Thursday, June 12, 2008


Do you think you forgot something? I think for most of you who are reading this blog entry doesn't even have a clue that three days (3 Days) from now its going to be FATHER'S DAY! I wonder why most of us knows and do celebrate Mother's Day and forgets that the following month will be Father's Day.Honestly, I just learned three years ago that there is Father's Day.Don't you think it also deserves same celebration and gratitute for our neglected fathers as we do to our mothers?

Do you happen to know the story of Father's Day and when it started? Do you know that in the ancient people had been celebrating Father's Day! How come many of us now have forgotten it and many nations aren't celebrating it at all?

Anyway this will be my dear husband's official FIRST FATHER'S DAY and I don't want him to miss it! So, from me and our dear daughter Heavenne- HAPPY FIRST (official) FATHER'S DAY!

If you're one who doesn't know or who have forgotten Father's Day, you're still not late though, you have three more days to surprise and say your tribute to the Fathers that you know . I'm still looking for Father's Day ideas specially for kids and if any of you happen to have one, I'll appreciate it greatly if you can share it here.



Kenji said...

thank you hon! You're sweet! You're a great mother to our baby, and a wonderful wife! I couldn't ask for more. Love yah!

texasblu said...

How sweet! Happy First Father's Day! Daddys are great! :D

Meg Sioson said...

Happy Father's Day to you! Have a great day.

Shie (Mrs. Thoughtskoto) said...

thank you meg. its great to have you here visit us. Yea, father's are so speacial, in a very special way. they guide us and protect us...i just love that children song. keep coming here. and share us some of your recipe!


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