Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On the Eve of Election Day: Mormons for Obama?

We been running the US Presidential Election Poll for many months now, perhaps, half a year and we ask people this question, specifically for the Mormons.

This election process, LDS vote becomes important, and they want your voice to be heard. If election is to be held today, who you will vote for President?

133 people participated, and out of those 133 people,

38%  Mormons are voting for Barack Obama.
18%  Mormons are voting for McCain.
5 % will not participate
and 4% are voting for others than the choices given which include Michael Bloomberg

I know several people who would like to Vote for Obama as President. They are dyed in a wool LDS in Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho.

I come in contact with Filipino-Americans in the US too, most of them are relatives, friends and fellow bloggers and they are campaigning and voting for Obama.

Is the US prepared to Elect the first in the nation Black African American President?
My guess is that the American people won't have problem with that since the 2 President in the most popular 24 TV series in the US are black people. 

A lot of LDS too that I know prefers Sarah Palin as their Vice presidential candidate. They wanted to vote for her. There are mothers for Sarah Palin, and Mormons who likes Palin

Where is John? Yes. McCain?

I don't know. 

Anyway, the veracity of this poll had been validated by the latest poll that Obama gains support in Utah.

Vote America! 
Vote for Proposition 8 in California! 
Vote for Freedom!


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