest.com)

Online Business offers wide ocean of opportunities as most people conduct and spend their day to day lives using internet. In this type of business, it is important to have a computer/ laptop, a good Internet connection, a website (maybe of your own), a bank account and trustworthy suppliers. Even through mobile apps and social media, you can conveniently boost your way of selling online.

Online business is not limited to goods like buying or selling. There are many service providers and professionals too who provides online services. Examples are those in IT sector providing website hosting and other professional services. Online advertising is also among the best online business.
You can do buy-and-sell online for lower prices and sell it in higher prices or sell products like jewelries, shoes, gadgets and clothing. If starting this kind of business, take advantage of social media and let your network of friends spread information and ask for their help in promoting your business.

To enhance your skills on this type of business you might want to take FREE online courses in TESDA for IT and more

Start-up Capital: Php 8,000+
2. Sari-Sari Store Business

One of the most common businesses in the Philippines is sari-sari store. It works by buying and selling commodities. This is a good business for those who want to gain profit with small capital. Although the competition in this kind of business is quite high specially in the Philippines where you can find sari-sari store or retail store in almost every street. The good thing about this is that it is easy to set-up conveniently within your backyard.

Start-up Capital: Php 5, 000+

3. Pastry Goods Services

Since Filipinos are known to have big appetite, pastry goods like brownies, cupcakes, and donuts can be a good business to start. If your hobby is baking, this business is perfect for you! Also, these fluffy baked products can easily attract customers if you beautify it with different candies and other toppings. You can start in your home and make use of your existing baking utensils. first target customers can be your friends, relatives, and neighbors either online or personal. Also, you can start accepting personalized cake orders for various events. And post advertisements online for your baking products.

To enhance your skills on this type of business, you can take up TESDA courses for culinary and baking

Startup Capital: Php3, 000+

4. Street Foods Business
Almost every Filipino digs into street foods anytime, anywhere. Eating “inihaw” has been a modern culture emerging in our country because of its delightful taste at very affordable prices. Take note that this type of business is more applicable in places with high human traffic. Moreover, this kind of business can also attract customers based on how it tastes and how much it costs. “Uling,” Griller and other equipment should be prepared for barbeque, isaw, adidas, etc. Hence, be prepared also in providing “sawsawan” or condiments for your street foods which is consumers’ all-time favorite! Street food business is of course not limited to ihawan, but can also include any food that can be prepared or cooked even on side walks. Some street food business include ready to go siomai, fishball, peeled mangos and santol, burger and many more. There are endless possibilities, be innovative.

5. Ukay-Ukay Business
(Photo by www.topten.ph)

More Filipinos continue to patronize “Ukay-ukay” or local stores offering imported products at low prices. Bags, clothes, and shoes are few of the products sold from different countries. You may sell “ukay-ukay” by opening an online shop and by using social networks like Facebook so you can make use of your network or connections to inform them of your new business. In addition, you can try buying products online, re-designing and cleaning it and selling it for an appropriate price. Just be patient and learn to manage it well and slowly your business will grow.

Startup Capital: Php8, 000+ for at least 150-200 pieces of apparel

6. Poultry Farming

 Yes, for a small capital, you can start poultry farming as a new business! With this type of business, it is good if you are into the hobby of taking care of animals like pigs and chickens. Poultry farming can be your new career if you have big space like in your backyard, or an open field where you can utilize the animals’ place to avoid stinky smell and loud noise. Proper management is needed to watch over the animals as they grow.

You might also want to take advantage of FREE Trainings and Poultry courses online through the Department of Agriculture to earn management skills for this kind of business.

 Startup Capital: Php6, 000 for around 15-20 chicks.

7. Cellphone Loading Business

 In our modern generation, a lot of Filipino today has cellphone. That is the reason why cellphone load selling is a perfect “sideline” for people who go to office every day. In that case, your customers would be your co-workers in the company. The advantage of cellphone loading business is that cellphone load won’t get spoiled compared to foods. For example, a load of Php 1,500.00 will last for even a year! You just need to go to the respective loading stations and ask for assistance in load selling. In this type of business, you need a retailer sim card, a cellphone for load selling and the balance which you will sell.

Startup Capital: Php4, 000+

8. Palamig/ Shake Business
(Photo by doxo.com.ph)
One of the businesses that can earn easily during summer and even regular days is selling “Palamig”/ Shake. This is good business for people who travels to work, school, anywhere just to quench the thirst they felt as they travel. Remember that consumers want cold drinks with a nice taste so be sure to mix the ingredients of making juice and shake perfectly. Be ready to look for a nice container where you will put the palamig and also the plastic cups to be used. You may also use bottled juice and label it simply with printouts of the brand you created.

Start-up Capital: Php 8,000
9. Burger and Fries Business
(Photo by www.recipeshubs.com)

Most of Filipinos can’t afford to buy a franchise for a business, so in putting up a burger and fries stand, you can sell in front of your house, making sure you have the necessary business permits. You should also be aware of the equipment to be used for cooking fries and burger such as burger griller and LPG gas and the raw materials to be sold. You may also look for a supplier that gives cheaper cost of raw materials you need. Also, you should provide a proper storage for your food to avoid spoilage.

Start-up Capital: Php 5,000+

10. Gourmet Delicacy

(Photo by www.notey.com)

 Bottled "tuyo" and "daing" are gourmet delicacies you can try for business. You can sell it to your online friends, balikbayan visitors you know and even your relatives. Even in bazaars, gourmet delicacies can be sold. You just need to prepare the needed ingrediates and packaging for making gourmet delicacies. Moreover, you can also create new "pasalubong" favorites by the ideas you researched from internet. Take note of checking possible leakage in sealed bottles to avoid rejects and spoilage.

Start-up Capital: Php 5,000