Friday, June 13, 2008


Now, I admire your being an actor, Kirby.

It's father's day and I am not judging you for doing something for your family. But I have a few words to say as a reaction to the Miller Lite Commercial that you did.

You just said three words "Common Men" and "West" compared to the thousands of words that you said in the "RM" "Sons of Provo" "The Singles Ward" and "The Best Two Years" . I love Saints and Soldiers.

You did not say any other words encouraging us to drink beer, but you grabbed the beer and went inside the party, man. What are you suggesting?

I know there are some people who hate you for doing this. There are others who understands you for doing this for your family of 4.

As Carole Knowles commented, "We all have to support our families. We don't all choose to sell beer to get it done just because it's our "career". That's what he chose to do to support the family. Now he'll have to figure out how to explain that to his kids.There are other jobs. Maybe he could try acting as a worker at Walmart. We all support our families every day, not all doing what we like to do, but what we have to do, without lowering our standards. And there's a difference between playing a part in a movie or a play and selling beer in a commercial. "

"We all have our own free agency," BYU student Megan Lee said. "I don't think a beer commercial is that great of a thing, but it's not our place to judge him."

Now, I have had offers to work in a tobacco company, and a brewery company, but I declined, you see, you have family to support but what about the families of those fathers who will drink and smoke? What do you think?

It's a personal decision, and we all have free agency. Let the Holy Spirit Guide.

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fujiko333 said...


He is a Mormon actor who promotes good values, he is a mormon singer who promotes values in singing, he is a speaker to several firesides...

There is a big difference between an ordinary worker who try to live life and balance them to survive than a man who acts, and sings and speaks about values and gospel principles and proudly thrashing them in one single commercial.

Integrity is more important than money. If you sell yourself a dollar, the world will still pay you. If you sell yourself a million, and you're worth at it, the world will still go after you, without going down the path that so many others are parading into.

xavier gutierrez said...

Although I think he is a talentless actor, I do not care what he chooses to do or promote. It is true about free agency. I got a laugh out of the close minded nazi mormon people who judge him for doing something to provide for his family. What I find funny is how this same population did not react this way when he was smoking in "Saints and Soldiers."

Aaron Eckhart who has been in such movies as The Missing, and the upcoming sequel to Batman Begins, was never harassed for accepting roles in R rated films and he is a former BYU student.

I laugh at the mentality of people in Utah County. They really need to open their eyes and live outside their protective little bubble.

President Hinckley, when traveling would buy his body guards and driver food what ever restraunt was near by on Sundays. Did we harass the prophet for "breaking the sabbath"? No, because in some cases things like that and like Kirby's beer commercial are ok.

Kenji said...

Thank you guys for the comments. Me and my wife have had a discussion regarding this posting last night. She don't want me to post this, I feel the need to say something regarding the values we have in this world we live. i honestly don't know Kirby's motive except that he is doing this for his family. Maybe he's broke, that he will hold on to the edge of the knife just to survive his family. It's all his decision to make. But for myself, I can resolutely say no, if it cost my integrity and if at stake is the values that I stand for. Lots of discussion has been going on about this in, but I said my part. I won't settle for anything less. I won't sell myself short in exchange for the money or the glory.

Mrs. Thoughtskoto said...

We all struggle to make right choices in our lives, but it doesn't always comes neat without making any mistakes. Choice is something that's not that easy specially when we have to weight between two important things in our lives, others make choices that only them and the Lord understands why.

We sometimes make commitments to ourselves not to do certain things if ever we get caught in a situation like that of Kirby's.

But are we entitled to make mistakes also? now this is a choice we can make, to reach out and lift up those people we think have done mistakes. We are all in these together, making choices and learning from the choices we make. And if I make a wrong choice I hope I'll be entitled to a hand that would reach me out and lift me up.

Bestie said...

With his choice maybe he'll lose some of his fans. But we really don't know he did that commercial, maybe its not a big deal to him.

Kenji said...

Can we call it a mistake doing something or promoting something you fully know, to be wrong?

Mrs. Thoughtskoto said...

at some point yes, knowing what is right doesn't necessarily mean our choices or actions will be perfect.

I don't know, can we consider promoting beer or products like that a disobedience to the word of wisdom?

Anonymous said...

Give the guy a break. Beer isn't an inherently immoral product, and church leaders have made it very clear that they don't condemn nonmembers who use alcohol in moderation (as both Jesus and Joseph Smith did, by the way). He has said that he and his wife prayed about whether he should do the ad, and the answer he got was yes, so who are we to question that?

Kenji said...

Read more of this here: Detailed explanation, with quotes from apostles and leaders.


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