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"What does it take to succeed? A positive attitude? Well, sure, but that’s hardly enough.

Success, however it’s defined, takes action, and taking good and appropriate action takes skills. Some of these skills (not enough, though) are taught in school (not well enough, either), others are taught on the job, and still others we learn from general life experience."

Here are the top ten list of skills from that will help anyone get ahead in practically any field, the ones that can be learned by anyone.

1. Public Speaking
The ability to speak clearly, persuasively, and forcefully in front of an audience – whether an audience of 1 or of thousands – is one of the most important skills
anyone can develop. People who are effective speakers come across as more comfortable with themselves, more confident, and more attractive to be around. Being able to speak effectively means you can sell anything – products, of course, but also ideas, ideologies, worldviews. And yourself – which means more opportunities for career advancement, bigger clients, or business funding.

2. Writing
Writing well offers many of the same advantages that speaking well offers: good writers are better at selling products, ideas, and themselves than poor writers. Learning to write well involves not just mastery of grammar but the development of the ability to organize one’s thoughts into a coherent form and target it to an audience in the most effective way possible.

3. Self-Management

If success depends of effective action, effective action depends on the ability to focus your attention where it is needed most, when it is needed most. Strong organizational skills, effective productivity habits, and a strong sense of discipline are needed to keep yourself on track.

4. Networking
Networking is not only for finding jobs or clients. In an economy dominated by ideas and innovation, networking creates the channel through which ideas flow and in which new ideas are created.

5. Critical Thinking
We are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of times more information on a daily basis. Being able to evaluate that information, sort the potentially valuable from the trivial, analyze its relevance and meaning, and relate it to other information is crucial – and woefully under-taught. Good critical thinking skills immediately distinguish you from the mass of people these days.

6. Decision-Making
The bridge that leads from analysis to action is effective decision-making – knowing what to do based on the information available. While not being critical can be dangerous, so too can over-analyzing, or waiting for more information before making a decision. Being able to take in the scene and respond quickly and effectively is what separates the doers from the wannabes.

7. Math
You don’t have to be able to integrate polynomials to be successful. However, the ability to quickly work with figures in your head, to make rough but fairly accurate estimates, and to understand things like compound interest and basic statistics gives you a big lead on most people.

8. Research
Nobody can be expected to know everything, or even a tiny fraction of everything. Even within your field, chances are there’s far more that you don’t know than you do know. You don’t have to know everything – but you should be able to quickly and painlessly find out what you need to know.

9. Relaxation
Stress will not only kill you, it leads to poor decision-making, poor thinking, and poor socialization. So be failing to relax, you knock out at least three of the skills in this list – and really more. Plus, working yourself to death in order to keep up, and not having any time to enjoy the fruits of your work, isn’t really “success”. It’s obsession. Being able to face even the most pressing crises with your wits about you and in the most productive way is possibly the most important thing on this list.

10. Basic Accounting
It is a simple fact in our society that money is necessary. Even the simple pleasures in life, like hugging your child, ultimately need money – or you’re not going to survive to hug for very long. Knowing how to track and record your expenses and income is important just to survive, let alone to thrive.

Read the complete post here.


If it's not Mitt Romney, McCain's Done?

I have followed the news closely regarding this development, as I am
sick and tired of the popping anti-Mormon or LDS stories or anti-Romney-the-Mormon news in tabloids and the net. LDS friends, Article VI blog detailed it more here if you can stomach it.

What's with the Mormon? What's with the LDS? Can we just live side by side and let each other worship according to the dictates of our own conscience. Can we exist without minding someone's religion or belief knowing we are all entitled to live our life according to what we deem to be the best?

To our non-LDS visitors sorry for this rantings, I am just hungry... I mean angry? No, really I am hungry! lol! Hehe.

I run over at Blog Catalog a discussion about how Mormonism is perceived in the blogging world. So far it has 85 responses and it seems to be fair. The bloggers understood, and the blogworld seems to be understanding enough about this sensitive matter. I believe there are many bigots eating, drinking and yes, feasting every New York Times, and other liberal media's anti-Mormons news.

Anyway some of the few comments here that rings true as the announcement for Veep is looming. Geraghty says it could be Romney or Pawlenty.

It is also possible that if Romney is not pick, McCain is saying goodbye to Michigan, Nevada, Utah or he's done? Bay Buchanan has a Human Events article here entitled, "Let it be Romney, Please!"

Will it make a significant jab to McCain if these three states will boycott the election or swing vote for Obama? See the poll we started last May 2008. Out of 105 responses as to who LDS will vote this November, 45% says they will vote for Obama, while 23% will vote for McCain. Will this result  change if Romney is picked as his VP? We don't know. I honestly don't know. Read this comment.

"McCain's choice is rather straightforward. The guy who ran best against him in the primaries was former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who re-invented himself as a dogmatic conservative for the effort. McCain doesn't like him much, but Romney would bring fund-raising ability, relative youth, a certain charm and all those Mormon votes to the ticket. No contest, if McCain can get along with someone he doesn't like much, which is always a question with the hot-tempered McCain."

"McCain already campaigns with the enthusiasm of a turnip, and if he fails to pick Romney, it simply means he doesn't WANT to win in November.
McCain acts like he's given up; he looks and sounds tired, and yet remains a candidate for one of the most stressful jobs in the world... at 72 years old!
The RNC is just as crazy as the DNC; they've presented us with a "heads you lose, tails you lose" election.
If I were religious, I'd say "God help America."

What about your comment?


Gmail Vs. Ymail, What is Better?

Yahoo launched June 19, 2008 for the first time offering free e-mail accounts under two new domains: ymail and rocketmail. Both and have the exact same features as you would with “standard” This is Yahoo's jab against the almost unstoppable growth of Gmail. is an email service that Yahoo! acquired previously in 1997 as one of the first email services around. They have not allowed any new email users to sign up for new accounts. Now they will open the doors to anyone who wants a new address. I doubt many people will rush to register their name account since the domain name is quite long for today's standard.

Ymail VS. Gmail

Ymail, on the other hand, is a clear combat strategy against Gmail. Although Yahoo Mail is still the market leader with the most 266 million worldwide in April last April 2008, Google caused a major disruption when they offered nearly unlimited storage capacity of the Gmail account, now it's more than 9GB storage and counting. That, along with the very fact that as an experienced and one of the first Gmail users in 2005, Gmail was great at killing spam and really easy to use, was enough to grab a big piece of the free e-mail market - 101 million users in April and counting, according to the Associated Press.

Yahoo and Microsoft have, for the most part, caught up with Gmail’s storage offering - Yahoo Mail now offers unlimited storage - but Gmail is now killing them with features and great integration with other Google services. I have also used Gmail in my phone, Symbian, Java, and PDA all can receive email using IMAP. I can even chat with fellow gmail users or those in my contact even though I am writing an email. Read Gmail blog here.

Thus, although Gmail is not the market leader, the fact is that Gmail is growing much faster than both Yahoo and Microsoft, and I doubt that these two new domains Yahoo is offering will change that.

When first came out, email users who wanted a new or shorter email address signed up for an account. The benefits of included better spam control than Yahoo! mail, who had a capped number of addresses that could be designated automatically as spam. For more spam control, Yahoo! was charging a fee. This drove some email users to make their primary email account. I already signed up in Ymail same addresses I am using in Gmail, but time will tell and I may have to update this posting for any development in Ymail and it's difference.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your YAHOO Account could be hacked.

Recently, there has been a lot of attempts to illegally access ones Yahoo mail or Yahoo messenger account, including some Friendster account. Once fraudulent users gain access to a Yahoo account, and it could be your Yahoo, they pretend to be the owner of the account and maliciously ask for account information, such as passwords, from other users, or joining him/her in a business venture, or sending him/her a prepaid phone card or loads.

It happened to me and I am receiving emails and so much blog link about this modus operandi.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who studied in BYU-Hawaii sent me a message.

Hacker(pretending to be my friend): Hello, kumusta? (how are you?)

Me: Hi! I'm Fine, still here in Saudi, and you?

Hacker: I'm fine too. Can I ask you a favor?

Me: Sure, what's that best?

Hacker: May nabibili ba dyan sa prepaid cellphone load sa inyo? Yung Globe, kailangan ko lang talaga eh, naubusan kasi ako credit. (Is there a prepaid card/load for sale there? Globe, I really need it, I run out of credit)

Me: Meron naman best. (Yes, there is) Having a doubt in my mind already.

Hacker: Can you buy 3 pieces of P300 for me, I'll promise to pay you later. I really need it now.

Me: hmmn, I'm at work for now. By the way can you still remember my complete name?

(me, being a computer geek daw, doubting if ever my friend will do like that, and curious why she is not addressing me with the usual address or name call she calls me, thought it's wiser to ask her/him my complete name.

Hacker: Oo naman. Friend tayo. (Sure, we're friends.)

Me: Okay, so if you can tell me my exact birthday and my complete name, along with the name of my wife and baby, I'll believe you are really my friend.

(by that time, no further messages from the Hacker)

After a few hours, the same Yahoo ID of my friend IM me;

Friend: Best, may nagchat ba sau a while ago asking for a prepaid load?

Me: Yes, best. Gulat nga ako. (Yes best, I am surprised)

Friend: It's not me best. I was hacked. My Yahoo ID was hacked and all my online friends say's they receive the same messages asking for a credit load. Sorry about that best.

Me: I am also doubting since he/she is not calling me 'best'. Anyway, better to change your Yahoo ID....

Be Careful out there guys, don't just send money via Western Union, or Send Credit loads or anything with someone suspiciosly pretending to be your friend while your real friend is deep asleep or busy working. Be Sensitive in the conversation especially if it involves money, or asking for services.

If you happen to own a Yahoo account, please assume that fraudulent users can gain access to it if they want to. Considering this, please delete all emails you have in your Yahoo account that has passwords in them! Even passwords for other websites.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Princeton Review: 2009 Top 10 American Schools

The Princeton Review just announced the results of its survey of 120,000 college students for "The Best 368 Colleges: 2009 Edition."

Top 10 Most Socially Conservative Colleges

1. Brigham Young University (Utah) (Provo, Utah)

"Because of the nature of BYU as a private institution run by a religious group, the school typically attracts a lot of Latter Day Saint (Mormon) individuals," most of whom are "friendly, clean-cut and religious," with an "emphasis placed on education and social interaction." They "never drink or smoke, work part-time and spend weekends either at the library or trying to find someone to marry." As one student explains, "Because of our religion, many students are very preoccupied with marriage and finding their special someone. This also is hard for those of us who are not yet ready to look for a marriage partner or who don't want to start a family right away." In fact, atypical students -- there are some, "usually distinguishable by the way they dress (they try to stand out)" -- can find it "hard to be around this culture." One student writes, "Sometimes I get really frustrated and don't like how close minded and judgmental a lot of the students can be."

Students who considered BYU also looked at University of Utah, Harvard College, Utah State University, Princeton University and Stanford University.

Top 10 Colleges for the Best Classroom Experience

1. Stanford University (Stanford, Calif.)

Even with Stanford's academic reputation, "There is not any counter-productive cutthroat competition. Staff and students are all very supportive of each other, and it's really an environment where you can explore and succeed." Take, for example, the anthropology major who reported "great opportunities such as researching over the summer in the Peruvian Amazon and working with the Center for Ecotourism and Sustainable Development to create a network of indigenous leaders interested in ecotourism."

The myriad supercurious here extol "the many interdisciplinary majors: human biology; history, literature and the arts; materials science and engineering; symbolic systems; science technology and society; public policy; modern thought and literature; urban studies.... It's amazing how many different fields you can combine."

Students who considered Stanford also looked at Harvard College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University.

Top 10 Colleges Where Students Always Study

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Mass.)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the East Coast mecca of engineering, science and mathematics, "is the ultimate place for information overload, endless possibilities and expanding your horizons." Students need to be able to manage a workload that will "definitely push [you] beyond your comfort level." A chemical engineering major elaborates: "MIT is different from many schools in that its goal is not to teach you specific facts in each subject. MIT teaches you how to think. Not about opinions, but about problem solving. Facts and memorization are useless unless you know how to approach a tough problem." At MIT, "It may seem . . . like there's no life outside problem sets and studying for exams," but "there's always time for extracurricular activities or just relaxing" for those "with good time-management skills" or the "ability to survive on [a] lack of sleep."

Students who considered Massachusetts Institute of Technology also looked at Harvard College, Stanford University, Yale University and Princeton University.

Top 10 Colleges Where Students are Happiest with Financial Aid

1. Princeton University (Princeton, N.J.)

As one student puts it, "A Princeton education is worth its weight in gold, especially if you didn’t have to pay anything." "The school has plenty of funding to put toward your research, and it is amazing to work on something that is completely yours," says a senior history major. With one of the nation’s largest endowments, the school is happy to share the wealth. "If you have something reasonable you want to do over the summer, for example, you can do it regardless of your financial situation. Princeton has paid for me to study abroad, work abroad, go on a class trip abroad and compete internationally at a variety of wonderful locales abroad," says a junior.

Students who considered Princeton also looked at Harvard College, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University.

Read the rest of the Princeton review here.

See the overall ranking of the TOP 10 COLLEGES IN THEIR RESPECTIVE CATEGORY

Other ranking lists in the book and #1 colleges on them are:

Best Career / Job Placement Services – Northeastern University (Boston)

Best Classroom Experience – Stanford University

Most Conservative Students – Texas A&M University (College Station)

Most Liberal Students – Occidental College (Los Angeles)

Most Politically Active Students – American University (DC)

Top Party School – University of Florida (Gainesville)

Top Stone-Cold Sober School – Brigham Young University (11 times)

Least Religious Students – Lewis & Clark College (OR)

Race / Class Relations Friendliest – Pitzer College (CA)

Most Diverse Student Body – City University of New York – Baruch College

Gay Community Most Accepted – Emerson College (Boston)

Best Athletic Facilities – University of Maryland at College Park

Everyone Plays Intramural Sports – University of Notre Dame

Great College Town – DePaul University (Chicago)


Monday, July 28, 2008

Take Time To Read This

I really love this poem. I posted this nearly 3 years ago, and would like to post it again. There is wisdom in every Hallmark words.

I copied it from a greeting card in one of the bookstore in Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas Pasig City, Philippines.

I used it also in my missionary lessons and in some conversation. Take time to read it, and ponder its meaning.

Take time to think-
it is the source of power.

Take time to read-
it is the foundation of wisdom

Take time to play-
it is the secret of staying young.

Take time to be quiet-
it is the opportunity to seek God

Take time to be aware-
it is the opportunity to help others.

Take time to love and be loved-
it is God's greatest gift.

Take time to laugh-
it is the music of the soul.

Take time to be friendly-
it is the road to happiness.

Take time to dream-
it is what the future is made of.

Take time to pray-
it is the greatest power on earth.

" There is a time for everything.."

Eccl 3:1

Now, take some time and reflect or comment as I take time to nap. When I wake up, it will be another time, so precious, so golden, so priceless.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Pursuit of a Noble Cause

Pete Rahon, an OFW, International Staff, and a blogger interview my husband Kenji about the Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Search Project. I know my husband have a lot of discouraging moments and difficulties in pursuing this project but it's gaining ground and credibility. Just look at the following sponsors, Damuhan, The Filipino Web, WOW Pinoy, and now Pete, a famed Pinoy Blogger based in Gwangju : Jeolla : South Korea. Pete will be helping Kenji in the mechanics as well as in the selection process.

As far I know, Kenji is sending several sponsorship letters to award the top 10 winners, this is a project that has a lot of watch out to do and will definitely impact the pinoy blogging world so those of you who haven't taken part, come and let us join hands in this worthy cause we are in.

Here is the interview title Pete used in his blogsite OFW's Mga Bagong Bayani and it is also crossposted to his site Live Life! Love Life!

Saudi Based Pinoy Chemical Engineer Launches Search for the 2008 Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog

Interview with an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Series

"Finally my plan to feature OFW here had materialize with this interview with Jebee Kenji Solis. He has been blogging since 2005. This is how he describe his blog: "THOUGHTSKOTO is a jargon word for "these are my thoughts". Blog of a Young Filipino LDS Couple, living in Saudi Arabia. Thoughts and Musings about Life and Love, Trials and Challenges, Faith and Hope as we continue in our journey to FOREVER."

I was invited to nominate for the Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog. I find the search interesting so I asked him if I can feature him on this blog and promote his initiative. Below is the interview of Kenji."

Here is the excerpt from question No. 7 of 9 Kenji was asked;

7) Tell us about the the search you launched on the Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog?

"The top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog is a search contest. We would like to recognize and honor those Pinoy expats/OFW, more than 10 million of them working around the world who toils and work for their loved ones in the Philippines. We would like to highlight their stories and learn from their lessons through their blog. Considered as "Bagong Bayani" (new heroes) we ought to hear their voices and amplify them. So we can show that we care for them for they deserve to be heard and acknowledged. Since this is the first search the rule is very simple. Definitely we have some small prizes in stored for the top 10. We also have an icon or widget for nominees to display this contest to promote it. So for those who are interested to nominate Filipino expat/OFW bloggers please visit this site for more information:

We have already few sponsors and we are looking for more."

Read the rest of the entry. It is one of the best interview coz it tackles a variety of subjects with final note of the search project.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life, Love & Butterfly (beautiful butterfly photos)

Life and Love is Like a Butterfly, just as my life I mirrored to this beautiful creature.

The joy of life of a flower consists of creating happiness and giving love, The joy of life of a butterfly consists of creating happiness and giving love...It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.

Despite their small size, butterflies and moths are some of the World's most wondrous animals. Their beauty, seemingly miraculous metamorphosis, and apparently carefree flight all spark our imaginations. -Children’s Butterfly

Life and love can be something that is colourful, can fly quickly, erratically. All too short but full of adventure. Lots of change and hopefully something that benefits others. Where your life (or love) has come into contact with someone else it has brought some "pollination", some growth and benefit.

Butterfly a mystic phenomena that we may not understand. Butterflies can create more flutters in your heart than any other flying insect. Butterfly is also a symbol of life's existence, or its story could be compared to a life we live here on earth. Man lives in a cocoon called earth. His cocoon is full of pride, ambitions and tribulations. Man keeps on building his cocoon with material things that soothes the eyes but greeds the soul. He doesn’t realize that one day everything will disappear. He keeps building walls of security built on foundation of desire, lust and more so with pride. Man is a caterpillar destined to become a butterfly, and man never realizes his potential on what to become.

Caterpillar needs to die to become a butterfly. Just like the natural within us needs to die before we become a better man. Caterpillar needs to go through metamorphosis to become a butterfly. Just like man needs to be born again, to be renewed before he can reach his full potential. I believe caterpillar has no knowledge about what colors he can produce in his death. Just like us, walking each day not knowing what lies ahead. But he still moves with trust towards unknown. Because we have to keep moving, to keep going, until we finally die in our being natural, and live to be better, beautiful and kind and wonderful in the inside.

In death, caterpillar explodes into millions of colors. But the death of a caterpillar produces a beautiful butterfly. Remember to live today, this very moment. Live this moment with so much energy and greatness that every death of a moment gives rise to beautiful next moment. Live this moment in such an overwhelming emotion that you have no option other than getting out of your cocoon. Live this moment with so much love that you have no choice but to explode into butterfly. Just be in love with everything you see, be in love with nature, be in love with our very existence. Be in love in your deep acceptance. Love alone can give you wings. Love alone is enough to make you butterfly. Love is the only substantial thing in life, all else is illusion.

Let love grow in you and God will be growing on its own accord. If you miss love you will miss God and all. There is no way to God without love. God can never be forgotten — if love is remembered. If there is love and God is found, you have Life. Even eternal Life.


Friday, July 25, 2008


Take a good look at these two photos below.



Take a good long look at this face. She is one of the most beautiful women Stacy, our author-blogging friend have ever had the fortune to come across....

Her name is Yvette Cade and she currently is about 34 years old. She has a small pixie voice with words that are deliberate and a high pitched giggle that perfectly matches her small pixie stature. She has one daughter and an ex-husband who is in jail for setting her on fire in 2005. Read the rest of the story here.

Beautiful because of the terrible experience she have had, and the tremendous courage she has to survived.


Thursday, July 24, 2008


I remember when I was working in Manila as a Technical Service Representative of an environmental company, I travel a lot, sometimes extending to a week of on-the-job-work-visit. It was exciting, but most of the times, tiring and wearying.

The fame band singer of APO, Jim Paredes wrote over Pansitan about Travel habits picked up along the way.

He wrote 12 items that will really be helpful if you plan to travel, or you find your busy life on the road often.

1) A good toiletry bag and lots of zip lock.

2) Throw a good handy Swiss knife in your luggage.

3) Flatten and roll up your clothes as a space saver.

4) Always get a calling card from the hotel front desk and bring it with you.

5) Put a big, bright and screaming sticker on your luggage for easy identification.

6) Pack extra batteries (already charged if they are rechargeable) for your camera. (I might add cellular phone or Iphone too)

7) Write down on a piece of paper important information like passport, credit card, cell phone service info and emergency numbers to call in case you lose them.

8) Bring the usual emergency medicines—pain killers, acetaminophen's, anti-allergy tablets, anti-diarrhea pills, and other prescribed stuff you need to take daily. For all daily medicines, bring extras in case you face a delay in coming home.

9) Check the expiration date of your passport.

10) When shopping, learn a few local words that will help you when you want to bring the price down or get a bargain.

11) In a poor country, don’t haggle for too big a discount because they often give it.

12) Lastly, allow yourself a day or two to just savor the local setting. Go where the spirit moves you.

Read the details here: Writing on Air

Enjoy in your travels!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does Mitt Romney Want to Be Vice President?

Jim Geraghty at National Review Campaign Spot says, If You're Gonna Pick Mitt, Best Do It Soon

A minor factoid to add to the buzz of Mitt-as-veep talk: One of the benefits of picking Romney was the possibility of his personal fortune being added to the resources of the ticket during the campaign. But upon becoming the nominee, McCain gets $84.1 million in public funds at the convention, and then has to abide by that spending limit. So if you're going to pick Mitt, it makes sense to do so sooner rather than later.

Fox Embeds Blogger Sushannah asks, Senator McCain, Do you Forgive Mitt?“Mitt has been of tremendous help to my campaign. He’s been on television. He does a better job for me than he did for himself. I told him. He’s been great,” McCain said, “He and the entire Romney family has been wonderful. His wife Ann, as you know, is a woman of enormous courage and we are very grateful and I’m grateful. Our party is united now.”

Read this wonderful post by Kathryn Jean Lopez, an NRO Editor.

"For Mitt Romney, the suspension of his campaign at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference two days after Super Tuesday marked the beginning of a new and promising campaign. As he ended his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, he staked for himself a position as leader for the conservative future. It's a good position to be in for a potential 2012 run for the presidency. And it's a position that makes him an attractive option for John McCain's No. 2 in 2008."

Patrick Ruffini asked Does Mitt Romney Want to Be Vice President?

" VP buzz gets Romney headlines and speaking engagements around the country without being overshadowed and having to share in the downsides of an uphill Presidential campaign. But it's still unlikely he would get picked because of the questionable personal chemistry between the two men, and Romney has to know this. But as a high level surrogate, Romney gets to travel around the country making the case for McCain better than McCain himself and leaving the base hungry for more."


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


SPONSOR THE Search for the 2008 TOP 10 Filipino Expats/OFW Blog

We're looking for prize in any kinds or services as donations for our 1st contest which will end on December 30, 2008. The Search for the 2008 Top 10 Filipino Expats/OFW Blog Awards.

Some of our nominees are famous and well known individuals and most of those nominated have considerable traffic in their respective sites. We are currently designing the widget which will include your name or site link to be distributed to the nominees should you decide to sponsor.

But among all, the greatest criteria about this contest is the showcasing of the Filipino blogger's talents wherever they may be, and the enriching of the Philippine culture and heritage around the world.

If you'd like to donate books, subscriptions, services, or anything of specific interest in exchange for promotional mention in our blogsites, widget and in all contest blogs for the duration of the search, please click "SPONSOR THE 2008 SEARCH for TOP 10 PINOY EXPATS/OFW BLOG AWARDS" or email us at


What's the Latest About Kirby Heyborne?

This site has followed the story of Kirby Heyborne, a value and faith base LDS actor, singer and motivational speaker who recently appeared in a Miller Beer Commercial.

First post here

2nd post here

As reported by the SLT: "Kirby Heyborne, the Mormon actor who was pilloried recently on LDS Web sites for appearing in a Miller Lite beer commercial, has apparently lost a job over his indiscretion.
Heyborne, who has been in such LDS-themed movies as "Singles Ward" and "Best Two Years," created a firestorm on LDS Web sites when he had a bit part in the television commercial, although he says it was just a job and he does not drink beer.
Posts on the Web sites mostly describe their "disappointment" in Heyborne.
And now, he is no longer the face on billboards or the Web page advertising "," a Web site for e-mail communications between Mormon missionaries and their friends and families.
Heyborne's face was prominently featured in those ads until recently. Now, where his face used to be is a blank space and a request for people to apply to be the new face of ""

A wonderful comment from the other Kirby here.

Sad, and lamentable. We all make choices everyday, some big, some small, some seemingly nothing, some with eternal consequences.

I still believe in the idea that choosing what's right no matter how difficult will give us the reward. But we do chose the right because it is right, not because we get a reward. I am sorry Kirby Heyborne, I hope you get a better and decent job soon, the one that you wont compromise the principle you've been taught and you taught, in movies, in your songs, and in the talks you gave to the youth.


Sunday, July 20, 2008


What will your descendants remember about you? What will the world at large remember? What will be your legacy?

My personal life motto is "To live a life rich in love, never ending quest for learning and gaining knowledge and leaving a legacy to my family and the generations that will come after them."

Today let me share three simple ways on how you can leave a legacy, making an imprint, or mark or evidence that your life mattered and that you have made a difference in the world and in the lives of those you love.

This post is inspired by Mrs. Thoughtskoto - the never tiring and never fading woman who captivates my heart, my life, even my eternity.

Having a legacy reflects who you are as a person and what your life was about. It maybe the things you have accomplished or accomplishing, the people you have loved or you are loving, and the memories that you cherish. Creating a legacy is a valuable gift to your family and friends.


Joyce Kilmer said in his famous poem 'Trees' "poems are made by a fool like me but only God can make a tree"

I remember a long time ago, that before we graduate in elementary and high school it is a school requirements to plant a tree. Several years after I come back and visited the place where we planted those trees, I had an awesome feeling to see such trees growing taller and bigger than I am! I can still remember the tree I planted, and how it feels knowing your hand planted it.

Remember the late Pres. Gordon B. Hinkcley's wallnut tree that serves as the podium of the LDS Conference center?


We are specially grateful that through our travels and our bloggings, we befriended some of the most wonderful and inspired writers of our time. George Potter, Kerry Blair and writers at SixLDSwriters, Candace Salima, Stacy Anderson, Jim Paredes, and so many others. I am so captivated by their wit and their minds that we look up to these wonderful people. I have read so many books that influenced me and somehow made me the kind of person I am now.

Making a journal is more personal and spiritual legacy. It is unedited and it is very real. It can make you laugh and smile, cry and remind you of the many lessons learned in life. I have several journal book myself, but I have focus on blogging for nearly 3 years now since I worked here in Saudi Arabia.

I have more than 260 post or entries since December 2005, and I tried printing the last 50 post, the big folder or binder cannot bind them all. I was joking to my wife that "this is not just a book, honey, its already an encyclopedia!"

My thoughts on this matter is so wide and overflowing that I may have to make a separate blog entry about this. But hey better start it now, write a journal, if you don't have one yet, make a blog, or write a book.

BUILD A FAMILY, an eternal legacy.

This is very self- explanatory, right?

Your children, and the children that will come after them, and the generations that will follow will remember you, through your goodness and your life, the kind of father and mother you are to them, the kind of brother or sister you are to them, the kind of son or daughter you are, and the kind of grandfather and grandmother you are.

The things you will teach your children will serve as a guide to them as they face their own challenges. The virtues they will learn from you will serve as a foundation for a righteous tradition that will be passed on to your posterity.

The family, and the wonderful bond that can be found within is the greatest legacy we can have in this life and in the life ahead. Families are forever. There is no better satisfaction or happiness and joy a man can have than a wonderful family who lives righteously and happily.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Life is full of them. It will be a short post, but worth reading.

Hurdle race is a track and field event, in which the runners jump over a series of hurdles placed at a certain distance to each other, while running going to the finish line.
It could also be a race with the jockey and the horse jumping over hurdles.
Jumps and horse racing with hurdles can be a thrilling spectacle and a thorough test of skill, stamina and courage for the runner, and the horse and rider, respectively.

In our lives, we have hurdles, trials and challenges that place long our path to test us, to try us, for us to prove if we will still choose what is good and decent and right, and we will live the values we were taught since we are young.
Some great people mastered jumping and riding with the horse in surmounting this challenges, others mess their jumps and they fall, sometimes broken, sometimes ending miserably.
The technique is to choose the right according to the feelings of our heart and the dictate of our conscience.

A long time ago, a certain king placed a big boulder of stone at the center of the road to test his people.
Some who passed by got mad at the government, others cursed the king for not doing about this boulder of stone in the center of the busy highway. Then, there was a man and his son, so poor, traveling, repairing shoes, broken umbrellas, and just about anything to survive. They travel with one horse pulling all their stuffs in a large wagon type that served as their sleeping quarter at night and a store at daytime.
The man and his son pushed the big stone from the center highway while others look on. They managed to moved the stone at the sidelines enough for their wagon to pass. To their surprised a pot of gold was placed at the bottom of the big stone!
A note says:
"This stone was placed by the king and whoever moved this stone will be his reward."

Image from here

So mga kabayan, kung ano man ang bato, malaki o maliit man ang naging balakid sa inyong buhay ngayon, push it, move it, overcome it, at may biyaya kayong matatanggap.

Bawat problema, mga suliranin, mga pagsubok, at kung ano man ang kinakaharap ng bawat isa sa atin, kapag nalampasan natin ang mga ito ay magiging matibay, matatag at matagumpay tayo.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Giant Blog Aggregators (LDS and General)

LDS blogs aggregators here. Non-LDS or general Blog Submission site scroll down below. launched just this week and promotes more simpler and orthodox blogs. It also includes feeds from official Church websites. is a 'configure it yourself' aggregator where the blogs listed into your own setup can be group by category or by your liking. I have a hard time working out how this stuff work but here is the FAQ if you encounter same way I did.

Mormon Archipelago is perhaps one of the most effective and popular aggregator and declares itself to be the "Gateway to the Bloggernacle". We been a member of MA for a couple of years and its been wonderful. The grouping uses geographical distinctions depending on the size of the blog. We are under box 7 entitled EVEN MORE ISLAND AND ATOLLS. lists which tags it uses to organize the blogs under the various topics. It once close down, but it's back to operation now.

More Good Foundation pulls blogs from LDSblogs and and hopes to help people find ways to share the gospel online. It's still new to me and I emailed the admin already, but I really haven't browse the site fully.

LDS Blogs is a huge list of Mormon blogs that is ever-growing. Organized into topics, it's fun to just sometimes pick a blog randomly to see what you can find. It group's blog by country or by area too. Sometimes this one is the most easier to use since you can search for the sites by location, or by topic.

Mormon Blogosphere focuses on the solo-authored LDS blogs and organizes these blogs under geographical locations on or near Temple Square. It's new, but you will have to scroll way way down to find so many blogs.

LDSBlogRing powered by Ringsurf, but it becomes a wonderful group of simple and value oriented LDS people making their way to the blogosphere. Try it. Joining is easy.

The other newest and one of the most comprehensive is the LDS NEWS SOURCE, you can submit your blog there and it will aggregate a few lines from your latest post.


We found 3 best site where you can submit your blog and it will be worth it.

1. BLOGARAMA, 89,328 sites listed add yours now!


Get live statistics over your blog
Reach thousands of new readers
Get ranked by a new unique way
100% Free to submit your blog(s)

3. TOPBLOGS perhaps one of the best Philippines blogsite. It comes with rank number in your sidebar to see if you're progressing or your blog is going up or down.

You can find so much more blog submission site here



Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Nominees to the 2008 PINOY EXPATS/OFW Blog

I appreciate those who are helping me and my wife in this project. Life in Saudi Arabia is no better than life in the US, or Canada, or Korea, or Qatar, or Australia, or Netherlands, or UK, but this does not mean we will not pursue the things that will make our friends and kababayan happy.

Me and Mrs. Thoughtskoto were browsing some of the blogs and the awards last month when we notice that not much award or recognition was given or accorded to some of the ardent OFW and Expat's bloggers that we know. It was then when this project was born. We decided to make one. Nangangamote ako at first, katakot takot na hingi ng tulong kahit kani-kanino, paki plug-in, paki-post, paki-sabi, lahat ng paki sinabi at ginawa ko just so this will work out. Ang iba, walang pakialam, ang iba naman sobrang makialam. A few consented, with a lot of persuasion, but this wonderful websites The FILIPINO WEB, may KaDamo over Damuhan (muskhila [arabic for problem], Arvin, baka isipin nila nagdadamo tayo, hehe) posted about this as well as Billy over Wow PINOY.

Some promised to make a blog entry about this,

others set a condition before plugging or mentioning it,

some asked what or how much is the prize,

some commended us in this noble cause we are engaging,

some are excited about the result,

some accused us that we just want visitors,

well, some maybe jealous with the traffic it will generate,

others voted regardless what's the case,

and the Thoughtskoto family

inspired by those who voted and participated,

a father and a husband, a mother and a wife,

and our 3 months old batot's (short cut of baby tot)

decided to pursue and sponsor the project.

Nearly three (3) weeks now, a new polling widget was develop through the help of Sparklit. Voting becomes easier with just a couple of clicks, and safety voting was put in place and one per IP per PC security was added. We are working to distribute the widget so the rest of the nominees can place it at the convenience of their own blog. Hinay hinay, ayaw kabalaka, muabot gyud ta dinha. (Slowly, don't worry, we'll arrived there)

Gapahala lang ko di yawit bisan ano nga language nga bal-an ko kay Pinoy man mabasa sini mo. Kawawa naman si George, at si Frank, at si Matt. Ill translate na lang. (I write crazily in any language I know coz I know Pinoy's will be the one to read it) I can write and speak several Filipino languages. Gift of tongue, maybe? Gift of being madaldal?(talkative) Yes!

Nah, back to the project.

Who would have thought someone in UK named Rolly will lead the contest? Rolly actually has 3 blogs in the list of nominees, all in the top 10, I guess. That's probably because he has lots of contacts, and he's friendly. A pinoy in blood and heart, indeed. But it's still a long way to go. December 30, 8:00 AM GMT is the deadline, a day before 2008 will fade away. Im thinking of dropping the 2008, just make it TOP 10 PINOY EXPATS/OFW BLOG, what do you think?

We are amazed also to the courage and perseverance of the OFW's in Iraq, Astig Pinoy, they too have a blog, thriving and with many networks. Truly it takes a tremendous bravery to work there.

And Desert Prince, some say a handsome guy named Jhay is also one of the nominee, and his based in KUWAIT. He talks about Filipino life in a tiny but oil rich Kingdom of Kuwait.

And Miss Salamat, or Shawie in California is always grateful for the vote she received, and is asking for more votes and giving more thanks in advance for the vote you will make. I love grateful people. It warms the heart.

Vicy, a good friend of ours and a blogging buddy is also a nominee. Three other nominees from USA, Netherlands and Dubai are waiting to be verified or validated. And some of them are wonderful blogs from Pinoy's and Pinay's from different backgrounds and several dialects but one in common causes, living or working abroad, giving the best of what they got and blogging to touch lives. Here are some of them; (What You See is What You Get, USA) (Live Life! Love Life!, Korea) (Can of Thoughts, USA) (Pinoy X sa Saudi, Saudi Arabia) (Filipino Life Abroad, USA) (The Fickle Minded, Qatar) (Manilenya, Canada)

Another nominee, Jay of Kwentong Tambay is the 2007 BEST OFW awardee from the Philippine Blog Awards.

The Search Project was born out of the belief that even without monetary price, a mere recognition will make a blogger happy, as well as the instant fame which may come along with the winning.

But how would you give a prize or instant fame to bloggers like of JIM PAREDES or LEA SALONGA who had been nominated by people because their blogs inspire Filipino's wherever they are?

Do you know that Jim Paredes' blog is listed above and is one of the nominees? He too added the banner in his blogsite.

Do you know that Lea Salonga's blog is also one of the choices above? She too is notified of the contest and hope it can be worked out to add the banner to her Multiply site.

How can you expect someone like me who earns just enough to buy my baby diapers, wipes, milk, and pay for her education plan to give prizes like a hundred dollars or 10,000 pesos to the winners when these wonderful, and beautiful and talented and famous bloggers, the nominees to the 2008 TOP 10 PINOY EXPATS/OFW BLOG already got almost everything they want?

But to some who are still hoping for a monetary prize, I never lose hope,

one day before the deadline, 30 December 2008, Bill Gates, Manny Pacquiao, or Henry Sy or maybe King Abdullah here in Saudi will donate to the project
Maybe. Maybe not. But the joy to a blogger who will be recognized for inspiring Filipino's and for being one of the top 10 Expats or OFW blogs is enough to carry on the excitement and the enthusiasm to

Do we blog for money? For us, we don't! The Google Adsense you see peppered in our site, the revenue out of it will be donated to the Filipino Children's Education Fund.

We blog because we wanted to reach out and speak our minds in this world full of crowded and loud and course voices.

We blog because we wanted to stand for something, to be recognize in our uniqueness, and talents.

Now, if you blog or if you join this search project because you want to have some monetary prize, you might be disappointed,

or you might also be suprised.

Enriching the souls of men, making readers or people happy, firing them with the enthusiasm in the midst of a discouraging journey, and touching their hearts for good, that's what makes the best blog.

That's what we are looking for.

That's what these Pinoy Expats/OFW stands for.

KUDOS to all!






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